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July 7, 2007

Sea Kelp Is Worth Its Salt

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Excerpt from Bragg’s Healthy Heart Book – Chapter 12.

In our expeditions over the world we have met many primitive tribes in the tropics that use no salt. And while they are not bothered by the heat, salt-eating white people invariably complain about the hot weather. This seems to indicate that some commercial motive lies behind the eat more salt in hot weather campaign. People undoubtedly would not add inorganic salt to their food if they were never taught to do so in the first place. The taste for salt is an acquired one.The craving for salt ceases a short time after it is eliminated from the diet. It is only during the first few weeks after the use of table salt is discontinued that it is really missed. After the initial period of abstinence there is little difficulty. In fact, many of our health students who have broken the deadly salt habit write us to say that now they cannot stand salted foods! When someone serves them salted foods, it gives them an abnormal thirst for liquids!

What Table Salt Does to Your Stomach
An important objection to table salt is the fact that it interferes with the normal digestion of food. Pepsin, an enzyme found in the hydrochloric acid of the stomach, is essential for the digestion of proteins. Only 50% as much pepsin is secreted as would otherwise be the case when salt is used. Obviously the digestion of protein foods will be incomplete or too slow under such conditions. The results are excessive putrefaction of protein, bloating, gas and digestive distress, which effects millions.

Sea Kelp is an Excellent Salt Substitute. It’s a Tasty, Healthy, Organic Sodium.
Many outstanding heart specialists heartily endorse a no-salt diet. There are some excellent seasoning substitutes available to satisfy an acquired craving for salt. In the Bragg home we use sea kelp granulars, herbs, garlic, vegetable seasonings and Bragg Liquid Aminos. In our opinion, sea kelp is an ideal salt substitute. It gives all foods – salads, vegetables, etc. – a tangy taste as Bragg Aminos does. The Bragg Products and sea kelp granulars (rich in folate, calcium and magnesium to build new blood cells) are available at health food stores. Fresh and powdered garlic, lemon juice and Braggs organic, raw apple cider vinegar are excellent seasoners, also, Italian and French herbs add delicious flavors to foods. Take a lesson from world famous French chefs! The marvelous flavor of French dishes is achieved by the skillful use of garlic, onions, mushrooms, herbs – not with salt! French cooking is called rich – but it’s a richness of taste and not of content. The best French chefs use very little fat and most use no salt at all!

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