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February 9, 2009

Flavor the Soul of Food That Excites Your Appetite and Meals

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Excerpt from Bragg Vegetarian Health Recipes – Chapter 1
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Ordinarily, cookbooks have a stereotyped sequence. First come the tables of measurement, then the soups, salads, etc. To my mind, no recipe Book – Can start without flavor as a basis – and especially no health food recipe book. In cooking for health, the pleasure of well-savored flavor is almost as important as nutritional quality, as it makes mealtime more enjoyable, which also helps with digestion. Good cooking is the combination of two great fields of human experience: science and art. The science of food tells us what good nutrition is. The art of preparing food requires learning the art of flavor. Using herbs such as Bragg Sprinkle (24 herbs & spices) and Bragg Kelp Seasoning, garlic and 100% whole, fresh, organically grown foods are always the best.

Stock: the Foundation of Flavor
Flavor can only be as good as the stock from which it is based. Good stock, properly used, is the difference between excellent and mediocre cooking. When the stock (or consommé) is excellent, the creation of fine flavor is easy. When food lacks flavor, meals can taste flat and dull. In foreign lands, mention of stock in a cookbook would be superfluous. However, in our culture it is a little-known and seldom practiced principle of the basic art of cooking.

There are several reasons for this: unless a great deal can be prepared at a time, the cooking of stock is time- consuming. You can make three quarts at one time, freeze some in ice cube trays, and transfer to freezer bags to use as-needed for small amounts. Place remaining stock in jars and refrigerate. Put a date on all stored food items! A stainless steel pressure-cooker is a great time-saver in the preparation of stock. The cooking time can be divided by ten.

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