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September 15, 2015

5 Carrots Visits Bragg Farm + Sing Patricia a Little Ditty

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5 Carrots Visits Bragg Farm and Sing Patricia a Little Ditty

We were all thrilled to have the 5 Carrots Healthy Craft Service crew come visit us at the Bragg Farm last week, and interview Patricia. 5 Carrots has been touring across the United States spreading the message of living a healthy life with their Craft Service trailer containing a wide array of delicious whole food products including Bragg Live Foods. They are Health Crusaders in their own right, and their mission is to bring quality food to TV & Film sets to keep the crew happy, well-fed and inspired to make some changes in their diet.

Check out Patricia dancing to a little ditty that Colin Martin wrote just for her.



Patricia and William have a little chat in the Tiki Hut


Yes, Friends grow more precious with time.


Sara and William walking around the pond and enjoying the view at Bragg.


Patricia and Sara are serenaded by Colin.


Posing by the 5 Carrots Health Trailer featuring Bragg Live Food Products


Colin and William enjoy seeing Patricia’s doll collection.


Patricia with here Disney collection


Colin enjoys the Disney and doll collection too.


Patricia showing the boys into one of the many doll houses on the property


Saying Farewell as they head back to home base. What a great day!


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