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Super Power Breathing Table of Contents

"To preserve health is a moral and religious duty, for health is the basis for all social virtues. We can no longer be as useful when not well. " – Dr. Samuel Johnson, Father of Dictionaries

Chapter 1: Super Power Breathing for Super Energy

  • Do You Know How to Breath?
  • Super Power Breathing is High Vibration Living
  • High Vibration Energy Produces Achievers
  • Super Power Breathing Increases Energy
  • It's Never Too Late to Improve
  • Most Live at Medium Vibration Rate
  • The Miracle Surge of the Second Wind
  • Shallow Breathing Causes Premature Ageing
  • Premature Ageing (Graphic)
  • Paul & Patricia Life Weights (Photo)
  • Super Deep Breathing For Super Power Living

Chapter 2: Oxygen and Your Health

  • Oxygen Starvation
  • Life-Giving Oxygen – Invisible Staff of Life
  • The Heart and Blood Vessel Circulatory System (graphic)
  • Oxygen Powers the Human Machine
  • Oxygen is Carried by the Bloodstream
  • Blood – Your Miracle River of Life
  • Super Power Breathing Detoxifies and Purifies Your Blood
  • Shallow Breathers Self-Poison Themselves

"The best service a book can render you is to impart truth, but also to make you think it out for yourself. " – Elbert Hubbard

Chapter 3: The Way You Breath Affects Your Life

  • When you Breathe Deeply and Fully, You Live More Deeply and Fully
  • Super Deep Breathing Improves the Brain
  • Give Thanks to Your Miracle-Working Lungs
  • The Lower Respiratory System (graphic)
  • Path of Breath (graphic)
  • Mechanics of Breathing (graphic)
  • The Lungs Are Nature's Miracle Breathers
  • You have Lungs – Fill Them Up
  • The Importance of Clean Air to Health
  • Live Longer Breathing Clean Air Deeply

Chapter 4: Smoking – A Deadly Habit (click here to read)

  • Stop Smoking – Save Your Lungs and Life
  • Smoking is Robbing Millions of their Sight
  • Teans Talk About Stopping Smoking
  • Quit Smoking – See the Difference it Makes! (list)
  • Fast Return to Health When You Stop Moking (chart)
  • Deadly Smoking Facts! (list)
  • What Deadly Smoking Does to You And Those Around You

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."
– George Elliot

Chapter 5: The Common Cold – The Body's Miracle Cleanser

  • Colds Clean Out Mucus and Toxins
  • The Body Self-Cleanses, Repairs & Heals
  • Colds and Oxygen are Great Cleansers
  • Oxygen Cleanses and Nourishes

Chapter 6: Your Miracle Nose – Pathway to the Lungs

  • We Mostly Breathe Through the Nose
  • Your Nose is a Natural Air-Filtration System
  • Sinusitis Causes Breathing and Infection Problems
  • Blocked Sinuses Breed Health Problems
  • Herbs Bring Relief and Promote Healing
  • Solve Sinus and Allergy Problems
  • Most Common Food Allergies (list)
  • Nosebleeds
  • Self-test For Specific Problem Foods
  • Mind Food For Thought

Chapter 7: Unhealthy Homes & Buildings

  • Toxic Build Materials
  • Formaldehyde Gives Off Toxic Vapors
  • Beware of Invisible Radon Dangers
  • Healthy Home Environment is Important
  • Having a Healthy, Safe Home and More
  • Asthma From Our Environments
  • Treating Asthma Naturally
  • Self-Health Care For the Lungs

Chapter 8: Your Diaphragm is the Key to Breathing

  • Bragg Super Power Breathing
  • Diaphragmatic Versus Chest Breathing
  • Internal Massage by Diaphragmatic Action
  • Bragg Super Power Breathing Calms the Nervous System
  • The Ayurvedic Health and Fitness Lifestyle
  • Ancient Yoga Breathing Promotes Health
  • Bad Nutrition – #1 Cause of Sickness
  • The Posture Chart (graphic)

"Learning is finding out what you knew already. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know it just as well as you! You are all learners, doers, and teachers." – Richard Bach

Chapter 9: The Importance of Doctor Good Posture

  • Sit, Stand and Walk Tall for Good Health! (graphic)
  • Posture Can Make of Break Your Health!
  • Your Health Friend is Doctor Posture
  • Backaches Afflict 31 Million Americans
  • Learn to Stand, Sit and Walk Tall For Body Strength and Super Health
  • Don’t Cross Your Legs – It’s Unhealthy
  • Which Posture Do You Have?
  • Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothing
  • Bragg Posture Exercise Brings Miracles
  • Cold Water Swimmers are Fit and Ageless
  • Opera Singers, Ballet Dancers and Athletes are Deep Breathers
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing: Secret of Dancing Greats
  • Normalize Your Figure With Good Posture & Exercise
  • Good Posture – First Step to Healthy Living
  • No One Can Breathe for You

Chapter 10: Preparing for Bragg Super Power Breathing

  • Overcoming the Effects of Bad Breathing
  • Practice Bragg Posture Exercises Every Day
  • Stomach Muscles Need These Exercises
  • Diaphragm Exercise
  • Singing – Breathing Exercise
  • Candle – Breathing Exercise
  • Arm Pumping – Breathing Exercise
  • Wise Thoughts for Wise Healthy Living

Chapter 11: What is Bragg Super Power Breathing?

  • Basic Scientific Natural Laws
  • Bragg Breathing Stimulates Pituitary Gland
  • Fresh Air and Warmth are Necessary
  • Air Baths are Health Builders
  • Breath Through the Mouth and Nose

Chapter 12: Bragg Super Power Breathing Exercises

  • Exercise #1 – The Cleansing Breath
  • Exercise #2 – The Super Power Brain Breath
  • Exercise #3 – The Super-Kidney Breath
  • Exercise #4 – Regulating the Bowels
  • Exercise #5 – Filling the Lungs
  • Exercise #6 – The Super Power Liver-Cleansing Breath
  • Exercise #7 – Heart Strengthener
  • Faithfulness Counts Towards Super Health

"Becoming aware of your breathing makes you more open to life's experiences. It gives you the resilience to cope with life's challenges and to enjoy its pleasures. You will learn to overcome the weariness that follows periods of poor breathing, to restore the loss of energy, and start experiencing full vitality as an unavoidable consequence of fuller breathing." – Carola Speads

Chapter 13: Learning Breath Control

  • You Enjoy More Health and Happiness
  • Evening and Bedtime Routines
  • Breathing to Relieve Pain
  • Heed Warning Pains – Eliminate Cause
  • Exercise Relieves Varicose Veins & Leg Swelling
  • Power Breathing & Brisk Walking Exercise
  • Brisk Walking is the King of Exercise
  • Walking Posture (graphic)
  • Walking Builds New Blood Vessels
  • Super Power Breathing Makes Exercise Fun
  • Super Power Breathing Calms the Nerves
  • B-Complex & Magnesium Improves Breathing & Soothes Nerves
  • Deep Breathing Helps Respiratory Ailments
  • America’s National “Sleep Debt”
  • Getting Enough Sleep Lately?
  • Healthful Tips for Sound, Recharging Sleep
  • Relief for Stuffy Noses & the Snorer in the House
  • Help for Bronchitis and Asthma
  • Help for Asthma Attacks
  • Reduce Asthma Trouble Triggers
  • Controlled Deep Full Breathing Exercise
  • Diaphragmatic Panting Breathing Exercise
  • Practicing Exercises During Pregnancy
  • Benefits Mother and Baby During Pregnancy
  • One-Breath Meditation Works Miracles

Chapter 14: Breathing Exercises to Enjoy for More Energy

  • Posture Breathing Exercise
  • Super Power Breathing for Fresh, New Air
  • Rejuvenation Breathing Exercise
  • Exercise to Increase Lung’s Air Space
  • Exercise for Flexible, Youthful Rib Cage
  • Exercise to Maximize Chest Area
  • Breathing Exercise for Lower Lungs
  • Deep Breathing Promotes Better Sleep
  • Stop Procrastinating – Start Exercising Daily
  • Start the 10-Minute Trick – It Works Miracles

Chapter 15: Oxygen Depletion and Air Pollution

  • The Urgent Problems of Air Pollution
  • What Is Smog?
  • Smog is a Great Health Hazard
  • Dangerous Ground-level Ozone Smog
  • Clean Air Act Benefits and Costs
  • Let’s Clean Up Our Air!
  • We Need the Clean Air Act!
  • Healthful Solutions to Air Pollution
  • Clean the Air in Your Home or Office
  • Vitamin E Rich Foods (chart)

"I conceive that a knowledge of books is the basis on which all other knowledge rests." – President George Washington

Chapter 16: Doctor Natural Foods

  • Vitamin E – Nature's Health Miracle
  • Vitamin E – Your Cardiovascular's Guardian
  • Add Wonder-Working Vitamin E
  • Bragg Family's Favorite Cornmeal Recipe
  • Phytochemicals – Nature's Miracles Help Prevent Cancer (chart)
  • Healthy Eating Gives You More Super Oxygen, Energy & Health
  • The Bragg Health Lifestyle Promotes Super Health and Super Energy!
  • Healthy Snack Munching
  • Power Salad for Lunch = Power All Day
  • Vegetable Proteins % Chart

Chapter 17: Healhy Schedule of 12 Meals Per Week

  • Bragg Famous Recipes
  • Enjoy Healthy, Balanced Variety for Dinner
  • Eliminating Meat is Healthiest
  • Do Not Poison Your Body with Foodless Foods and Harmful Drinks!
  • Avoid All Dangerous Embalmers – Preservatives
  • Never Use Salt - It’s a Slow Killer!
  • Pure Water – Essential for Health!
  • Fast 1 Day Each Week for Inner Cleansing
  • Distilled Water is the #1 Health Drink
  • Keep Fluoride and All its Toxic Risks Out of Your Water
  • Healthy Beverages and Recipes
  • Juice Fast – Introduction to Water Fast
  • Powerful Juice Combinations (list)
  • Food and Product Summary
  • Enjoy Super Health with Natural Foods
  • Benefits from The Joys of Fasting (List)
  • Avoid These Processed, Refined, Harmful Foods (list)
  • Phytochemicals – Nature’s Miracle Workers
  • Enjoy Healthy Fiber for Super Health

Chapter 18: Powerful Benefits of Super Power Breathing

  • A Strong Mind in a Strong Body
  • Super Oxygen Breathing for Super-Living
  • The Advantages of Super Power Breathing
  • The Bronchial Tree (graphic)
  • Habits can be right or wrong, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, rewarding or unrewarding, powerful for good, or powerful for bad.
  • The right or wrong habits, decisions, actions, words, and deeds are up to you. Wisely choose your habits, as they can make or break you!

Chapter 19: Keep the Oxygen Coming

  • Heimlich Maneuver Jumpstarts the Lungs
  • Heimlich Helps Save Drowning Victims
  • Heimlich Maneuver Helps Combat Asthma
  • First Aid for Choking & Drowning Victims
  • Heimlich Maneuver Stops Asthma Attacks

Chapter 20: Doctor Fresh Air

  • We are Miracle Air Breathing Machines
  • Indian Holy Men Practice Deep, Slow Breathing
  • Deep Super Power Breathing
  • Healthy Walking Also Helps Solve Problems
  • Healthy Heart Habits for a Long, Vital Life (book excerpt)

Chapter 21: Doctor Rest

  • Enjoy Rest & Naps – It's Not a Crime to Relax!
  • Sleep, the Miracle Recharger
  • Healthy Lifestyles Promotes Sound Sleep
  • Life is to be Savored and Enjoyed, Not Hectic
  • Love Mother Nature and Yourself Daily
  • Tips for Healthy, Peaceful Living

Chapter 22: Doctor Exercise

  • Exercise Promotes Healthy Elimination
  • Enjoy Brisk Walks for Healthy Long Life
  • Walking is the King of Exercise
  • The Importance of Abdominal Exercises
  • Should We Exercise During Fasting?
  • Fasting Promotes Health & Energy
  • Do These Exercises Daily
  • The Muscles of the Human Body – Front & Back View (graphic)

Chapter 23: Doctor Gentle Sunshine

  • Chlorophyll is Miraculous Liquid Sunshine
  • Gentle Sunbathing Works Miracles!
  • Doctor Healing Sunshine Saved Bragg’s Life
  • Boron: Miracle Trace Mineral For Healthy Bones

Chapter 24: Alternative Health Therapies & Massage

Chapter 25: Health Alternative for Breathing Problems

  • Drugs – Not Always Necessary for Recovery
  • Don't Accept Breathing Problems
  • Pollution Affects Breathing
  • Index

" A fool thinks he needs no advice but a wise man listens to others." –Proverbs 12:15

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