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August 10, 2017

Your Precious Nerve Force. The Spinal Cord Is the Body’s Vital “Control Center”

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Your Precious Nerve Force
The Spinal Cord is the Body’s Vital “Control Center”

Men do not die, they kill themselves with wrong habits.
– Seneca, Roman Philosopher

The most important important function of the spine is to protect the spinal cord, the vital control center without which the musculoskeletal system and other vital organs of the body could not operate. Not even the most sophisticated computer system can match the performance of this cord of nerve tissue. Less than 12 feet long, little more than 3-inch in diameter and weighing about an ounce.

The spinal cord is the calculator and relay center of a vast and intricate miracle network of nerves that reach into every part of the human body.

The spinal cord passes through the canal formed by the vertebral arches, continuous with and extending downward from the base of the brain. At the first lumbar vertebra, the single cord ends in a number of delicate filaments or threads that extend to the end of the spine and fasten the spinal cord to the coccyx. Cerebrospinal fluid maintains pressure in the cord, which is insulated from the bony canal by three layers of coverings called meninges.

The nervous system is the communication system of your body. Your nervous system is made up of vital nerves which extend throughout your body and brain and vary noticeable in diameter.

Page 33, Bragg book “Back Fitness Program





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