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Supine Exercises!

Lying Down Exercises - 20 Counts

1. Vertical Leg Raises: Raise legs, then hold legs out, heels just off ground

2. Head Just Off Ground: Chin to chest & back to position

3. Horizontal Leg Scissors: Hold heels just off ground as exercise 1

4. Head Just Off Ground: Move head from side to side

5. Low Fan: Move legs side to side in low arc, roll hips.

6. Heels to Bottom:Raise legs alternately, keeping opposite heels on ground

7. Heels to Bottom II: Support on toes & shoulders, arch back, hold 30

8. Raise Legs Vertically: Legs raised, cross to opposite side, alternate

9. Knee to Chest Alternate: Both knees to chest, extending feet

10. Right Side: Leg raise, knee to chest, arm & leg swings

11. High Fan: Raise legs vertically, move side to side

12. Left Side: Leg raise, knee to chest alternate, arm & leg swings

13. Cycle: On back, feet a foot off the ground

14. On Stomach: Raise legs, extend hands out, clap 60 counts

15. Cobra: On stomach, push up at shoulders, leave waist & legs on ground

16. Body Stretch: Right hand forward, stretch left leg back, alternate

17. Hands & Feet: Move right hand down to left foot, then alternate hand and foot movements

18. On Knees & Hands, Dipsy Do: Inverted "V" position, bottom up, then drop belly down to ground, then back up to V

Return to standing.
Take deep, in and out cleansing breaths between each set of exercises.

1. Wide Stance: Bend knee out over toes, then alternateto other knee

2. Feet at 45 degree angle: Wide apart, rock from side to side

3. Squats: To whatever degree feels comfortable to you

4. Hand Stretched to the Sky: Say, "I did it again! I exercised again today for Health, Strength, Youth, and Vitality."

With blessings for health, fitness, peace, joy and love,

Patricia Bragg

These exercises use all 640 muscles and were designed by Paul C. Bragg and his daughter, Patricia.




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