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August 11, 2015

Viva la Fiesta! Patricia Bragg at Santa Barbara Fiesta Parade

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¡Viva la Fiesta!  Patricia Bragg at
Santa Barbara Fiesta Parade

Last Friday was the 91st annual Fiesta Parade in downtown Santa Barbara! Patricia loves vivid, beautiful Old Spanish Days celebrations — and especially the annual Fiesta Historical Parade! The Historical Parade is held every year on Friday at 12 noon, and is a treat to watch live.

About Old Spanish Days 2015 in Santa Barbara
Old Spanish Days Fiesta is a beloved Santa Barbara tradition that has continued for nearly 90 years. It fosters a unique spirit among locals as an important coming together which encourages community cooperation, celebration, and growth. The festival has grown due to the overwhelming interest of many different organizations to develop and maintain it as an extension and expression of their place in the community. Visitors are also able to experience this historical spirit of Santa Barbara when they watch and join the city and its residents in Fiesta celebrations.

The annual event provides an education to residents and visitors about the history, customs, and traditions of the American Indian, Spanish, Mexican, and early American settlers that comprise the rich cultural heritage of Santa Barbara. Old Spanish Days Fiesta is not only a unique forum for the cultural expression of our spirit and diversity, but also provides a vehicle for the non-profit and community service groups to raise funds for local charities and social service organizations.

Here are some fun photos from the event!

20150807_123822Patricia at 2015 Old Spanish Days Historical Parade

20150807_123856An enormous crowd was gathered…

20150807_133454Big smiles from these two Fiesta beauties!

20150807_133817How sweet are these girls’ Fiesta Parade outfits?

20150807_134721No Fiesta Parade is complete without the Vaqueros!

20150807_134828Lovely horse-drawn carriages

20150807_135724One of the best views of the Parade is from the steps of the Art Museum

erin-gaffey-fiesta-mcPatricia with Fiesta MC Erin Gaffey

FINAL_group_smThese lovely Bragg ladies are ready for fiesta! Pictured (L to R):
Heather, Lesley, Patricia, Rhonda, Allison

20150807_140558Dr. Bragg with friend Darla

20150807_123918Businesses all over town closed so employees could watch parade

20150807_124135Patricia with friend – check out those outfits!

20150807_124253Patricia with sweet girl – see confetti in her hair!

20150807_124605Adorable little girls enjoying Fiesta!

20150807_124703Patricia chatting with friends and Santa Barbara locals

20150807_125010Santa Barbara Police Officers on Motorcycles

20150807_125147-1Beautiful Spanish dancers!

20150807_125330This carriage was lush and green!

20150807_125414Mission Santa Barbara Float

20150807_125821Another beautiful historic carriage in the Parade

20150807_130824Classic open carriage

20150807_131106The Sailors come marching…

20150807_131420-1Mariachi and Spanish music was played

20150807_131510Darling green fiesta dress

20150807_131757Bragg fans are from around the world!

20150807_131831Red Cross Carriage

20150807_131933A live re-enactment of famous Santa Barbara Mission mural scene

20150807_132744Los Vaqueros magnificos!

20150807_132842-191 years ago, this would have still been a common sight!

20150807_133017The parade members ride in wonderful wooden carriages

20150807_132818-1Patricia sends her best wishes… Viva la Fiesta!

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