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December 6, 2010

Wonderful Recipes With Bragg Liquid Aminos From Ellen Wood

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Ellen Wood has writ­ten a fan­tas­tic blog giv­ing her hon­est opin­ion about Bragg Liq­uid Aminos.

It’s Not Just Healthy – It Tastes Fantastic!

I think I’m addicted to it. I use it on every­thing (almost) and I buy it by the quart. I’m refer­ring to Bragg Liq­uid Aminos. It’s incred­i­bly yummy and GOOD for you – very good for you. Best of all, it helps you grow younger.

Just recently I started read­ing Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, 33rd Edi­tion: Vital Liv­ing to 120! by Patri­cia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D., and Paul C. Bragg, ND, Ph.D. Paul Bragg is con­sid­ered the father of the health food move­ment in Amer­ica; opened the first health food store; and orig­i­nated Radio Health Pro­grams in the 1920s. Patri­cia Bragg has fol­lowed in her father’s foot­steps and con­tin­ues the cru­sade for healthy living.

Amino acids are crit­i­cally impor­tant to life and health – cru­cial for growth, main­te­nance and repair of the human body as they’re involved in the for­ma­tion of mus­cle and tis­sue pro­teins, skin, hair, nails and enzymes. If you want to know about the tech­ni­cal aspects of Amino Acids and what they do for your body, go to or Google “amino acids” and read to your heart’s con­tent. My pur­pose in writ­ing about Bragg Liq­uid Aminos is to share with you ways that I use it in prepar­ing a cou­ple of my deli­cious, nutri­tious meals.

Salad Dress­ing
When mix­ing oil and vine­gar, add fla­vor and health ben­e­fits with a splash of Bragg Liq­uid Aminos and (if you’re not plan­ning on kiss­ing some­one new) put some chopped up gar­lic in it. YUM! It was almost 25 years ago when my sec­ond hus­band, Jacques Duvoisin, became famous in our town for his salad dress­ing. Guests would prac­ti­cally beg him for his secret but he wouldn’t tell. Then one year when we went to a Christ­mas din­ner party at the home of some friends, Jacques brought each cou­ple a gift he wrapped him­self: a small bot­tle of Bragg Liq­uid Aminos – the secret ingre­di­ent in his salad dressing.

Break­fast Scrambed Egg, Quinoa and Veg­gies
I eat a vari­a­tion of this most morn­ings. Soak quinoa overnight (enough for a few days), then next morn­ing rinse and drain. Be sure to drain in a strainer with SMALL holes – I lost most of it the first time by using a spaghetti colan­der. Then put fresh water in – about 1 ½ cups water to 1 cup of quinoa – and cook until water is absorbed, about 8 to 10 min­utes. (You need less than 2 to 1 water to grain when it’s been soaked.)

Cut up some veg­gies – broc­coli and aspara­gus are my favorites – and braise them in a fry­ing pan in coconut oil. (Sure, olive oil is okay but coconut oil is bet­ter.) Add the quinoa, then mix up a raw egg or two with a fork and pour the mix­ture on top, grind in some pep­per and moosh it all around. Then add some Bragg. (Why am I the only one who doesn’t call it Braggs?) It has a salty taste so don’t add extra salt – and if you’re on a salt-restricted diet, be aware that ½ tsp of Bragg has 160 mg of sodium. But it also has all those good liq­uid amino acids.

Before I even start mak­ing my break­fast, I put the ket­tle of water on for my morn­ing drink:
Bragg Raw Apple Cider Vine­gar and Ste­via: When the ket­tle makes a shoosh­ing noise like it’s almost ready to boil, turn it off and pour it into a quart ther­mos. Then shake the bot­tle of Apple Cider Vine­gar to mix the “mother” that set­tles at the bot­tom and pour about 2 TBSs into the ther­mos. Next, add 2 drops of Ste­via, the nat­ural sweet­ener that has a neg­li­gi­ble effect on blood glu­cose. Or you can add honey if you pre­fer. I drink this through­out the morning.

There are many more tasty ways to use Bragg Liq­uid Aminos and in so doing, make your meals a bit health­ier. If you come up with some­thing yummy, I’d love to hear from you. There’s noth­ing quite as sat­is­fy­ing as dis­cov­er­ing new ways to add a bit of splash to a healthy diet.

Joy and Blessings!

Ellen – Your Grow Young Guide

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  1. When I add Braggs Liq­uid Aminos to my home-made Chi­nese Fried Rice, it tastes just like the one in Chi­nese Restau­rants and it’s even bet­ter than take-out!

    Comment by Dolores — December 31, 2011 @ 7:47 AM

  2. Oh thank you Dolores, I am glad you enjoy my prod­uct! Bless­ings of peace, love and health! Patricia.

    Comment by admin — January 5, 2012 @ 10:33 AM

  3. I use whole grain toast come with organic low moz­zarella cheese, roast red pep­per with Bragg Liq­uid Aminos even gar­nish brewer yeast flake too.….Its delicious!

    Comment by Vicki — June 15, 2012 @ 8:18 AM

  4. That’s won­der­ful Vicki, I rec­om­mend replac­ing dairy cheese with alter­na­tive cheese prod­ucts for a more healthy, but still deli­cious meal. Bless­ings of Health, Peace and Love. Patricia.

    Comment by admin — June 18, 2012 @ 12:38 PM

  5. We made a fab­u­lous recipe for Asian Tahini Noo­dles which fea­tures Bragg Liq­uid Aminos as a key ingre­di­ent. Every­one who tried the recipe loved it! It’s become a sta­ple in my pantry.

    Comment by Swanson Vitamins - Anthony — June 22, 2012 @ 8:51 AM

  6. That’s won­der­ful Anthony! Thank you for shar­ing! Bless­ings of Health, Peace and Love to you! Patricia.

    Comment by admin — June 25, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

  7. Hi! How much Bragg do you use on meat or veg­gies? And do you put it on it before or after you cook it? I want to buy it but I don’t want to mis­use it! And you’re also say­ing you use the apple vine­gar as a tea?

    Comment by Rebecka — July 18, 2012 @ 1:57 PM

  8. Hi Rebecka, for veg­gies you can use Bragg Liq­uid Aminos to taste, unless the recipe calls for a spe­cific amount. I I don’t eat meat and don’t rec­om­mend it to oth­ers. Some peo­ple enjoy their Apple Cider Vine­gar Tonic heated. I rec­om­mend mix­ing 1–2 tsps Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vine­gar with 8 oz of water add honey if you’d like. You may try it hot if you desire. If you have health con­cerns before adding any­thing new to your diet I rec­om­mend con­sult­ing a med­ical pro­fes­sional. Bless­ings of Health, Peace and Love. Patricia.

    Comment by admin — July 24, 2012 @ 11:02 AM

  9. I have used Bragg Aminos for years, but I always remem­ber that you are not sup­posed to cook with them, as that will kill the aminos. So I always add after cook­ing. Seems every­body is cook­ing with it now. Did some­thing change?

    Comment by Susan Graling — March 4, 2013 @ 9:54 AM

  10. Hi Susan,
    Using Bragg Liq­uid Aminos as a spray after cook­ing or dur­ing cook­ing are both options rec­om­mended in my Veg­e­tar­ian Health Recipe Book. If you have health con­cerns about using our Liq­uid Aminos to cook with, since everyone’s body is dif­fer­ent you should con­sult a med­ical pro­fes­sional with your ques­tions. Bless­ings of Health, Peace and Hap­pi­ness! Patricia.

    Comment by admin — March 4, 2013 @ 1:41 PM

  11. I add Bragg’s to veg­eta­bles broth when make soups (I.e. onion, lentil, mush­room –bar­ley). It adds rich­ness and flavor.

    Comment by Lezlie — March 6, 2014 @ 8:43 PM

  12. Hi,
    Love your aminos, but I’m con­cerned about the plas­tic spray bot­tle I but buy the prod­uct in. Comments?

    Comment by Dinorah — May 18, 2014 @ 7:46 AM

  13. Hi Dino­rah!

    Our plas­tic is a safer vari­ety, made of mate­ri­als which are BPA-free. We also sell Liq­uid Aminos in a 10 ounce, glass bot­tle — visit to see more details!

    Bless­ings of Health, Peace & Love!
    Bragg Live Food Products

    Comment by admin — June 18, 2014 @ 1:28 PM

  14. I love Bragg, BUT I absolutely HATE that they sell their amino acids in plas­tic. I won’t buy it any­more. and none of my local stores sell the 10 oz in glass like the com­pany claims to sell every­where! Very dis­ap­pointed in them.

    Comment by pauline — December 4, 2014 @ 10:53 PM

  15. we now sell it in glass bot­tles. And we use BPA free plas­tic as well.

    Comment by admin — December 7, 2015 @ 1:25 PM

  16. There’s more than just BPA that is toxic about plastic!

    Comment by pauline — December 4, 2014 @ 10:57 PM

  17. Imag­ine my delight at see­ing Bragg’s Animo liq­uid being sold in bulk at a local(ish) store!! I can bring my own con­tainer (I’m a big fan of pre-cycling!!!!). Hubby and I are two happy campers!!

    Comment by Diane Raintree — February 14, 2015 @ 3:59 PM

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