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March 21, 2017

Santa, taking a Spring Break at the Bragg Organic Farm?

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Santa taking a Spring Break at the Bragg Organic Farm?


Forget Sugar-Coated Santa – Meet Sustainable Santa

Richard Eckfield and Wife Helen, founders of “Sustainable Santa” visited us at the Bragg Offices this week, as they traveled from San Francisco to San Diego, sharing their program promoting health to children. Their non-profit organization’s “Outreach” during the Holidays includes teams of Healthy Santa’s with real white beards, visiting Farmers Markets in California. They take photos and share healthy treats. Their message is that Santa wants them to be “Good” by being “Healthy, Happy and Fit for Life.”  Forgetting sugar-coated Fat Santa, who is out-of-date, and instead introducing modern Healthy Santa who is a kids counselor and urges kids to eat a healthy diet and live a sustainable lifestyle.

Richard tells us that sugar is the new tobacco, and just as dangerous. There is a sharp rise in Childhood Obesity and Diabetes and they are preventable and the result of food, beverage and Lifestyle choices.  Dr. Patricia Bragg agrees, and her Bragg Health Kids program is also working to reverse this trend and promote optimum health for children. Her goals are aligned with those of the Eckfield’s, and Patricia has been visiting and supporting Farmers Markets for decades sharing her educational literature. Patricia has been a financial contributor to some of the Farmers Markets in Hawaii where she visits every year. “We have to fight the big corporations who are more interested ion profits than the health of their customers and the health of the planet. Children our our future, and they must understand that overuse of sugar, GMO crops, pesticides, preservatives, plastic packaging, are not healthy choices. Growing our own veggies and berries, supporting local Farmers Markets, and avoiding processed foods, is how they can help restore their health.





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