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August 11, 2017

Use of Herbs and Spices for Taste Delights

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Use of Herbs and Spices for Taste Delights

Bragg Sprinkle (24 Herbs & Spices)

For real adventure in food, one need not go to China, Borneo, Malaysia or Egypt. With a good stock of choice herbs on the kitchen shelf, the wise cook can transform ordinary foods into exquisite delicacies. Dishes can be prepared that have come to use from far away countries and times, and have been translated into the true style of modern health cookery. Herbs were the first medicine of humanity, and although they are a seldom practiced art today, they still give hint of luscious feats and dishes with aromatic fragrances,which is their real function. They are true vegetable substances with pungent quality, and belong in all good nutritional health cookery. Few modern kitchens rely upon the old fashion herb garden. Fresh herbs are a great treat, and you can even have a kitchen window still with herb plants – plus stock your pantry with Bragg Sprinkle (24 herbs & spices) for delicious herb flavors and stock a variety of dried herbs. Many stores now have fresh herbs in the vegetable section. Bragg Sprinkle Seasoning is an original blend of 24 herbs & spices and is salt free.


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