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Russian Marathoners & The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

Lyubov Morgunova Wins 2000 Honolulu Marathon!

Following the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle pays off for these two Honolulu Marathon winners. Petite Lyubov Morgunova, 29, won with the fastest women's race time in the 28 year history of the Honolulu Marathon, 2:28:33. Being a Bragg follower paid off for Lyubov.

Honolulu Marathon Winners from left to right: Svetlana Zakharova (2nd), Lyubov Morgunova (1st), & Franca Fiacconi (3rd)

This was her first trip to Hawaii and she has won at least $35,000 in prize money and speed incentives, nearly double what the men's winner got. For over 13 years the Bragg book The Miracle of Fasting has been the #1 best seller in Russia and, the Ukraine.

In Lyubov's home The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle is the way they Iive as millions of other Russians do! Another Bragg follower, who came in a close second at 2:28:51, Russian Svetlana Zakharova, has run in the Honolulu marathon four times in five years and won in 1997.

When reporters questioned Morgunova on how she would spend her winnings, she said she plans on using her winnings to pay for upgrades to her Moscow apartment, a better car and financial help for family and friends. Friends say that's the way she is - always thinking about others. It figures, her first name, Lyubov, means "love" in Russian.



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