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January 31, 2017

Important Cell Phone News

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Important Cell Phone News

Berkeley’s City Council has fought for six years for the right to inform consumers in Berkeley about cell phone
usage safety information. Until Berkeley’s unanimous passage of the Right to Know ordinance on May 12, 2015,
this information about keeping distance between the cell phone and the body had been hidden in small print
in owner’s manuals,or deep within the phone.

A very big story is breaking. Please, consider posting it to all your social media contacts, it will help to
get the word out. This sort of conflict should not go unanswered.

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This is more than about the “cell phone right-to-know” labels. This Ninth Circuit Court decision could affect all
consumer labels,particularly in California. (Think Prop 65 — California is the only US state to maintain a
carcinogen list and require warnings in stores.) It could all go away. So this is very much a
First Amendment issue, too, as well as it may have very negative implications around the planet.




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