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May 31, 2012

Happiness and Love are Simplicity

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Happiness and Love are Simplicity

An excerpt from my book
Build Powerful Nerve Force A Cure For Those Dull, Dragged-Out Hopeless, Helpless Feelings!

Happiness and Love are what we all seek, and when found, life can be heaven on earth! Let’s be like children – pleased with simple things! The more we complicate our lives, the more we drain our Nerve Force. With wholesome health and serenity of mind, let us live our lives in tranquility and contentment! Let us find the pure joy of living! Let us love Mother Nature as she reveals herself to us in all her simplicity and beauty! If we live a useful, humble, sane life according to her righteous laws – cultivating happiness and sharing it with those near and dear to us – we will do more than well! The best religion of all is found in kindness, understanding, giving and sharing. The real measure of our sunshine is in the brightness we can kindle in the eyes of others.

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