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Healthy Heart Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Your Precious Body

  • Keep Your Precious Body & Heart Functioning at Peak Efficiency
  • Don't Blame Heart Attack on Hard Work, Stress, Strain, or Tension
  • Primitive Humans Lived and Thrived Under Great Pressures
  • The Secret of Survival
  • Self-Preservation is the First Law of Life
  • You Can Restore Your Health & Heart
  • Ounce of Prevention Worth a Ton of Cure
  • Heart Disease is the #1 Killer
  • Your Health is Your Wealth-- It's Up to You!
  • Coronary Disease is Preventable & Reversible
  • Your Powerful Miraculous Circulatory System

Chapter 2: One Heart, One Life

  • Our Miracle Heart and Circulatory System
  • Important Heart Parts
  • Our Heart is a Powerful Muscle
  • Your Hardworking Blood Network
  • For Easier-Flowing Bowel Movements
  • Eliminate the Dribbles
  • Blood Purification of Life-Giving Oxygen
  • A Healthy Heart Has Steady, Rhythmic Beats
  • The Heart Has It's Own Intelligence

"When you sell a man a book you don't just sell him paper, ink and glue, you sell him a whole new life! There's heaven and earth in a real book. The real purpose of books is to inspire the mind into its own thinking." – Christopher Morley

Chapter 3: What is a Heart Attack?

  • Normal Artery Compared to Clogged Artery
  • Be Prepared for Emergencies
  • What is Angina Pectoris? A Serious Warning!
  • The Heimlich Maneuver
  • Heimlich Maneuver Jumpstarts Lungs & Heart
  • Heimlich Maneuver Stops Asthma Attacks
  • The Kidney's Role in Heart Attacks
  • What is a Stroke?
  • What Can You Do Today to Reduce Heart Attack Vulnerability?
  • The Importance of Low Blood Cholesterol Levels
  • Americans Love High Cholesterol Foods
  • Some Blood Cholesterol is Normal
  • Two Types of Cholesterol – HDLs & LDLs
  • Free Radicals Are Cancer Producers
  • Free Radicals Cause Premature Ageing
  • Play it Safe – Know Your Cholesterol Levels
  • Experts State "120 to 180" Cholesterol Best
  • Fasting – Quickest Way to Lower Cholesterol
  • Cholesterol and Your Lifespan
  • How Much Fat are You Stowing Away?
  • Deadly Killer – Artery Clogging Cholesterol
  • Atherosclerosis – A Fat Hardening Disease
  • World Death Rates for Heart Disease
  • Shocking Heart Facts About the Deadly #1 Killer
  • Cholesterol Content of Common Foods
  • Rich American Diet a Killer
  • Beware of Saturated, Hydrogenated Fats!

Chapter 4: Blood Pressure & Heart Attacks

  • The Silent Killer – High Blood Pressure
  • High Blood Pressure is Often Symptomless
  • What Blood Pressure Measurements Mean
  • High Blood Pressure in Adolescence
  • High Blood Pressure Linked to Mental Decline
  • Lowering Blood Pressure Reduces Heart Risk
  • AHA Says Diet Lowers High Blood Pressure
  • High Blood Pressure Drugs Pose Health Risks
  • Side Effects of Beta Blockers & Diuretics
  • Don't Procrastinate – Improve Your Health
  • Heart Surgery versus Natural Therapy
  • The Safer Road to Reduce Heart Disease
  • Non-Invasive Tests for the Heart
  • MRI – Non-Invasive Window into the Heart
  • Safer & Healthier Non-Invasive Tests For Heart Diseas
  • New Millennium Health Technology Provides Better Testing
  • Dr. Paul Dudley White of Boston – Famous Heart Specialists
  • Unlimited Life Expectancy is Possible!
  • Dr. Carrel's Eternal Life Successful Study
  • Paul Bragg & Bernarr Macfadden
  • Macfadden – Founder of Physical Culture
  • Zora Agha – Active at Age 154
  • Zora Agha's Secret of Youth
  • Zora's Longevity Diet is the Biblical Diet
  • Olive Oil Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Life's Quantity and Quality Depends Upon the Food We Eat
  • Health, Happiness & Longevity – It's up to You

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."
– George Elliot

"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law." – Psalm 119:18

Chapter 5: Blood – The River of Life

  • Your Bloodstream Carries Your Oxygen
  • Body's Arteries & Veins
  • Human Life Depends on Blood
  • Teenagers Now Susceptible to Heart Disease
  • Childhood Obesity a Growing Problem
  • Early Lifestyle Triggers Obesity
  • Control Your Biological "Clock of Life"
  • "Old Age" is Not Necessary
  • You Can "Grow Younger" – It's Up to You!
  • Healthy Benefits from Eating Onions and Garlic
  • The Highway to Higher Health and Happiness
  • Risk Factors of Angioplasty on Women
  • A Healthy Body and a Happy Mind
  • Lifestyle Changes Help Remove Stress
  • AMA Says Legumes & Raw Nuts Improve Heart
  • Study Shows There's Danger in Drinking Soda Pop
  • Conrad Hilton Thanks Bragg for His Long Life! (photo)
  • It's Never too Late to Learn and Improve
  • Follow this Heart Health Guide Faithfully

Chapter 6: The Discovery of Health

  • Invest in Your "Health Bank" for Comfort, Security and Happiness
  • Start Investing in Your Health Bank
  • The "Big Three" of Health and Longevity
  • Beware of Excess Body Fat
  • Please Don't Be Overburdened With Fat
  • Your Waistline is Your Lifeline, Youthline, Dateline & Healthline
  • Keep Trim and Fit and Protect Your Self-Esteem
  • What is "Normal Weight?"
  • Food For Thought

"Nature never makes any fuss, and yet it does everything."
– Lao Tzu

Chapter 7: Doctor Human Mind

  • A Sound Mind in a Sound Body
  • Correct Thinking is Important for Health
  • Your Mind Must Control Your Body!
  • Are You Poisoning Your Body?
  • A Healthy Mind for Health & Long Life
  • You are What You Eat, Drink, Breathe, Think, Say & Do
  • Drugs Control Addict's Mind

Chapter 8: Doctor Deep Breathing

  • When You Breathe Deeply & Fully You Live Healthier & Longer
  • Super Breathing Improves Brain Power
  • The Lungs Are Nature's Miracle Breathers
  • You Have Lungs – Fill Them Up
  • The Importance of Clean Air to Health
  • Pollutants Threaten the Lungs of All Life
  • Live Longer Breathing Clean Air Deeply
  • Tobacco – Enemy of Your Heart and Health
  • Smoking Has Many Ways to Kill You!
  • Emphysema Smothers its Victim
  • Vitamin C Protects Heart, Arteries & Body
  • Smoking Robs Your Body of Vitamin C
  • All Smokers – Stop Smoking Today
  • Deadly Smoking Facts (chart)
  • A Deep Desire Has Great Power
  • Be Your Body's Health Captain
  • Coffee and Non-Herbal Tea are Drugs
  • Study Shows Cola Drinks are Toxic To Body
  • Alcohol is a Depressant and Killer
  • No Self-Drugging!

Chapter 9: Doctor Exercise

  • Mind Over Muscle
  • Exercise Daily for a Powerful Heart
  • Enjoy Exercising – It's Healthy and Fun
  • Develope Strength from the Inside Out
  • Brisk Power Walking is the King of Exercise
  • Walk 2 to 3 Miles Daily – It Does Miracles
  • Expert Advice on How to Exercise
  • To Enjoy Your Daily Walk is Important
  • Walking, Running – Perfect Conditioners
  • Enjoy Exercise & Jogs for Longer Life
  • Exercise is the Best Fitness Conditioner
  • Heart Disease & Irritability & Dominance
  • Exercising in the Sky – You Arrive Healthier
  • Good Shoes & Socks Promote Happy Feet
  • High Systolic Pressure in Hypertension & Heart Disease
  • Alternate Running & Walking
  • Daily Walk and Run Brings Miracles

Chapter 10: Exercise for Health & Good Circulation

  • Good Circulation – Key to Strong Heart
  • Five Exercises for Increased Circulation
  • Exercises – Good for Heart and Health
  • Special Shower Builds Healthy Circulation
  • Exercise to Benefit the Liver and Kidneys
  • The Dangers of Sitting too Long
  • The Art of Healthy Sitting
  • Sweating is Healthy for You!
  • Indulge in Hobbies that Are Active and Fun
  • Avoid Constricting Clothes & Shoes
  • Exercise Helps Build Better Circulation
  • Cold and Hot Water Circulation Therapy
  • Exercise Gives Benefits for Prevention of Heart Disease
  • Great Framingham 50 Year Heart Study
  • Dr. T. Colin Campbell's China Project
  • Paul C. Bragg Lifting Weights
  • Iron-Pumping Oldsters
  • Amazing Health & Fitness Results in 8 Weeks
  • 20 Year Study Shows Being Fit Saves Money
  • Wanted – For Robbing Health & Life!

"Kindness should be a frame of mind in which we are alert to every opportunity: to do, to give, to share, and to cheer."
– Patricia Bragg

Chapter 11: Doctor Pure Water

  • Pure Water Helps Keep Body Clean Inside
  • Hard Water Causes Hard Arteries
  • Your Arteries Are Your Lifeline
  • The Difference Between Organic and Inorganic Minerals
  • Vegetable and Fruit Juices Contain Distilled Water
  • Why We Drink Only Distilled Water
  • Pure Water is Important for Health
  • The 70% Watery Human
  • Reasons to Drink Pure, Distilled Water
  • Fluorine is a Deadly Poison!
  • Keep Toxic Fluoride Out of Your Water!
  • Check Following Websites for Fluoride Updates
  • Showers, Toxic Chemicals & Chlorine
  • Five Hidden Toxic Dangers in Your Shower
  • Don't Gamble –- Use Shower Filter That Removes Toxins
  • Toxic Exposure From Showers
  • Comparison of Water Treatment Methods
  • Foods and Allergies
  • Most Common Food Allergies
  • Your Body Constantly Works for You
  • Magnesium & Calcium Vital to Heart
  • Homeostasis and the Heart

Chapter 12: Doctor Healthy Foods

  • Protein – Building Blocks of the Body
  • Amino Acids – The Body's Building Blocks
  • Amino Acids – Life-Givers & Life-Extenders
  • Bragg Introduces Miracles of Soybeans
  • Carbohydrates, Starches & Sugars
  • Fats Can Be Healthy or Unhealthy
  • The Function of Fat in the Body
  • Low Fat Meals Cut Heart Disease Risk
  • Dr. Attwood's Tips for Low-Fat Shopping
  • Dr. Charles Attwood – Great Health Crusader
  • Raw Nuts & Seeds Are Good Food
  • Organic Virgin Olive Oil Highly Recommended
  • Protective Foods – Fruits & Vegetables
  • Fresh Juices Are Best
  • The Importance of Lecithin
  • Soybean Powder for Healthy Heart & Nerves
  • What Are Live Foods?
  • Vitamin E & Raw Wheat Germ – Health Builders
  • Breakfast Should Be an Occasional Meal
  • Patricia's Health Recipes
  • Vitamin E-Rich Healthy Foods
  • Calcium is Important for a Fit Heart
  • Milk is Not a Good Source of Calcium
  • Benefit From Natural Foods Rich in Calcium
  • Calcium Content of Common Foods
  • The Deadly Truth About Salt
  • The Myth of the "Salt Lick"
  • Salt Affects Your Blood Pressure
  • Salt is Not Essential to Life
  • Salt is Not Necessary to Combat Heat
  • Death Valley Hike Proved Salt Dangerous
  • Bragg – the Only Non-Salt User Finished Hike
  • Break the Deadly Salt Habit!
  • What Table Salt Does to Your Stomach
  • Sea Kelp is an Excellent Salt Substitute
  • Natural Foods Have Organic Sodium
  • Your Educated Taste Buds will Guide You
  • Eliminating Meat is Safer & Healthier
  • Meat Has Toxic Uric Acid & Cholesterol
  • Vegetarian Protein % Chart

"Nature cannot be hastened. The bloom of a flower opens in its own time." – Paul Bruton

Chapter 13: Eat to Live – Don't Live to Eat

  • It's Harmful to Your Health to Over-Eat!
  • It's Proven – Light Eaters Live Longer
  • Food & Product Summary
  • Enjoy Super Health with Natural Foods
  • The Miracles of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Phytochemicals-Nature's Miracles Help Prevent Cancer
  • Healthy Beverages
  • Bragg (Smoothie) Pep Drink
  • Patricia's Popcorn
  • Bragg Health Recipes
  • Avoid These Processed, Refined Harmful Foods
  • Healthy Lifestyle Eating Habit
  • Proper Nutrition for Rejuvenation & Fitness
  • Don't Clog Arteries with Fats & Bad Foods
  • Beware of "Killer" Foods
  • No One Need Suffer Heartburn
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Relieves Heartburn
  • Olive Oil – Mediterranean's Tasty Heart Treat
  • Folic Acid Helps Protect the Blood
  • Healthy Food Sources of Folic Acid
  • B Vitamins & Folic Acid Are Heart Protectors
  • Bragg Introduced Juicing to America

Chapter 14: Doctor Fasting

  • Fasting – The Perfect Heart-Rester
  • A Story of Successful Fasting
  • Banish All of Your Fears About Fasting!
  • Cleansing the Heart Pump and Pipes
  • Flushing Poisons from your Body's "Pipes"
  • Juice Fast – Introduction to Water Fast
  • Some Powerful Juice Combinations
  • Enjoy Healthy Fiber for Super Health
  • Fasting Cleanses, Renews & Rejuvenates
  • Benefits From the Joys of Fasting
  • Take Time for 12 Things

"The head is clearer, the health is better, the heart is lighter, and the purse is heavier." – Scottish clergyman fasting, circa 1800

On a fast day you shall read the words of the Lord."
– Jeremiah 36:6

Chapter 15: Doctor Rest

  • Sound Sleep is Necessary to Build a Strong Heart
  • Sleep is Essential to Life
  • Take a Daily "Siesta"
  • How Much Sleep Do We Need?
  • Rules for Restful, Recharging Sleep
  • Your Mattress is Your Best Sleeping Friend
  • American's National Sleep Debt
  • Getting Enough Sleep Lately?
  • Try Lemon Balm for a Night So Calm
  • Tips for Healthful Sound Sleep
  • For the Snorer in the House

Chapter 16: A Frank Talk Concerning Heart Disease

  • Healthy Heart Fitness Pointers
  • Our Opinion of Heart Transplants
  • Heart Transplants – Risky & Costly
  • Build Yourself a Healthy Heart
  • Should the Heart Patient Always Rest?
  • Is Exertion harmful After a Heart Attack
  • Face the Challenge – Change Your Bad Habits
  • Healthy Oilds Rich in Omega 3 & Omega 6
  • Dr. Kellogg's Famous Vegetarian Diet for Heart Patients
  • Strokes
  • Unhealthy Lifestyles = Strokes and Heart Attacks
  • Bright's Disease – Dropsy, Swollen Legs & Ankles
  • Prevention is Far Better Than Cure!
  • Pacemakers Save Lives When Needed
  • Follow This Heart Fitness Program
  • Enjoy Positive Thinking & Positive Action
  • Dr. Kellogg's Menus
  • Potassium Helps Strengthen the Heart
  • Potassium is the Master Mineral
  • Six Points to a Healthy Heart
  • Get Close to Mother Earth & God
  • CoQ10 Combats Heart Disease, Cancer, Gum Disease, Ageing
  • Follow the Laws of Mother Nature & God
  • It's Up to You to be Happier and Healthier

Chapter 17: The Art of Longevity

  • Signs of Premature Ageing
  • Secret of Longevity – Organized Resistance
  • Heart Disease is Your Greatest Threat
  • Old Age is Not Inevitable
  • #1 Cause of Death – Coronary Disease
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle Living is Slow Suicide
  • Your Family's Life is in Your Hands
  • Enjoy Lighter Smaller Vegetarian Dinners
  • Chinese Recipes Promote Heart Health
  • Our Favorite Chinese Recipes
  • You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks
  • Stop Heart Trouble Before It Starts
  • Feel Youthful Regardless of Your Years
  • Paul C. Bragg & Roy D. White Picture
  • It's Never Too Late to Think Youthfully
  • We No Longer Celebrate Birthdays
  • Now Get Started – For Life is Precious

"Living in harmony with the universe is living totally alive, full of vitality, health, joy, power, love, and abundance on every level. "
– Shakti Gawain

Chapter 18: Chelation Therapy

  • Miraculous Method of Unclogging the Arteries
  • Reversal of the "Ageing Process"
  • Beware of Deadly Aspartame Sugar Substitutes!
  • What Causes Rejuvenation & "Ageing?"
  • Chelation Therapy – Safe, Effective, Inexpensive
  • Chelation Therapy Includes a Healthy Diet
  • Safe Diagnosis with Non-Invasive Tests
  • Chelation Therapy Promotes Natural Healing
  • A Universal Need for Chelation Therapy
  • Healthy Heart Facts

Chapter 19: Herbs-Garlic-Supplements Natures' Healers

  • Garlic – The Herb that Lowers Cholesterol
  • Gingko – Improves Blood Flow to the Brain
  • Hawthorn – Great For Preventing Angina
  • Cayenne Promotes Healthy Circulation
  • What Are Free Radicals?
  • Life-Saving Antioxidants
  • Free Radical Catalysts Are Deadly
  • B-Vitamins for a Healthy Heart
  • Vitamin C is for Capillaries & Cholesterol
  • Vitamin E – Essential for Heart Health
  • Magnesium for Your Heart, Blood & Arteries
  • Boron, Trace Minerals
  • Words of Wisdom From Dr. James Balch
  • Words of Wisdom from Dr. Linda Page

Chapter 20: Alternative Health Therapies

  • A Personal Message to Our Students
  • Index

"We can no more afford to spend major time on minor things, than we can afford to spend minor time on major things!"
– Jim Rohn

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