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Petite Organic Cheerleader - Patricia Bragg!

Reprint fron the New Zealand Star Times

Enthusiastic and energetic is the description that springs to mind when you first meet Patricia Bragg, nutritionist to the Hollywood Stars. This tiny cheerleader for organic food has instructed stars such as Clint Eastwood, Demi Moore, Madonna, Tom Selleck, the Beach Boys and even American billionaire Donald Trump and family on how to live healthy and alert to 120 years young! She quotes Genesis 6:3.

If the United States had a royal family of health, she would be a princess. Her father, Paul C. Bragg, was the founder of the Health Movement in America. Crippled by tuberculosis in his teens, Bragg fasted, exercised and ate himself back to fitness. In return for his newfound wellness he made a promise to God that he would spend the rest of his life sharing the message of how to stay healthy and enjoy a long life.

With the drive of a Health Evangelist, he originated and opened the first health food stores and started selling wheat germ, herbal teas, whole grains and honey. He advised Gloria Swanson on diet and trained Olympic champions. He is credited with inspiring everyone from the inventor of the Gardenburger to Shaklee, Schiff and Rodale of Organic Gardening magazine and Prevention magazine. Daughter Patricia has also inherited a sincere desire to save the world from chemical pollutants, fluoridation and junk foods.

Unmarried and aged somewhere from 18 to 70, although it's hard to tell and she's not saying. She doesn't believe in age. Patricia now spends much of her time traveling, spreading the news about the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, the family gospel. Everywhere she goes she advocates a simple, toxicless life and the use of 2 essential Bragg health products: Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Bragg Liquid Aminos, an all-purpose seasoning with 16 amino acids. She has 22 books advising on subjects as diverse as eyesight, weight loss, Triathlon sports training and reversing the ageing process. Her book The Miracle of Fasting has been a bestseller in Russia for more than 12 years.

Instead of an interview, I'm treated to a health lecture! As I sit meekly in a chair, facing Dr. Patricia Bragg, she energetically bounces at her friend's home in Auckland. She points her little toes as she paces the living room barefooted. She believes in always having good posture and demonstrates; she's the one who taught Tom Selleck and Clint Eastwood how to strut lifting up their chests.

She does not believe we should wear any constricting clothing, including shoes and bras, "because when they are too tight they cut off blood flow, causing toxins to pool. Women don't believe me when I say I've never worn a bra. I believe all women should wear loose chemises. I don't believe in silicon either. These are all mine," says this Californian, pulling open her shirt and proudly pushing out her chest to reveal a fluorescent pink Lycra top and two perky breasts. She stressed for me to read the book Dressed to Kill– a study on breast cancer and bras. She still has her petite waistline and Dr. Bragg's perfectly formed body is a living testament to her own healthy lifestyle policies.

"See these," she says, holding up her hands and flexing her toes, "I call these my 20 little virgin fingers and toenails." Never has that insidious evil more commonly known as nail polish desecrated Dr. Bragg's dainty extremities. Nor has she ever had coffee, tea and never even had a cigarette. So as a teenager you never snuck off and had a Coke on the sly? "No, never!" she answers firmly. She has never used antibiotics or the birth control pill and though she doesn't say which denomination, the Christian church she belongs to agrees with her on the latter.

Dr. Bragg knows her stuff. What slogans such as "Don't Panic, Go Organic," and "Your Health is Your Wealth" lack in subtlety, they make up for in common sense. The basic tenets of her creed are pretty obvious: Eat fresh, organic food, fast one day a week drinking distilled water only to cleanse the system, exercise daily, breathe deeply, and learn to meditate and relax.

Dr. Bragg also campaigns on several environmental and political platforms. While most Greenpeace members wouldn't prance around be-flowered and barefooted, they might theorize on the following: Pesticides on produce and chemicals in processed food are suspect and cause cancer; fluoride in drinking water is dangerous and pesticides harm humans, wildlife and the earth. "There are millions of acres of dead soil killed by chemicals in the United States!" says Dr. Bragg.

It's common sense that the products she sells work well. Apple cider vinegar is well known to therapists as a pure and natural health tonic. It tastes like a fruity vinegar. Most of us would put it in salad dressings. Patricia recommends it not only for salads and greens, but also that we should drink her famous miracle drink 3 times daily.

The other best-selling product is Bragg Liquid Aminos, which contains 16 amino acids and tastes like soy sauce. Marla Trump uses it in all her vegetarian dishes, salads, etc. Amino acids are naturally occurring proteins and the building blocks of the body. British medical studies show one of the vital amino acids, L-arginine, supports a healthy heart.

Dr. Bragg says, "One of the best and choicest vegetarian sources of amino acids is soy. Bragg Liquid Aminos is a mixture of soybeans and purified water and is delicious – with a taste you'll love and nutrition you need!"

The Braggs have gained success by advocating an extremely healthy lifestyle in their own evangelistic style. "I am sincere about this," Dr. Bragg enthuses, bounding all around the lounge, with her arms stretched upward. "I love it! To me everybody is my family. I would like to hold the world in my arms and give it love, safety, peace, joy and health." We stand in the middle of the lounge and stretch up our arms. Our arms reach up to the ceiling and as we reach, we shout "Health! Strength! Youth! Vitality! Peace! Joy! Love!"




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