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Excerpts from Healthy Heart

Keep Your Cardiovascular System Healthy & Fit At Any Age

Suppose a magician suddenly appeared before you and promised you a marvelous machine which could run itself, direct itself, repair itself, perform remarkable mental and physical feats...and would last for about 120 years and maybe more.

Would you treasure such a machine? Of course you would! You would keep it in top condition in order to obtain a maximum of service. Every day you would be astonished anew by the performance of this miracle-machine!

True, this is an age of computers, biotechnology and other modern mechanical, scientific and outer space marvels. Remember that the supreme tribute we can pay to any machine is to say, "It is almost human." Now, stop and think! Our Creator has presented you with the world's most miraculous machine—your own body! This incredible factory has its own nonstop motor (the heart), its own fueling system (the digestive system), its own filtration system (the kidneys), its own thinking computer (brain and nervous system), its own temperature controls (sweat glands), etc. Indeed, this miraculous creation even has the power to reproduce itself!

A teacher for the day can be a guiding light for a lifetime! Bragg books are silent health teachers—never tiring, ready night or day to help you help yourself to health! Our books are written with love and a deep desire to guide you to a healthy lifestyle.

– Patricia Bragg

Keep Your Precious Body and Heart Funcioning at Peak Efficiency

Despite its importance, most of us rarely consider the care of this machine—our body—until illness strikes. By care, we don't mean coddling. Instead, we mean those sensible practices and precautions which keep us in shape for the vigorous daily routine that strenuous modern living requires. Most people are fortunate to be born healthy, but far too often take this priceless gift of health for granted. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always let them get way with this carefree attitude.

You can ruin a good car by neglect or abuse, and you can do the same with your heart and body! The universally accepted #1 fruit, the apple, is popular across America and around the world. Early American settlers, the Pilgrims, brought apples to America in the early 1600's and became Johnny Appleseeders, starting apple orchards that eventually spread throughout America.

Primitive Humans Lived and Thrived Under Great Pressures

Let's set the record straight: humans have lived under tremendous pressure, stresses, strains and tension since the dawn of history. That is what part of life is—struggle! To live is to exist under all kinds of pressures. Humans have never lived without some challenges! In order to survive, our primitive ancestors lived under pressures that would be difficult for us to handle in today's modern world.

Early humans were often the prey of wild animals seeking to kill and eat them. In times of tribal or familial wars, some humans stalked and killed one another. Wind, rain, snow and bad weather would also put them under severe duress. Humans had to survive cruel and vicious natural calamities like floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, plagues, famines and epidemics. In short, stress, strain and tension are nothing new to humanity. Therefore, we believe humans can face and overcome almost all of the hardest pressures life puts upon them if they are healthy, strong of body and alert of mind. This is the survival of the fittest—The Secret of Survival.

Heart trouble need not be an inevitable byproduct of mounting work, stress, tension and pressures that people face daily. Though early generations had to exist under tremendous pressure, they were rugged; active physically and mentally. Their secret was simple living, natural foods (without preservatives and pesticides) and ample pure air as well as hard work, which exercises and tones the heart and muscles. As it was in the past, so it is today.

Build yourself a vigorous, strong body so that you may face the great pressures of our culture today. Health, strength, endurance, stamina, vitality and energy are your protection from pressure, stress, strain and tension. Face it: this is a tough, rough, cruel and hard-boiled world in which we live, woe to the weak for they shall perish!

Your Hardworking Blood Network

The object of the blood circulating is to ensure that all the body's cells will be regularly supplied with food and oxygen, and regularly cleared of toxic substances. To achieve this objective, your 60,000 mile intricate network of blood vessels run throughout your body. The blood vessels which carry the blood from the heart are known as arteries. Those which return the blood to the heart are called veins. Both vary greatly in size, just as do streams and creeks that flow into larger rivers.

The largest blood vessel is the Aorta, the artery which acts as the main supply pipe leading directly out of the heart and from which all parts of the body are eventually supplied with blood. The smallest tubes of both the arteries and the veins are called capillaries—they're so tiny that most are only visible under a microscope. Through these capillaries the last of the food and oxygen is exchanged and the return transfer is made into the veins. The veins then carry the oxygen-depleted blood and toxic wastes back to the heart for purification.

On the way to the heart, most of the wastes are deposited in the kidneys for elimination from the body through the urine. Carbon dioxide, another impurity, is expelled through the lungs.

For Easier-Flowing Bowel Movements

It's natural to squat to have bowel movements. It opens up the anal area more directly. When on the toilet, putting feet up 6 to 8 inches on waste basket or footstool gives the same squatting effect. From behind use two fingers to gently pull up on edge of anus—this helps it roll out easier! Remember to drink 8 glasses of water daily! (More information inside front cover.)

Eliminate the "Dribbles" Exercise

This will help keep the bladder and sphincter muscles tightened and toned. Urinate - stop - urinate - stop, 6 times, twice daily when voiding, especially after the age of 40. This simple exercise works wonders. The use of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonderful health aid, and the #1 food I recommend in helping to maintain the body's vital acid-alkaline balance. Everyone should read the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar book.
– Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Author of Conscious Eating and Spiritual Nutrition.

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