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December 29, 2008

The Foods You Eat Will Minimize or Maximize Your Health

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Excerpt from Bragg’s Vegetarian Health Recipes Book – Chapter 12
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Basically, your food’s job is to fill your physical needs; but it can’t do it completely unless it gives stimulation to the appetite and delight in the eating, and leaves a feeling of contented satisfaction that makes for better digestion. Remember, the food you eat becomes your body’s fuel – and becomes you!

Moderation is closely tied to the art of good eating. Excessive eating dulls the appetite and appreciation. No food remains “good” food when overindulgence governs the appetite, making you sluggish, sleepy and overburdening your digestive system! Nutritional science alone is not enough. It must be blended with inspiration, art and healthy imagination. For those who have never learned to blend science and art in their everyday eating, this book is written with the hope that it will guide them firmly onto the path of a healthy eating lifestyle, with healthy foods for a long, healthy, happy, fulfilled life! (Genesis 6:3)

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  1. I enjoy the food I eat because I consume it, not only with my mouth and taste buds… but with all my senses!

    Comment by Christopher Sullivan — December 31, 2008 @ 11:19 AM

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