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100 Year Walk Down Bragg Memory Lane
Paul Bragg as young boy Paul Bragg with Bernard MacFadden Paul Bragg as a young Naturopath Paul Bragg demonstrating handstand with friend. Paul Bragg jump roping. Paul Bragg stretching. Paul Bragg headstand Paul Bragg running on New Zealand farm. Paul Bragg Lifting. Paul playing tennis with famous tennis star. Paul Bragg with fellow swimmers Paul Bragg demonstrating strength Paul Bragg gardening Paul Bragg tandem stretching with young lady Paul Bragg with basket of organic oranges. Patricia Bragg with famous athlete, Jack LaLanne. Paul Bragg with movie star Mickey Rooney. Paul Bragg strolling with beach beauty. Paul Bragg with Penny Singleton - Blondie. Paul Bragg celebrating his birthday. Paul Bragg Master Archer. Young Patricia Bragg in tennis wear. Patricia Bragg looking lovely in polka dots Patricia Bragg dancing with sea captain. Patricia Bragg with fresh organic produce Patricia giving cooking demonstration. Patricia Bragg Portrait Roy White 106 Years Young. Paul Bragg with his youthful friend. Their love of life defies time. Patricia Bragg in white Patricia Bragg dressed for Fiesta Patricia and Paul Bragg ready for a night out Patricia and Paul Bragg enjoying a game of tennis Paul Bragg family gathering Patricia Bragg at United States Triathlon Association Patricia Bragg with Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs. He was a big Bragg Follower Patricia Bragg with Jon LaLanne, Jack LaLanne's son Patricia Bragg writing in library next to father's poster Patricia and Paul Bragg doing sit ups Patricia and Paul Bragg in Hawaii Patricia and Paul Bragg reading together Patricia and Paul Bragg co-authors Youthful Patricia Bragg Patricia and Paul Bragg dancing Patricia and Paul Bragg racing Paul Bragg chopping wood Patricia and Paul Bragg enjoying Hawaiian Luau Paul Bragg - health and strong late in life Patricia and Paul Bragg Hawaiian cruise Paul Bragg admiring plumeria tree Paul Bragg with Timmy Leon, Mr. Hawaii and Hawaiian Beauty



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