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December 3, 2014

Patricia Bragg & Bragg Live Food Products serve Thanksgiving with Organic Soup Kitchen!

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Patricia Bragg & Bragg Live Food Products serve Thanksgiving with Organic Soup Kitchen!

On behalf of Bragg Live Food Products, the Bragg Health Institute donated key ingredients used in the Thanksgiving Dinner recipes for the Organic Soup Kitchen in Santa Barbara, CA. Our Bragg team served these meals with the Organic Soup Kitchen volunteers, and we were honored to take part. Dr. Patricia Bragg was in attendance to help serve these meals, and together we helped the homeless and needy enjoy a great Thanksgiving Dinner!

To learn more about the Organic Soup Kitchen, visit their website:

Welcome all to Healthy, Organic Thanksgiving Dinner!


Dr. Patricia Bragg blessed to be part of Organic Soup Kitchen’s Thanksgiving Dinner!



 Dr. Patricia Bragg,

1Dr. Patricia Bragg with Dr. John Westerdahl & Jasmine Westerdahl

Bragg Team Member Mike with Dr. John Westerdahl

Doris & Jasmine Westerdahl serving Organic Thanksgiving Dinner

2Patricia with volunteer, ready to serve Thanksgiving Dinner!


img_2270Dr. Patricia Bragg also serves smiles!

img_2286Wonderful Turkey Hat worn by volunteer!

img_5362Dr. Patricia Bragg with Loving, Healthy, Happy Family!

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