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Sitting Exercises!

1. Ankle Stretches: Front, back, in, out

2. Leg Lifts: Leg straight - alternate

3. Touch Beyond Toes: Forehead towards knees

4. Leg Straddles: Wide apart and back to position

5. Alternate Toe Touches: Legs wide apart, hand to toes

6. Heel to Buttocks: Alternate

7. Sit Erect: Roll head, alternating direction starting to the left, then right.

8. Bridge: Keep legs straight - left pelvis up by pushing up with hands

9. Sit Erect: Chin to chest, then tilt head back, stretch jaw up

10. Head Tilt: Sit erect - tilt head side to side, not moving shoulders

11. Both Heels to Buttocks: Knees together, then roll hips side to side

12. Knees to Chest: Extend feet out front, then left and then right

13. Eye Exercises: Sit erect - with your eyes, follow your thumb in circles and in & out. This is great for eyes. For more info, read Bragg Eye book.

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These exercises use all 640 muscles and were designed by Paul C. Bragg and his daughter, Patricia.




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