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2017 Health News Articles:

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January 18, 2017

Healthy Ways to Avoid Temptation and Stick to Your Health Goals
We know it. You know it. Eating healthy is a state of mind as much as a journey. Each day, you make good-for-you decisions and take small steps toward your goals. Little by little, you create healthy habits that stick.

Exercise at Home
Everybody’s trying to get into or stay in shape. Ironically, today’s frequently high-paced lifestyle leaves little time to get that all-important cardio workout.

January 9, 2017

What Causes Insulin Resistance?
Studies dating back nearly a century noted a striking finding—If you take young, healthy people and split them up into two groups, half on a fat-rich diet, and the other half on a carb-rich diet, within just two days, this is what happens: the glucose intolerance skyrockets in the fatty diet group.

The Role of Poultry Viruses in Human Cancers
The incidence of cancers has been rising for the last half-century, and the question is, why? Well, up to 20% of all cancers are caused by “infectious agents, chiefly viruses”—something we’ve known was a possibility for a century, when a cancer-causing virus was discovered in chickens.


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