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Standing Exercises!

Standing Exercises - 20 Counts

Take deep, in and out cleansing breaths between each set of exercises.

1. Rag Doll: Twist body at waist, look back both ways

2. Toe Touch: Pump down gradually, legs, knees relaxed

3. Knee to Chest: Alternately lift left knee to chest (toes point down), then lift right knee to chest

4. Arm Swings: Arms forward and whip arms back

5. Arm Swings: Arms swing across body, up on toes, then swing arms back

6. Arm Swings: Arms swing backward and whip

7. Elbow Swings: Arms extended to front, elbows pull into sides, back and forth. When extending arms, go up on toes.

8. Shoulder Rolls: Roll shoulders to front, then shrug to ears, roll back, and reverse

9. Downward Stretches: Hands touch ground front and then sides, alternately, with knees relaxed

10. Hit Gong:Clasp hands over head, stretch up, bend forward, hitting gong between bent legs

11. Propeller and Discus: Bend arm forward, fling arms back, then throw discus

12. Hands on Hips: Bend front, side, back, side, 10 pumps each way

13. Bragg Follies: Arms outstretched, toe kick to palms and alternate

14. Rag Doll: Same as #1 except keep head & eyes front

15. Leg & Thigh Exercises: Class holds hands, forms circle

A. Knee lift up to chest: extend leg out 4 counts; left leg, then right leg.
B. Leg lift to the front: leg straight, 4 counts; alternately left, then right
C. Toe raise: Up on toes, then rock back on heels
D. Leg lifts to the rear: Right leg straight, then left 4 counts alternately

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These exercises use all 640 muscles and were designed by Paul C. Bragg and his daughter, Patricia.




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