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May 28, 2014

The Facts about Water!

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The Facts about Water!

This week for Water Wednesday, we want to share with you an interesting infographic on The Facts about Water!

Water Facts, H20 Facts

H20 Facts



For more information on how water can contribute to your health, longevity, and anti-ageing,
read Bragg Health Book Water, The Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life!

“An unhealthy lifestyle produces illnesses and disease. Most humans are lacking sufficient water intake to maintain optimum body health! Fact: most people are dehydrated most of their lives! It’s vital to have 8 glasses of distilled water daily to operate the body functions and achieve The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle for supreme health!”
– Paul C. Bragg

The two most important substances on this earth are air and WATER! Water is perhaps the single most characteristic substance of our planet. It may simultaneously appear in solid, liquid and gaseous forms. It has been adapted as a unit of measure for the specific gravity of all other substances. Water plays important roles in the circulation of the earth’s surface elements.

Water, The Shocking Truth  is available on (paperback) and also available on for Kindle (e-book)

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