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Table of Contents for The Miracle of Fasting

"To preserve health is a moral and religious duty, for health is the basis for all social virtues. We can no longer be as useful when not well. " – Dr. Samuel Johnson, Father of Dictionaries

Chapter 1: The Miracle of Fasting

  • Helps You Enjoy a Super Charged, Healthy, Happy, Long Life
  • Bragg Motto – I Love Life and I Want to Live!
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle Killing Millions Worldwide!
  • Sickness is a Crime Against Your Body – Don't Be a Criminal
  • Life Can Be a Happy and Joyous Adventure

Chapter 2: What is the Miracle of Fasting?

  • What is the Most Significant Discovery of This Modern Age?
  • Fasting Conserves Energy – Your Vital Force
  • We Live in a Poisoned World
  • The Big, Filthy Sewer in the Sky Above Us
  • Rivers, Lakes & Oceans Becoming Polluted
  • Fasting – The Key to Internal Purification
  • Poisons from Chemical Pesticides & Sprays
  • Fasting Aids in Flushing Deadly Poisons from the Body
  • Health Menace – Waxed Fruits and Vegetables!
  • Synthetic, Toxic Food Additives Can Kill
  • Salt Causes Edema, Kidney Problems, etc.
  • What Salt Does to Your Blood Pressure
  • Why Cows are Given Large Amounts of Salt
  • Americans Are Salt-a-holics!
  • Death Valley Hike Proved Salt Dangerous
  • Fasting De-Salts Body Cells and Organs
  • Fasting is the Great Cleanser and Purifier
  • Do You Have Harmful Habits You Must Overcome?
  • Fasting – The Key to Super Energy
  • Fasting – A Natural Instinct and Great Purifier
  • Jesus, His Disciples and Many Great Teachers Fasted

Chapter 3: The Enemy Within Our Bodies

  • Rid Yourself of Depression
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle & Overeating are Killers
  • Why Not Enjoy Life to 120?
  • Outwit Acidosis that Affects Millions
  • Raw Fruits and Vegetables Are Mother Nature’s Miracle Cleansers
  • Your Mind Must Control Your Body Perfect Balancer – Apple Cider Vinegar

"When you sell a man a book you don't just sell him paper, ink and glue, you sell him a whole new life! There's heaven and earth in a real book. The real purpose of books is to inspire the mind into its own thinking." – Christopher Morley

Chapter 4: Fasting Fights Deadly Acid Crystals

  • Toxic Acid Crystals Can Cement Your Joints to Make You Stiff
  • How Toxic Acid Crystals Build in Your Body
  • Back Pains – The Curse of Mankind
  • Fasting for Purification
  • Victory Won By Fasting, Diet and Exercise
  • Mother Nature Works Slowly, But Surely

Chapter 5: Scientific Fasting Explained

  • Fasting is as Old as Man
  • Fasting Awakens the Mind and Soul
  • The Biblical Patriarchs Fasted
  • Fasting – The Safe, Perfect Cleanser
  • Don’t be a Slave to Food
  • Plan Your Fasting Program Today
  • Your Mind Must Rule Your Body to Fast Successfully
  • No Breakfast Plan is Best
  • Healthy Eating Habits Keep You Youthful
  • Americans Love to Eat Socially!
  • Keeping Internally Clean is Critical
  • Are You Ready to Fast, Detox and Get Healthy?
  • Juice Fast – an Introduction to Water Fast
  • Some Powerful Juice Combinations
  • The 70% Watery Human

Chapter 6: Why I Drink Only Distilled Water!

  • Hard Inorganic Minerals Cause Problems!
  • Millions Drink Rain (Distilled) Water
  • Distilled Water is Best for Your Health
  • Ten Reasons to Drink Distilled Water (list)

Chapter 7: How Long Should One Fast?

  • Shorter Fasts Are Better and Safer
  • Why Should You Fast?
  • Great Benefits From Short and Long Fasts
  • Fasting Appreciated Worldwide
  • Pre-Cleanse For Better Fasting Results
  • Here is My Fasting Program – Which I Recommend
  • Breaking Health Laws – You Pay the Price!

Chapter 8: How to Break a 24 Hour Fast

  • Follow These Instructions Carefully!
  • Your Kidneys – The Miracle Organs
  • A Swiss Doctor Was My Human Savior
  • Keep Your Meals Healthy and Simple
  • The Vegetarian Diet is Healthiest!

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."
– George Elliot

Chapter 9: I Fast 7 to 10 Days, 4 Times a Year

  • Here’s the Path to Perfect Health!
  • Fasting Balances Your Thermostat Naturally
  • Mother Nature Intended the Body and Breath to Be Sweet
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle Causes Chronic Fatigue
  • Fasting Pulls Out Toxins and Poisons
  • Fasting Promotes Healthy Elimination
  • How to Conduct a 3 Day, 7 Day & 10 Day Fast

Chapter 10: How to Break Long Fasts

  • How to Break a 7 Day Fast
  • How to Break a 10 Day Fast
  • The Ideal Elimination Program
  • Vegetarianism Versus Meat Eating
  • Eliminating Meat is Safer & Healthier
  • Seven of My Beloved Teachers

Chapter 11: Your Tongue Never Lies

  • The Body Can Take a Lot of Abuse
  • Learn to Read Your Tongue's Message

Chapter 12: Just Grain and Bear It

  • Don't Live to Eat – Eat to Live & Be Healthy
  • Give the Vital Force a Chance to Clean House

Chapter 13: Fasting Fights and Removes Mucus

  • American Diet Forms Mucus and Illness
  • Mucus Shows Up in the Urine when Fasting
  • Winter Miseries? Or Body Cleansing?
  • Take the Mucus Test
  • Breaking Bad Habits Through Fasting
  • Deadly Smoking Facts! (list)

Chapter 14: Fasting Melts Away Pounds!

  • Fat is a Burden and Health Risk!
  • Fasting Rewards You with Increased Energy
  • Your Waistline is Your Lifeline & Dateline!
  • Fasting – A Challenge to Improve Your Health & Looks
  • Do These Exercises Daily

Chapter 15: How to Gain Weight by Fasting

  • Miracles Happen With Fasting!
  • Fasting is a Weight Normalizer
  • The Doctor of the Future (graphic)

"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law." – Psalm 119:18

Chapter 16: Fasting Fights Winter Miseries

  • Fast and Rest For Your Healing!
  • The Body is Self-Healing & Self-Repairing
  • Premature Ageing (graphic)

Chapter 17: Outwit Premature Aging

  • Take This Quiz and The Mirror Test
  • Recharged, So at 70 World Tennis Champ
  • The Opportunity of Your Lifetime

Chapter 18: Fasting Keeps the Arteries Young

  • You are as Old as Your Arteries
  • Shocking Heart Facts About the #1 Killer
  • What You Eat and Drink Becomes You
  • Eat Healthy – Live Healthy – Live Long
  • The Heart and Circulatory System (graphic)
  • Healthy Heart Habits For a Long, Vital Life (chart)
  • Recommended Blood Chemistry Values
  • You Have Nine Doctors at Your Command

Chapter 19: Doctor Sunshine

  • Sunshine Brings Peace, Relaxation to Nerves
  • Gentle Sun Rays are Soothing and Best

Chapter 20: Doctor Fresh Air

  • Our Body is a Breathing Machine
  • Deep Breathers Live Longer
  • India’s Holy Men Practice Deep, Slow Breathing
  • Deep Breathing – Secret of Endurance

Chapter 21: Doctor Pure Water

  • The Water You Drink Can Make or Break Your Heart
  • Most Ancient Healers Used Water Therapy
  • How Our Body Uses Water

Chapter 22: Doctor Good Natural Food

  • Healthy Foods Build and Maintain Your Body!
  • Iodine from Kelp is Important
  • The Effect of Good Food on the Brain
  • Alcohol, Toxins and Drugs Are Killers!
  • Refined, Processed Foods Produce Learning Disabled Children
  • Most Young American Men Are Unfit
  • American Adults are in a Sad Physical & Mental Condition
  • Mental, Physical and Spiritual Rewards
  • Healthy Eating is a Science!

"We can no more afford to spend major time on minor things, than we can afford to spend minor time on major things!"
– Jim Rohn

Chapter 23: Doctor Fasting

Chapter 24: Doctor Exercise

  • The Major Muscles of the Human Body (graphic)
  • Exercise Normalizes Blood Pressure
  • Walking for Health, Fitness and Life
  • Walking – The King of Exercise
  • The Importance of Abdominal Exercises
  • Should You Exercise While Fasting?
  • Iron Pumping Oldsters
  • Amazing Strength Results in 8 Weeks
  • Study Shows Fitness Improves Wellness

Chapter 25: Doctor Rest

  • Check Your Mattress (graphic)
  • Why Do We Rest?
  • Rest Must Be Earned
  • Life is Meant to be Enjoyed, Not Hectic & Rushed
  • Mother Nature Knows What’s Best!
  • Relax and Enjoy Your Life – It’s No Crime
  • Some Relaxation Techniques
  • Insomnia Will Vanish

Chapter 26: Doctor Good Posture

  • Posture Chart (graphic)
  • Take the Mirror Posture Test
  • Bragg Posture Exercise
  • Good Posture is Important For Health
  • How to Sit, Stand and Walk for Strength, Youthfulness, Health
  • Illness That Cannot Be Cured By Fasting, Cannot Be Cured

Chapter 27: Doctor Human Mind

  • Brain Areas (graphic)
  • Your Body, Your Precious Home – Protect It
  • Correct Thinking Important for Health
  • Your Mind Must Control Your Body!
  • Drugs Control Addict’s Mind!
  • Let Your Mind Guide You to Health!
  • Miracle Rewards With Fasting
  • Inner Spiritual Harmony is Important

"Kindness should be a frame of mind in which we are alert to every opportunity: to do, to give, to share, and to cheer. "
– Patricia Bragg

"Nature cannot be hastened. The bloom of a flower opens in its own time." – Paul Bruton

"The head is clearer, the health is better, the heart is lighter, and the purse is heavier."
– Scottish clergyman on fasting, circa 1800.

Chapter 28: Spiritual Aspects of Fasting

  • Fasting Gives Mental & Physical Awareness
  • Great Spiritual Leaders Practiced Fasting
  • My Unforgettable Experience with Gandhi
  • Fasting Brings Spiritual Rebirth to All Who Cleanse
  • The Grotto Where Jesus Fasted
  • The Fast of 40 Days and 40 Nights
  • A Sound Mind in a Sound Body
  • Your Body is Your Temple and Needs the Best Care
  • Take Time for 12 Things (list)
  • The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

Chapter 29: The Science of Eating for Super Health

  • A Tropical Paradise for Health
  • Eat Simple and Natural to Stay Healthy
  • Organic Fruits – the Prize Food of Man (list)
  • Nut and Seed List
  • Organic Vegetables – The Purifiers and Protectors
  • Natural Sweetening Agents
  • Natural Oils
  • Natural Whole Grains, Flours and Cereals
  • Sample Health Menus
  • Healthy Beverages (recipes)
  • The Bragg Pep Drink
  • Vegetable Protein Percentage (chart)
  • Foods Naturally Rich in Vitamin E (chart)
  • Phytochemicals Help Prevent Cancer (chart)
  • Body Signs of Potassium Deficiency (chart)
  • Avoid These Processed, Refined, Harmful Foods (list)
  • The Miracles of Apple Cider Vinegar (list)

Chapter 30: Mother Nature Knows No Mercy

  • Mother Nature Wants Us Clean & Healthy
  • Which Kind of Person are You?
  • Alternative Health Therapies
  • Boron – Miracle Trace Mineral for Healthy Bones
  • Miraculous Testimonials
  • Index

"Living in harmony with the universe is living totally alive, full of vitality, health, joy, power, love, and abundance on every level."
– Shakti Gawain

"Nature never makes any fuss, and yet it does eveything."

"On a fast day you shall read the words of the Lord."
– Jeremiah 36:6

"If I were to name the three most precious resources of life, I would say books (Bible, etc.) friends and nature; and the greatest, the most constant and always at hand is nature."
– John Burroughs

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