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Health Factsheets and Articles

Cancer Health Alert Factsheet

Cancer Linked to Fat and Inactivity
Emma Ross, AP Medical Writer

Cell Phone Users Should Use Headsets!
Do microwaves cause cancer? Also, what to do if you're a constant user of cellular phones.

Smoking — A Deadly Habit That destroys Lungs and Health
With all these nearly inescapable health hazards, smog, etc, in the world to overcome, it’s incredible that millions of people harm their lungs even more by inhaling deadly tobacco smoke into their lungs.

Excitoxins Health Alert Factsheets

Aspartame, Disguised and Deadly!
If it says "SUGAR FREE" on the label - DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!
An article written by Nancy Markle

Excitotoxins - What Are They - How Do They Work?
A summary compilation of info about excitotoxins - a good place to start your search into this topic.

Fluoride & Fluoridation Alert Fact Sheets

"Don't Drink The Water" Fluoride Health Risk
Learn the facts about THE FLUORIDE RISK. Evidence of a Link to Cancer Featured Landmark Cover Story in Newsweek - Don't Drink the Water?

Flouride Facts
A compendium of worldwide facts about fluoridation.

Fluoride Fantasy
An editorial from the Feb. 2nd 2001 edition of the Santa Barbara NewsPress

Genetic Engineering

Don't Let Johnny Appleseed's Dream Die!
Discover Monsanto's fiendish plot to control the world's seed industry with the "Terminator Seed". Terminator Sterile Seeds Threaten World's Food Freedom!

Heart Disease & Health Alert Factsheets

Healthy Heart Habits - Fight America's #1 Killer!
Concise information on keeping your heart and cardiovascular system in top condition. A great starting point for extending your life and counteracting the stress of modern times.

Lifestyle/Nutrition Facts

Jack LaLanne says, "Paul Bragg took me, at age 15, from sickness to Super Health! I'm still going strong and I feel ageless." Read Jack La Lanne's story as told by him.

Russian Hits it Rich in Record Run
Russian runner Lyubov Morgunovs earns windfall after setting course, race marks at the Honolulu marathon in Honolulu Hawaii.

Bragg Crusades Health & Happiness Club Exercises & Posture Chart
Daily exercises developed by Paul & Patricia Bragg to make your day healthier & more energetic. Designed for all ages, these exercises use all 640 muscles and require no equipment.

Petite Organic Cheerleader, reprint from the Sunday Star Times (New Zealand).
Madonna, Demi Moore and Tom Hanks are just three of the stars who swear by her products. Health tips from health guru Patricia Bragg.

'A Vinegar Every Day Keeps Old Age at Bay', reprint from the New Zealand Herald.
Patricia Bragg interview about Apple Cider Vinegar and the ageing process. See also Patricia's 6 million+ seller Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Health System.

What is Nature Cure? Mother Nature's Way to Achieve Good Health
Nature Cure is far more than a system of healing aches and pains; it is a complete revolution in the art of the Science of Living.

'Could a humble stir-fry be your lifesaver?' reprint from London's Daily Mail.
What do Marla Trump, British Health Scientists, Bragg Liquid Aminos and Heart Disease Prevention have in Common? Read the interesting facts about Bragg Liquid Aminos.

'Stay Ageless with the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle', reprint from New Woman magazine.
"The human body is self-repairing and self-healing. Every human body has a built-in healing mechanism. Burn that into your consciousness. To simplify, I call this healing power - vital force."

Nutritionist Warns Against Suicide Diet
Most modern day Americans are practically committing suicide with their diets, lack of exercise and shallow breathing, according to Patricia Bragg.

'Live Longer, look Younger and Feel Great', reprint from the British Magazine Here's Health.
In a recent interview, Patricia Bragg shares lots of great information and tips for improving your health.

'Health Guru Gives Shapes to Brag About!'
SUNArticle with interesting reading about some of the famous people who follow the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle.


Essential First Aid Information - The Heimlich Maneuver
Information on aiding, choking, drowning and especially heart attack victims. The heimlich maneuver can be applied in a number of emergency situation.

The Many Benefits of Apples
Apples have been found to have numerous positive health benefits, from anti-cancer properties to improving lung function.




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