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June 24, 2015

Patricia Bragg at Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Festival

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Patricia Bragg at Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Festival


Dr. Patricia Bragg loves the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Festival! From the colorful costumes in the parades to the fantastic festival celebration held in Alameda Park, art and creativity abounds as Santa Barbara’s citizens gather to celebrate the peak of Summer! As always, Dr. Bragg was in attendance to enjoy the sights, sounds, and souls at play. After a quick trip to Goleta gem, Isla Vista Food Co-Operative, Patricia was ready to enjoy a beautiful parade!

20150620_095126Patricia ‘s Summer Solstice Pre-Parade Tradition:
Picking up healthful snacks at Isla Vista Co-Op!

20150620_095055Beautiful Mural of Happy Students!

20150620_095309Patricia supports reading – 
loves Little Free Library Boxes!


20150620_095317This Little Free Library is
Dedicated to Arthur Kennedy

History of Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Festival:
The Summer Solstice Parade began in 1974, as a birthday celebration for a popular artist and mime named Michael Gonzales. In subsequent years, their parade joined forces with a Summer Solstice Music Festival coordinated by Michael Felcher, sponsored by The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, staged at the Sunken Gardens to celebrate the longest day of year.

The Parade and Festival is the largest arts event in Santa Barbara County, drawing crowds of over 100,000 spectators from around the world. From these humble beginnings arose a celebration of life which, is like no other.

Today, the Summer Solstice Celebration has evolved into creative and original display of floats, giant puppets, whimsical costumes and masks of more than 1,000 parade participants, of all ethnic and economic backgrounds. There is dancing, music, drumming and drama that enthralls the spectators. Each year there is an annual artistic competition for the Solstice T-shirt and Poster design that is sold as a fundraising vehicle for the event.

The Festival in Alameda Park grew from the earlier gatherings at the sunken gardens of the County Courthouse. When the number of people outgrew the size of the courthouse the event was moved to Alameda Park. The Alameda Park is where everyone can enjoy a wonderful eclectic collection of live world music including famous local groups, food, arts and crafts. On Saturday only is a special free children’s festival and a DJ area for dancing and enjoying techno music and a large drum circle keeps the beat going all afternoon. The festival now opens on Friday afternoon, which is like the “evening events of years past.”  It’s a special evening, showcasing local talents with music, dance, performances.  Some of the parade ensembles are featured as well as all of the food booths, arts and crafts vendors. As a 501(c)3, nonprofit, community organization, the Summer Solstice Celebration group is responsible for carrying on Michael’s delightful, multicultural performing arts celebration, and ensuring an extravagant celebration of life through art for many years to come.

Click here to visit and learn more about this event!

This year’s theme: Space!

20150620_171037Getting Ready…
Pretty Flowers for the Parade!

IMG_1551Dr. Patricia Bragg Enjoyed this Great Parade!

20150620_124109Lovely Dancers in White: Angels!

20150620_125525Colorful paraders accompanying Angels!

IMG_1532Patricia and lovely parade girls!

IMG_1536Dr. Bragg and her friend, who very tall: 6’10!

20150620_125607Fun float with Head-dress Princesses!

20150620_125835A Purple Spaceship!

IMG_1543Dr. Bragg with Intergalactic Bumblebee

20150620_130231Wacky Spaceship!

20150620_130312What a costume – Green Alien

20150620_130337The Solar System Rolls By…

20150620_130510Complete with Star War’s Characters!

20150620_130608A Classic Alien

20150620_130723Here are NASA scientists, Astronauts & Aliens!

20150620_130853The Solar System and  fun space-character

20150620_130959A Martian Terrain…

20150620_131030Sweet young girls bringing Outer-Space cheer!

20150620_132316Intergalactic Music

20150620_134134Lovely Brazilian Dancers give a Space Show!

20150620_134603Glamorous Space Woman!

20150620_134928March of the Aliens

20150620_134949A Space Ship to Soar In!

20150620_135236Spooky Alien Throne

20150620_135317A Mayan Interpretation of an Alien?

20150620_135359Great float – the arms MOVED!

20150620_135418All Eyes on YOU!

20150620_135445The Festival is reminiscent of Carneval!

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