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The Bragg "Healthy Lifestyle"!

The Bragg "Healthy Lifestyle" can keep you ageless!

No system can "cure" disease. No person can "cure" you of your ailments, aches, pains and diseases. Only the internal functions of your own body banish diseases. The human body is self-repairing and self-healing. Every human body has a built-in healing mechanism. Burn that into your consciousness.

To simplify, we are going to call this healing power vital force.

[Reprinted from NEW WOMAN magazine]

Condensed from the book THE BRAGG HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - Vital Living to 120! BODY PURIFICATION, TOXICLESS DIET & HEALING SYSTEM by Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D., and
Paul C. Bragg, ND, Ph.D.

You must have vital force to stay alive. When your vital force is exhausted, then there is death.

Every day of your life you meet people with a huge vital force. On the other hand, every day you see tired, exhausted, nervous, frustrated people full of aches, pains, disease, stresses, strains and tensions. Most of these people are prematurely old.

  • Every three months you get a new bloodstream, so it is not the blood that gets old.
  • Every eleven months every cell in your body has renewed itself, so you have a practically new body every eleven months.
  • Every two years you get an entirely new bone structure, so in three years you really are reborn.

People with a low quota of vital force have a low resistance to infectious diseases ... they are the people with frequent colds, flu, strep throat and many, many other infectious diseases.

They are the people who are chronically fatigued. They are the people with poor memories. They are the people who are full of aches and pains. They are the unhappy people. They are the irritable people.

With the vital force at a low ebb, then enervation takes over. When enervation takes over, physical troubles multiply!

The tongue should be called "The Magic Mirror" because it reveals the great amount of toxic poison stored in the body.

One way a doctor diagnoses a person is to say, "Let me see your tongue." If the tongue is white-coated, she knows that person is in a highly toxic condition. This is one of the oldest methods of diagnosing a person's health that doctors follow.

Remember, the tongue is one end of a thirty foot tube extending from the mouth to the anus. When your tongue is coated, nature is trying to extract and eliminate the toxins buried deep inside your body. Help by brushing and cleaning your tongue daily.

You can now see by your tongue how much toxic poison is stored in your body. Your tongue's surface reveals to you the great amount of encumbrance that has been clogging up your entire body through wrong, toxic-forming foods and liquids.

That is the reason I'm not interested in the name of your physical trouble. All physical problems are due to a local clogging of the circulation, the tissues and the entire pipe and tube system.

You often hear people say, "A new virus is attacking people. It seems that everyone is picking it up." That is exactly right, there are thousands of germs floating around everywhere, and remember they are here for a purpose. Infections, germs, bugs, viruses and bacteria are scavengers. They clean up decaying filth. If that decaying filth happens to be in your body, they will start eating the toxic slime.

Just remember it is impossible for any kind of germ or virus to attack clean healthy tissue. They only eat decaying matter.

Dirty blood picks up infections.
Clean blood is your protection against infection.

If by wrong eating you create decaying matter in your body, it's only part of nature's plan that germs will come and eat this dead substance. Germs never attack clean, toxic-free tissue or blood.

If You Want to Attain Vitality Supreme...

It is possible, in my opinion, to live in a perfect state of agelessness. Let's reason it out together: Every three months you get an entirely new bloodstream, so it is not the blood that gets old. Every eleven months every cell in your body has renewed itself, so you have a practically new body every eleven months. Every two years you get an entirely new bone structure, so in three years you are really born again...the renewal process has taken place.

In my many years of travel, I have met hundreds of people 100 or more years old. Their vision was perfect, they had no hardening of the arteries, no blindness or aches or pains. These people never ate refined or processed foods, but ate foods that were close to nature. Their natural diet continually purified their bodies with each meal.

Avoid food and drink that clog, obstruct and throw waste into your arteries, organs and cells. Study the following list of so-called foods, drinks and other materials and never again let them into your body.

These processed, sugared, salted, refined, chemicalized foods work slowly, but very effectively and are deadly to your body.

People will often tell me: "My Grandfather is 88, eats any food he wants to, and still he is living." There are a lucky few who have a stronger constitution than others. They have inherited bodies that have wide arteries and veins and have a capacity to burn poisons three times faster than the average person. But remember: When that 88-year-old was born, there were 86,000 others born that same year yet, there are very few of those 86,000 left . . . not a very good percentage.

So the first thing to do is to avoid forever the following so-called foods and materials which humans put into their bodies...

  • Refined sugar and all refined sugar products such as jams, jellies, preserves, ice cream, sherbets, Jell-O, cake, candy, cookies, chewing gum, soft drinks, pies, pastries, tapioca puddings, sugared fruit juices, fruits canned in sugar syrup.
  • Catsup and mustard made with salt or sugar, Worcestershire sauce, pickles, green salted olives. White distilled & filtered vinegars.
  • Salted foods such as corn & potato chips, salted nuts, pretzels, salted crackers.
  • White rice and pearled barley.
  • All refined, sugared, dry cereals such as corn flakes and others.
  • Deep fried and greasy foods.
  • Saturated fats and hydrogenated oils are enemies and premature killers of your heart.
  • Food which contains cottonseed oil. When a product is labeled vegetable oil, find out what kind before you use it.
  • Oleo and margarines, saturated fats and hydrogenated oils.
  • Peanut butter that contains salt and all hydrogenated oils used for hardening.
  • Coffee, decaffeinated coffee and black and China teas. (100% herbal teas are O.K.)
  • Fresh pork and pork products.
  • Smoked fish of any kind.
  • Smoked meats, ham, bacon, sausage.
  • Luncheon meats such as hot dogs and salami, bologna, corned beef, pastrami and meats containing the dangerous preservatives sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite.
  • Dried fruits processed with dangerous sulphur dioxide (a preservative).
  • Chicken & turkey injected with stilbestrol or fed chicken feed that contains drugs.
  • Canned soups (read labels to look for sugar, fillers, starch, white flour and preservatives).
  • Food that contains benzoate of soda, or cream of tartar (a preservative).
  • Bleached and unbleached white flour products such as white bread, wheat and rye bread that uses a mixed wheat-white flour, dumplings, biscuits, buns, gravy, noodles, spaghetti, pizza pie, ravioli, sago, pies, pastries, cakes, cookies, prepared and commercial puddings, and ready-mix, refined bakery goods. If you use wheat, it should read whole wheat; then you know it contains no white flour. Substitute whole grain flours in all bakery goods.
  • Leftover cooked veggies & premixed old wilted salads.
  • No self-drugging: no aspirin, buffered aspirin, antihistamines, laxatives, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, pain killers, strong cathartics or antacids. Correct your problems by living a healthy lifestyle so you won't need any of the above. The above listed all have side effects. It's best to live a healthy lifestyle.

I want you to remember first and keep it in mind at all times that the ideal diet is raw fruits, salad, sprouts; raw, steamed and woked or baked vegetables; and raw nuts and seeds with a preponderance of raw and cooked green leafy vegetables (chard, beet tops, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip and mustard greens, collards, kale etc.)

I do not expect you, unless you are very ambitious about internal cleansing, to try to reach the 100% state of purification. There are various degrees of health that can be obtained by controlling the diet. I feel that if you can, in time, balance the diet to 60 percent raw fruits and vegetables and properly cooked vegetables and minimize animal proteins, fats and sugars, then you can live in a higher state of wellness and enjoy a healthier, longer life.

Purification Takes Time

But don't expect to get immediate results. Slowly you will feel better and stronger once you start on this self-healing treatment. As you start on this program of purifying your body, you are going to stir up old toxins, and you do have plenty of them. Everyone has them because most everyone carries five to ten pounds of deeply buried toxic poisons in their body.

That is what sickness is, in the final analysis - your body becomes so corroded and loaded with vicious toxic poisons that it throws up its own healing crisis in the form of fatigue, colds, flu, boils, pneumonia and hundreds of other indications of the body's ridding itself of poisons. Disease is no mystery to me. It's something that is slowly built up by toxic poisons in every organ of the body.

So be ready for a series of healing crises if you want to attain vitality supreme. This is a compensation action, this is the vital force asserting itself. You cannot get away from paying your price to nature! There is no way to circumvent the crimes you have committed against your previous body. Body cleansing is important and needed!

You will not feel your best until you have eliminated all the toxic poisons from your body. Gradually, by eating more raw fruits and vegetables you will flush out the heavy accumulation of toxic poisons.

Eliminate the greater portion of the heavy foods from your diet and eat more fruits and vegetables (organic is best) and you will notice a remarkable rejuvenation. Your aches and pains and excess weight will melt away and your energy will soar; no longer will you suffer from fatigue and excessive tiredness. The changes are miraculous!

But when you first go on this program, you may at first look wretched. This will usually happen during the crisis period, when the greatest amount of poisons are loosened from your pipes and vital organs and are being flushed out of your body. When you have gone through the crisis, then you can see the new you revealing itself. Your eyes will become brighter, your skin and muscle tone will become healthier, your joints will become more supple and there is a state of well-being that will throb throughout your entire body and make you glad to be alive.

Keep in mind it took quite a long time to get into the condition you are in now, through wrong habits and wrong eating, and now you must be patient with nature. It takes from two to three years to reach the high point of internal perfection. You cannot throw caution to the wind. If you have been accustomed to eating meat several times a day and eggs and cheese every day, you have to slowly eliminate the excessive use of these foods.

As you add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, you will soon estimate how much of the stimulation foods that you can eat every day and gradually reach a status quo. This is the point where toxic poisons are no longer retained in your body. This is the condition you should seek: a clean, painless, tireless, ageless body!

You will continually hear people say, "You should eat a hearty breakfast to get energy." This is not true - scientifically it takes a tremendous amount of nervous energy to masticate, digest, assimilate and eliminate a regular heavy breakfast.

The morning is the time to drink fresh fruit juices, or better still to eat whole fresh fruit. This is the most ideal nourishment for the early morning because fruit requires the most infinitesimal amount of digestion. The natural sugars of fresh fruit can provide more blood sugar than eggs, meat, toast, buns, coffee and sausage.

Your body operates on blood sugar. A healthy person manufactures a fourth of a cup daily. This blood sugar is where the muscles draw their energy. Fruit is light and does not require the tremendous amount of energy to digest that cereals, meat, eggs and other heavy foods require.

I Have Seen People Banish Many Physical Problems

I have seen people banish physical problems by eating nothing but raw fruit for breakfast! It's both easy and healthy!

Your noon meal should consist of a large vegetable salad - raw - either chopped or grated cabbage, carrots, beets and celery. They are the base of your health salad. To this combination you can add any raw vegetables you desire - cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, radishes, parsley, avocados, tomatoes, green onions and sprouts.

Or perhaps you would enjoy just a large cole slaw (grated or chopped cabbage) salad, or a cabbage, carrot and raisin salad or a raw grated beet, turnip and cabbage salad.

You can make a salad dressing of raw, Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and olive oil or just a freshly squeezed lemon or orange. Always eat your fill of raw salad first. Never let hot food touch your mouth until you have had your fill of the raw salad. The salad as well as fresh fruits are the internal purifiers, the fighters of toxic poisons!

If you have not been used to eating a large raw vegetable salad, go slowly. You may say to me, "Raw salad fills me with gas," or "Raw salads do not agree with me." When a raw salad does not agree with you, it shows you have a mucus condition in the bowel. They are sick bowels. So there is only one thing to do and that is to change your diet slowly. It took a long time for the bowel to be in this condition and it will take time and conditioning to get the bowel ready to accept the raw salads. The daily salad is very important. It is the master internal cleanser - nature's broom.

The next question is what to eat with this salad. The best thing would be a baked potato and a fresh cooked vegetable like string beans, steamed squash, peas, corn on the cob, carrots, beets, broccoli, greens or any fresh vegetables, squash, etc. you desire.

Now what about protein? If you feel you need meat, eat it, but just remember, not more than two times a week. You can have fresh fish several times a week. I personally prefer the healthier and safer vegetable proteins; try them yourself!

The racehorse does not eat concentrated protein. She gets her great speed, strength and endurance from the vegetable kingdom. Raw nuts, seeds, raw wheat germ, nutritional yeast, tofu, natural brown rice, soybeans and dried beans are delicious, nutritious, rich, healthy vegetarian sources of non-uric acid, non-cholesterol protein.

52% of Americans will die of cardiovascular disease

You must always keep in mind that meat is a secondhand food. The animal ate the green growing things that produced the meat. And when that animal was killed, it retained all the poisons it had in its body. Meat has uric acid and contains heavy concentrations of visible and invisible saturated fats. These waxy fats (cholesterol) clog the human pipes and cardiovascular system. Studies show that vegetarians live longer.

Milk is mucus-forming. No animal except man drinks milk after weaning. Studies link it to allergies, indigestion, juvenile diabetes, etc. Instead enjoy the delicious, healthy soy, nut and rice milks.

Allow at least five hours between each meal. The digestive system must have time to do its important work efficiently. The evening meal must start with some kind of raw fruit or vegetable salad. Let us say at the noon meal you had a large vegetable salad, so now you would like to change to a fruit salad. This is perfectly all right because a delicious fruit salad is not only tasty, but is a real toxin fighter. Fresh fruits are very aggressive, they will help dissolve and flush toxic poisons out of your body.

You can start your next meal with a fruit salad, as our principle is always to eat something raw at the beginning of your meals. But when you eat it, you should always wait ten minutes before eating hot food. Fruit leaves the stomach faster and prepares the way for the hot food of your mealtimes.

You may have two cooked vegetables - one yellow and one green. Have a dish of steamed or baked carrots and a dish of lightly steamed greens such as spinach, chard, kale, mustard, beet or turnip greens. These yellow and green vegetables are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Organic veggies and fruits are the healthiest for you.

If you crave sweets after a meal, try fresh fruit or baked apples, stewed fruit or even occasionally a healthy pie, cake or cookies made with whole grain flour and honey.

If You Are Filled with Anxiety and Stresses...

Be sure your diet includes plenty of foods rich in B vitamins: Raw wheat germ, brewer's yeast, blackstrap molasses, brown rice, lentils, barley, soybeans, dried peas and beans, peanuts, cornmeal, buckwheat groats, mushrooms, broccoli, turnip & mustard greens, spinach, peas, cabbage, grapefruit, and oranges.

Never, under any circumstances, use mineral oil as a laxative. Mineral oils rob the body of the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and F) waiting to be assimilated in the intestinal tract.

Only use enemas or high colonic irrigations in cases of sickness or extreme constipation. Your nerves move your bowels and they can do the job if your B-complex intake is adequate and your diet is balanced daily with 8 glasses of distilled water plus herbal teas, fresh juices and fruits, salads, vegetables and whole grains. For good elimination daily, mix 1 to 2 tsps of: 1/2 oat bran and 1/2 psyllium powder or soaked flax seeds to juices, soups, herbal teas, whole grain cereals, baked goods, etc. or Bragg Pep Drink or Bragg ACV Cocktail (1-2 tsps Bragg Raw Organic ACV "with the Mother" and 1 tsp raw honey in glass of distilled water).

And remember, there is nothing as important as good elimination, so take care of this important function. Don't tell me you are too busy. Bowel elimination is vital to vigorous health. This waste matter must be moved out of your body regularly.

Many people are sick simply because they are starving for sunshine. The rays of the sun are powerful germicides. As your skin absorbs these rays, it stores up this healing and germ-killing energy. The sun can provide the best remedy for you if you are nervous and filled with anxiety, worry, frustration, stresses and strains. When you lie in the early or late day gentle sunshine, its soothing warm rays give you what your body is crying out for - relaxation!

The Bragg Stay Ageless Program promotes lifelong health and fitness through the simple Bragg Healthy Lifestyle!

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