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April 25, 2014

Bragg at Santa Barbara Earth Day 2014!

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Patricia Bragg and Bragg LFP will be at Santa Barbara Earth Day 2014!


We are so excited to announce that Bragg is at Santa Barbara’s Earth Day 2014! It will be a very fun event, and there’s a few things you should know… including a CONTEST where you can win a BRAGG GIFT BASKET!

>>> Click here for Bragg Gift Basket contest information! <<<


* BRAGG IS AT BOOTH #308 – Adjacent to the Breezeway, on Santa Barbara Street *



* Patricia Bragg will be lecturing on the Homegrown Roots Stage: SUNDAY, 4/30/2014 at 2:00 PM! *

Patricia Bragg, ND, PhD. and Pioneer Health Crusader will deliver an exciting health lecture on the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle.

Learn how to achieve optimal health & wellness, as well as…
• Discover foods that will keep you healthy & youthful
• Learn about how to increase your energy naturally
• Learn to Control Weight, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

SB Earth Day – Alameda Park
Homegrown Roots Stage
2:00 PM

>>> Click here for more information about Patricia Bragg’s FREE HEALTH LECTURE  <<<




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