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March 22, 2010


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3 cups of dried fruit (pit­ted dates, dried apri­cots, raisins, or dried fruit of choice) shred­ded coconut or finely chopped raw nuts

In food grinder, grind dried fruit until fine. Shape into small balls.  Roll balls in shred­ded coconut, chopped nuts or both.

Dried fruits are rich in vit­a­mins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, and pan­tothenic acid) and min­er­als (cal­cium, iron, mag­ne­sium,
phos­pho­rous, potas­sium, cop­per, man­ganese). They are also abun­dant in many anti-ageing and health pro­tec­tive phy­tochem­cials. Due to the dry­ing process they do lose some of their vit­a­min C con­tent com­pared to fresh fruits.

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