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July 28, 2012

Walking Promotes Healthy Feet

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Walking Promotes Healthy Feet

An excerpt from my book Build Strong Healthy Feet Banish Aches & Pains

There is nothing as pleasurable as walking, it’s the most ideal exercise in the world. When taking a walk, open wide your eyes, mind, heart and soul to discover the miracles around you! You will see new beauty in trees, blooming flowers, singing birds, etc. The Seasons of Mother Nature are so rewarding to watch,
because each has its own individual beauty!

If you have feet that are killing you, all these joys of walking are gone. Many people forego the pleasure of walking because their feet cry out in pain with every step. So, use this Bragg Foot Culture Program to find new joy in taking healthy walks. Dancing is also a pleasure we enjoy and can be a pain-free joy. There is nothing that can relax us more and give us the abandoned joy of living as dancing does. But, like walking for pleasure, dancing requires strong, happy feet! These great pleasures in life require pain-free, ageless, healthy feet. You can win back youthful feeling feet by being determined to never miss a day in following this foot care program.

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