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January 29, 2011


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¾ cup lukewarm soy milk
¼ cup Bragg Organic Olive Oil
6 Tbsps raw honey
2 tsps organic lemon rind, grate
½ tsp mace
1 pkg quick-rise yeast
Egg Replacer equal to 2 eggs
3¼ cups whole-grain pastry flour
½ lb soft tofu, crumble
½ cup organic raisins

Mix soy milk, olive oil, 4 tablespoons honey, organic lemon rind and mace. Add crumbled yeast. Stir until dissolved. Add half of the Egg Replacer and enough flour to make a soft dough. Turn onto floured board, knead until smooth—about 5 minutes. Place in an oiled bowl; cover and let rise in a warm place (80-85°F) until light, or about 1 hour. Punch down; turn onto floured board and shape into balls 2-3 inches in diameter.
Place 2 inches apart in shallow oiled pans. Cover with damp cloth; let rise. Meanwhile, combine tofu, raisins, remaining 2 tablespoons honey and beaten Egg Replacer. When balls are double in size (about 30 minutes), make a large dent with the back of a spoon in center of each roll, fill with raisin and tofu mixture.

Bake at 425°F for 15 minutes.

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