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September 30, 2010

Bragg Celebrates World Vegetarian Day October 1

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Bragg Celebrates World Vegetarian Day October 1

Bragg  Welcomes You to Celebrate a Healthier Way of Living ! October is the “Vegetarian Awareness Month” and we hope you will celebrate this special time with us. Read some of the things you can do to spread the word and be involved here:

If you are a vegetarian – keep celebrating!  If you are not a vegetarian you we suggest that you take this month to learn more about the vegetarian diet.

There are many reasons to consider making this lifestyle change – or at least give it a try for the month of October. Heart disease, cancers are just some of the many diseases plaguing the average Westerner, with statistics nearing 1 in 2 people for both heart disease and cancer.  Climate change continues to be a serious threat for all of us, with many increasing natural disasters and each year. Millions of animals are treated in conditions that are beyond inhumane. These are all valid concerns!

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