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September 29, 2014

Bragg at 5th Annual SOL Food Festival!

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Bragg at 5th Annual SOL Food Festival!


Bragg was excited to be a local Food Artisan Exhibitor at Santa Barbara’s 5th Annual SOL Food Festival! The SOL Food Festival is a one day community created festival to raise awareness of the Sustainable, Organic, and Local food systems of Santa Barbara County. It is a place to connect, learn, create, network, and play our way to a brighter food future.


SOL Food Festival 2014 007




If you are wondering, the ‘SOL’ in SOL Food stands for Sustainable, Local, Organic and Sustainable, Organic, Local food is something to be celebrated!
A food system based on the energy of the sun, rather than fossil fuel, is healthier for our bodies, our environment and our economy.

SOL Food Festival 2014 023
“Access to healthy, fresh, culturally appropriate food is a basic human right. We believe we are only as healthy as the resources we depend on, including but not limited to water, land and air.”   – SOL Food Festival









Here are some pictures of the event – be sure to check out the Official Bragg Instagram for more!

sol_food_festival_2014_074Books, drinks and dressings… oh my!

Delicious fresh produce!

sol_food_festival_2014_070Bragg Bags for our SOL Food Festival Friends!


Bragg was proud to be a product sponsor for two events:
The 5th Annual SOL Food Chef Competition and the 5th Annual SOL Food Salad Eating Contest!

sol_food_festival_2014_009Celebrity chefs surveying the scene…

GO! The cooking competition is under way! Can you spot the Bragg products?

The salad course let our local produce shine!

Presentation is part of the experience!

sol_food_festival_2014_032Local Restaurant Chefs judging the entries


Here is a fun snap-shot of the Salad Eating Contest before the mess began!

sol_food_festival_2014_064Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for the Salad Eating Contest!


The SOL Food Festival wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the adjacent Farmer’s Market for Patricia!
Patricia loves the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market – she goes every week.

sol_food_festival_2014_052Look at these fabulous Organic Bellpeppers!

sol_food_festival_2014_043Lettuce get a-head by eating healthy!

sol_food_festival_2014_035Questions about tomatoes…



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