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September 29, 2009

Health Testimonial To Inspire You!

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Dear Friends,

I want to share this inspiring testimony with you of how this truck driver from over 400 pounds to a trimmer weight just over 200. He rid himself of diabetes, colon cancer and severe kidney problems using green juices and raw foods. Your body has a strong desire to survive and keep you healthy and fit even though millions of people crucify their body with unhealthy lifestyles of eating, drinking and lack of exercise and their emotionally-unbalanced lives.

Remember the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy:
You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do!!!

This testimony will give you food for thought. Start analyzing your daily lifestyle habits and start cleaning them up one at a time.

With Love, Health, Peace and Joy to you,


Dad inspired Ann Wigmore of wheatgrass fame. My father got her started when she arrived in America and he inspired her in her wheatgrass outreach. And we often lectured for her at her Hippocrates Institute in Boston. She also loved our Bragg Liquid Aminos and would use it daily in her preparation of foods.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens loves our organic raw apple cider vinegar and uses it in his health practice to rid people of Gerds, etc. and helps them with their digestion and cleansing.

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