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Bragg eBooks Help
Bragg Health eBooks are in Adobe Acrobat / PDF file format and can be opened, read, and printed with any program that has capabilities to 'read' these files. A FREE current version of Acrobat Reader is available at: for the vast majority of operating systems. Please make sure your version is at least version 4 or newer.

After you complete your purchase, you are provided with a “Download” button to download your eBook [see below image].  At this point you will “save” the eBook [which is compressed in a .zip file] to your computer’s hard drive.  You can save it to your Desktop, or to a folder of your choosing.

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Should you need to re-download your eBook for any reason, you may log back in to your “My Account” page, and your eBook download will remain available there for one week, and up to (5) downloads [see below image].


This saved file becomes your permanent copy of the eBook. Before you’re able to use the eBook you must un-Zip and extract it. For more info see below for working with ZIP files.

Facts about Your Downloaded File:

  • Bragg eBooks are large files - 3 to 11 MB, and take time to fully download. For a 56K modem dialup connection this may take up to 45 minutes during peak internet traffic hours. Cable and DSL connections will usually take under 5 minutes.
  • The eBook PDF is contained within a ZIP archive file that requires you to ‘extract’ them before they are usable. Any of the numerous ZIP extraction programs will do this and are widely available on the internet.  A very good FREE one is ALZIP.

Mac users – recent versions of Stuffit Expander will be able to extract the eBook.  WINDOWS users – Stuffit Expander is now available in a Windows version, along with the standard, WINZIP, and any number of other freeware and shareware programs such as ALZIP mentioned above.

  • Older versions than vers.4 of Acrobat Reader will not display your ebook properly - get the newest version of Acrobat Reader from
  • All Bragg eBooks are 'Tagged' to allow the option to 'reflow' the layout, allowing them to be viewed on Pocket PCs with the proper reader and tools from Adobe.
  • Bragg eBooks are 'enhanced' electronic equivalents of the actual printed books. They can be 'searched' for text phrases, the Table of Contents has links to all chapters for easy navigation and can have any portion 'printed' from within Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.
  • * Printing a PDF file should always be done either from within Acrobat, Acrobat Reader or the Acrobat Plugin print command (see Acrobat Plugin module window screenshot for print command location). Attempting to print from within any other program that doesn’t handle PDF files, will likely fail. Any attempt to print using the 'File' > 'Print' command within your internet browser will fail.


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