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Nutritionist Warns Against Suicide Diet!

Reprint from Las Vegas Sun.

Most modern day Americans are practically committing suicide with their diets, lack of exercise and shallow breathing, according to a prominent nutritionist and author of 22 health and fitness books. "Americans are killing themselves by the millions with their knives, forks and spoons," Patricia Bragg said. "With their two hands, homemakers can prepare either for health or sickness."

But eating a healthy diet and having a strong healthy heart are not difficult goals, she said, and living a healthy lifestyle with healthy foods can dramatically extend life and vitality. "It's so simple anybody can do it," she said. Many recent medical reports agree!

Refined, processed foods should be avoided. Meats should be avoided or limited to no more than three times a week. Bragg leans towards a healthy vegetarian diet. She believes more Americans should follow the low fat diet common in Asian countries, where obesity is practically unknown. Also cancer, heart and other diseases occur far less there than in the U.S. The traditional Asian diet consists of rice, wheat, potatoes, soybeans, corn and other starchy vegetables and greens with few meat or milk products.

Regular exercise is also essential. Fast walking is the king of exercise and 30 to 40 minutes a day does miracles for your body.

Bragg, the author and co-author of numerous books was in Las Vegas this weekend promoting The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, a series of health theories first proposed by her father, Paul C. Bragg, who was the early pioneer in the vitamin and nutritional foods movement and the originator of Health Food Stores over 85 years ago.

Bragg signed copies of her Health Books at the National Nutritional Foods Association Convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Her father was the founder of this association of Health Stores.

In addition to food, Patricia Bragg is concerned about everything from proper posture and the use of fluoride and chemicals in drinking water to the amount of violence on T.V., movies and in commercials and on our streets, in schools and our homes!

"I don't just work with nutrition, I work with the total body," she said.

Dr. Bragg is also against the use of pesticides and tries to eat only organically grown fruits and vegetables. She encourages everyone to go organic, grow their own food and get their local markets to stock safe, organic produce!

She says, "Cancer, heart and lung disease are killing millions! The World Health Organization reports that 50% of yearly deaths 24.5 million people worldwide are victims of just these 3 chronic conditions that are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle!"

The National Cancer Institute says that 1 in 3 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer. The risks from pesticides, dioxins and fluorides which add new dimensions to the prevalence of cancer, did not exist in past generations. For example, Americans born in the 1940's have 50% to 100% higher cancer risks than their grandparents, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The United States Surgeon General warned Americans in a landmark 1988 report on Nutrition and Health that "diet related diseases account for 68% of US deaths."




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