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April 24, 2012

Heart Generates Stronger Fields Than Brain

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Heart Gen­er­ates Stronger Fields Than Brain

“The human Heart is now doc­u­mented as the strongest gen­er­a­tor of both elec­tri­cal and mag­netic fields in the body. Impor­tant, because we’ve always been taught that the brain is where all of the action is. While the brain does have an elec­tri­cal & a mag­netic field, they are both rel­a­tively weak com­pared to the Heart. The Heart is about 100,000 times stronger elec­tri­cally & up to 5,000 times stronger mag­net­i­cally than the brain. Impor­tant, because the phys­i­cal world — as we know it — is made of those 2 fields: elec­tri­cal & mag­netic fields of Energy. Physics now tells us that if we can change either the mag­netic field or the elec­tri­cal field of the atom, we lit­er­ally change that atom and its ele­ments within our body and this world. The human Heart is designed to do BOTH.” —  from Heart­Math research

 Heart’s Elec­tri­cal Fields

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