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August 21, 2015

Patricia Bragg on KKFX Fox News 11 Making Bragg Famous Raw Garden Salad

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Patricia Bragg on KKFX Fox News 11 Making
Bragg Famous Raw Garden Salad

Local viewers of Fox Channel 11 News were in for a healthy treat this morning – Dr. Patricia Bragg and Bragg Ambassador Melissa Costello appeared live along with the KKFX crew to teach the Santa Barbara County area how to make the famous Bragg Raw Garden Salad. (See recipe below.)



PB-crew-KKFXPatricia with Bragg Ambassador Melissa Costello (KarmaChow)
and KKFX ladies Shirin, Claire, Meredith, Kelsey!

IMG_8452Beautiful Bragg table overlooking the Central Coast

IMG_8444Dr. Patricia Bragg on set with Shirin Rajaee of KKFX Fox 11 News

IMG_8446A close-up of the finished product… delicious and nutritious!

IMG_8450Patricia sends Blessings of Health to all KKFX viewers!


2 stalks cel­ery, slice
½ bell pep­per & seeds, chop
½ cucum­ber, slice
2 car­rots, grate
1 raw beet, grate
1 cup green cab­bage, chop
½ cup alfalfa or sun­flower sprouts
2 spring onions & green tops, chop
½ cup red cab­bage, chop
3 medium toma­toes
1 turnip, grate
1 ripe avo­cado
Bragg Vinai­grette or Gin­ger & Sesame Dressing

Dice avo­cado and tomato and serve in sep­a­rate bowl for top­ping. Chop, slice or grate all veg­gies fine to medium for a vari­ety in size. Mix veg­gies and serve on bed of romaine, but­ter or leaf let­tuce. For vari­ety add raw zuc­chini, green beans, peas, radishes, mush­rooms, broc­coli, cau­li­flower, kale, etc.

Serves 4–6.

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