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November 16, 2010

Staying Healthy for the Thanksgiving Holiday With Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar!

Stay­ing Healthy for the Thanks­giv­ing Hol­i­day with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar!

Thanks­giv­ing is a time for fam­ily and feast­ing. Often we have a wee bit of con­cern about overeat­ing.  How­ever there is a healthy drink to lower your Glycemic Index and help with weight loss and blood sugar control.

With the sim­ple addi­tion of 2 tsps of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vine­gar to your mug of hot apple cider (see recipe below)  and you now are  on your way to low­er­ing your glycemic index and help with weight loss and blood sugar control.

We have more Hol­i­day Health Tips with Patri­cia Bragg, Nutri­tion­ist, Author, Edu­ca­tor and she is so inspir­ing in a phone inter­view ..She is wonderful!!

BRAGG Organic Hot Apple Cider Vine­gar Health Drink

To one mug/tea cup add boil­ing water. Add 2 cin­na­mon sticks and 4 cloves and steep for 20 min­utes, then strain. Before drink­ing add 2 tsps Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vine­gar and Honey or Ste­via to taste.

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  1. I had three drinks of this on dai I had a bad head cold and it helped with the stuff nose a great deal! Thought is was going to taste bad but you can’t taste the vinger.

    Comment by Becky M. — December 29, 2010 @ 11:23 AM

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