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P A U L   C.   B R A G G ' S   D A I L Y   A F F I R M A T I O N

The Daily Affirmations are from Paul C. Bragg's book AWAKEN HEALTH & HAPPINESS which is a year long program for purifying our minds, bodies, and souls in order to tap into the Force of Nature. By tapping into this magnificent source, which nurtures and maintains balance in the entire universe, we can indeed make the most of our lives, and fulfill our Ultimate Potential as Human Beings.

The Affirmation Program is categorized by Season, and sub-categorized by Month. What follows on this page are the teachings for the current Season and Month.

Paul's instructions for using the affirmations: "The first step in achieving a firm relationship with the Divine Flow of Power is to go into silence.  You can obtain Divine silence any place in the world.  No dark room is necessary.  All earthly disturbances must be banished.  Close your mind to outside influences and start to commune with your spirit.  In other words, contact the Divine Flow, which is ever-present, just as the ether waves of radio are always in the air.  Shut out all other thoughts and forces.  Repeat the affirmation for the day indicated.  Read it with the consciousness and the faith that you are pouring out your soul to the Divine Creator.  Be positive.  Repeat every word either orally or mentally.  Linger on each word.  Put behind it every ounce of energy you have.  Make this a living part of you.  Make the affirmation vibrate with every beat of your heart.

Let no one disturb you.  If necessary, stop on a corner of the busiest streets and, putting your hand in the hand of the Divine Presence, repeat at least 100 times the affirmation given for the day." 


SPRING – The Renaissance

THE COMING OF SPRING means the rebirth of all life in Nature. Seeds that have lain dormant all winter suddenly push up in vigorous shoots. Trees that have been stark and bare during the cold months suddenly display a beautiful new cloak of young green leaves. All life seems to gain renewed enthusiasm. As one of our great poets, James russel Lowell has said, " Every clod feels a stir of might, an instinct within it that reaches and towers, and groping blindly above it for light, climbs to a soul in grass and in flowers."

From all the forces of nature displayed in such remarkable evidence of the Creator’s plans for a refreshed life and spirit at this season, the individual should take his lesson. We have cleansed our body, our mind, and our spirit, and now we are ready for that greatest of miracles – the rebirth of the soul, the awakening of the heart, and the new delight and vigor of the body.



The Life Force

"The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

THE DESIRE OF the individual for a long life and for the achievement of real happiness is evidence that the life force attempts to assert itself in all of us. There are few who realize the importance of developing this vigorous spirit which activates and assists all our motives and purposes. Let us consider the life force as a steady flame -- a flame that must be kept burning brightly and yet always under control. If it leaps beyond the bounds within which we must confine it, it will consume us. If we develop it to the utmost radiant brilliance, we will find that it will be the fuel that will yield us strength of body and soul to accomplish whatever we desire. The life force is no tranquil, peaceful element. It is an untried strength that we must awaken, develop and guide.


"I know not the meaning of fatigue. The life force within me is constantly refreshing me."

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