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P A U L   C.   B R A G G ' S   D A I L Y   A F F I R M A T I O N

The Daily Affirmations are from Paul C. Bragg's book AWAKEN HEALTH & HAPPINESS which is a year long program for purifying our minds, bodies, and souls in order to tap into the Force of Nature. By tapping into this magnificent source, which nurtures and maintains balance in the entire universe, we can indeed make the most of our lives, and fulfill our Ultimate Potential as Human Beings.

The Affirmation Program is categorized by Season, and sub-categorized by Month. What follows on this page are the teachings for the current Season and Month.

Paul's instructions for using the affirmations: "The first step in achieving a firm relationship with the Divine Flow of Power is to go into silence.  You can obtain Divine silence any place in the world.  No dark room is necessary.  All earthly disturbances must be banished.  Close your mind to outside influences and start to commune with your spirit.  In other words, contact the Divine Flow, which is ever-present, just as the ether waves of radio are always in the air.  Shut out all other thoughts and forces.  Repeat the affirmation for the day indicated.  Read it with the consciousness and the faith that you are pouring out your soul to the Divine Creator.  Be positive.  Repeat every word either orally or mentally.  Linger on each word.  Put behind it every ounce of energy you have.  Make this a living part of you.  Make the affirmation vibrate with every beat of your heart.

Let no one disturb you.  If necessary, stop on a corner of the busiest streets and, putting your hand in the hand of the Divine Presence, repeat at least 100 times the affirmation given for the day." 


WINTER – The Purging

WE CANNOT build upon an unclean foundation. Crystal-pure mountain water poured into a muddy barrel will soon take on the discoloration of the filth in the barrel. Thus it is with the individual. He must cleanse his whole physical and spiritual being before he can put into it the thoughts, purposes and influences that are going to mold his life, develop his soul, and make for his achievement.

Thus, in Part One of this little volume, we are going to learn how to control the purging of mind, character, and soul.



The Soul

"When a beautiful soul harmonizes with a beautiful form, and the two are cast in one mold, that will be the fairest of sights to him who has the eye to contemplate the vision." -- Plato

TO REACH its true fulfillment, the soul must become as complete, independent, joyous, and great as lies within its power. The great Samuel Johnson said, “Sorrow is the mere rust of the soul.” Activity will cleanse and brighten it. This is true of all spiritual failings. There is some form of activity that is the specific curative for any travail of the soul. For many years, religion and metaphysics have viewed the body and soul from different angles, from different viewpoints, and as separate entities. The great unity of our being demands that the soul be one with our heart and mind. Psychology, physiology, and metaphysics must all combine to bring to fruition our desire for harmony in adjustment with the material and spiritual world. Beauty of the soul comes from the depth of conscious development and the striving toward the light of love for humanity. The soul will develop as the mind and heart develop and culminate in harmonious unity. There is nothing that contributes more to the beauty of the body than a beautiful soul, but this beauty must be fostered and tempered by real strength. It is not a fragile beauty, but a powerful one. It must be backed and accompanied by sound physical health.


"My soul is expressing itself in the creation of new beauty and of happiness for others."

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