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Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary -- Thailand

elephant drinking ACV

Lotus (pictured elephant) has foot rot from a prior life of standing still for days & then walking & trekking on poor surfaces such as concrete, packed dirt etc.  She was also suffering from poor diet & lack of a natural habitat, as well as the elephant family that herd animals require to be healthy.

Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary (registered British charity # 1110252) is trying to provide what is needed to help Asian/Thai elephants survive.  The sanctuary provides vet care, foods, natural habitat, and healthy interaction with other elephants.  Most of all they strive to give healing & love to elephants to overcome the abuses of their past lives that included bullhooks, whips, beatings, starvation, brutal training, and from commercial tourist uses which includes back breaking trekking, street begging, elephant paintings, trick shows, & logging, etc.

As you see, the photos & films speak words on our Facebook pages.  I thank your company so very much for producing the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar product.  The product makes the elephants feel better & look better.  They are happy due to the relief of inflammation & pain from their feet injuries.  These issues once acquired are a life long issue, it will never just go away.  Whatever help & relief can be given is worth it.  Katherine Conner is the founder of this sanctuary (they also home many dogs, cats, cows, turtles, & lizards.)   Evelyn Conner, her mother, is the financial secretary in London England.  The Bragg ACV arrived today 5-18-11 after months in transit & haggling.    Official web site.

To see many photos & films See also our Facebook pages
Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary - BLES 

Katherine Conner 

Evelyn Conner

Dolores Whitley

The Sanctuary is in desperate need of funding.  Any donation, adoption of a elephant, dogs etc is so very much appreciated.  The sanctuary is only 4 years old but has come a long way as you will see.  Please help them if you can.  By helping them it helps you.  Please help if you'd like.

Pleasant regards,

Dolores Whitley   

Mariska Hargitay -- From "FIRST FOR WOMEN" Magazine -- June 6, 2011

I drizzle my favorite dressing--balsamic vinegar & oil with Bragg Liquid Amino Acids--over a big salad with the darkest greenest freshest vegetables. The beauty of this dressing: Research shows that lysine, one of the 16 amino acids in Bragg Liquid Aminos ($8 for 32 oz at
prevents surges of cortisol, a stress hormone that signals the body to store fat in the abdominal region. What's more, in a British study on hair loss, women who increased their lysine levels showed a 6% decrease in hair shedding within four months. The reason: The amino acid is needed to make ferritin, an iron-storing protein that optimizes hair growth.

Dawn -- ACV saved her dog!

Dear Bragg, Originally my brother got me intrested in your apple cider vinegar! I never used it before. I have a female rottweiler that kept chewing her leg really bad. Well,my brother is a truck driver as I used to be. He told me thats how he manages his pain, with ACV. So, I read your website. I was also giving my dog omega oil in her dog food when I saw you can give ACV to dogs. I thought, I'm gonna give her the omega oil and 2 tsp. of cider vinegar! Well,we just ran out of vinegar and now she acts like she does'nt want to eat her food! The best part is,she quit chewing her leg after 2yrs!  So I wanna say God bless Bragg! I need to go get some more! Thank you all!

Tairra Maja -- Tennessee -- ACV Acne Cure!

Good Morning! And what a good morning it is! I may have been woken up by my three month old at 4am, but I was still excited to get to the computer and write you concerning your apple cider vinegar! I am 31 years old and all of a sudden about a year ago I started breaking out on my face all over my chin! I tried EVERYTHING! Nothing worked and I was going broke buying every pimple product on the market. I was researching things and came across websites claiming that apple cider vinegar had properties that would help cure acne. My husband being a bodybuilder and a previously a personal trainer, happened to have a bottle of Bragg's apple cider vinegar in the cupboard. I was very skeptical but at this point I figured I was desperate to try anything. I used it as an astrigent three times a day. It's amazing! When I would use the best acne products on the market my breakouts would not go away and most times they would only get worse. With Bragg apple cider vinegar, I was seeing great results with no new breakouts forming! I am super excited and can't wait to see what other things this product can do!

Nalha -- Florida

I have suffered from acne and acne scarring since I was 13 to my 30's nearly reaching 40's in a few years. I was taking Braggs apple cider to help with my lactose issue for the love ice cream and it helped. But one day staring in the mirror a thought came to my mind--why not try it on my face to see if it will help with the scars. And to my surprise and patience, IT WORKED!

Amy -- Arizona

I am 54 years old and don't have any major health problems. I started taking raw apple cider vinegar to support my husband. He had read about how it is supposed to bring down blood pressure. I had no expectations for myself. I had been waking up with back pain every morning, then I started taking the ACV May 1 of this year. I don't exactly spring out of bed, but I no longer creak and groan. A few days after I read your book Apple Cider Vinegar - Miracle Health System, I burned my thumb when a pan lid got away from me while popping corn. I remembered the story about ACV curing burns. I wish I had taken a picture of my thumb before and after. It was a second degree burn. I immediately soaked some tissue with ACV and held it on my thumb. It stung like crazy at first. Once the stinging stopped there was no pain at all and the blister had subsided some. 24 hours later the blister was gone.
I'm trying to go mostly vegetarian, which also makes me feel better in general. My husband is willing for the most part, but he likes his meat so we have meat every few days. I'm enjoying learning to cook vegetarian meals.

Every morning I enjoy a smoothie with ACV, banana, buttermilk, psyllium husk powder, lecithin granules and a spoonful of cocoa powder to help curb my chocolate cravings. My bowels work better. I've also taken ACV in hot water with honey. Nice on a cold morning. We don't know yet whether my husband's blood pressure is down. It was pretty high before he started taking ACV. He needs to let our daughter check it for him. He's 55 and has had two heart attacks and triple bypass surgery.
And this same daughter had a toothache. I had mentioned to her how it helped my thumb - she saw it when it happened and the next day when it was cured. She decided to try ACV on her toothache. It took the pain away right away, and the swelling in her gums was gone by morning.

Thank you for sharing the wonders of ACV. Some won't even try it because they don't like the taste or smell of vinegar. I tell them they'll get used to it, but they're stubborn - to their own detriment.

LisaNa M Red Bear -- Washington State

On November 17th 2010, I went to my naturopath to seek help for extreme stomach pain and nausea. He recommended Apple Cider Vinegar as a possible remedy. I scoffed; how could ACV help me when I was dependent on taking an antacid daily upon rising? I went to my local health store and there I saw Bragg's ACV, I had used their Amino Acids before, but was never really aware of how to use vinegar in my diet. To make a painful long story short, I have been seeking help for stomach discomfort and problems since 2003, and it wasn't until I began the Bragg ACV healthy lifestyle that I began to experience a real change in my well being! Since starting the Bragg ACV and healthy lifestyle program, November 2010, I have not had the need for an ANTACID again! I have lost 25 pounds and I feel better all around. In fact; this last week on May 12th, I presented a segment on Body health at the North Sound Tribal Mental Health Conference. I passed my Bragg Healthy Lifestyle and ACV books around the classroom as well as created some slides on how the Bragg healthy lifestyle shared commonalities with traditional indigenous diets.

I believe in the work of Patricia Bragg and her father Paul's legacy, because I truly experience a difference in the quality of my life and the wonderful thing is. IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER! I recently traveled to the Ute reservation and while in Utah I was able to visit my Mother (81 yrs young) and her Brother my uncle (87 yrs young) and my Aunt (87 yrs young). I brought all of them large BRAGG bottles of Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Olive oil and Organic Amino Acids (as well as Bragg Books, Salad dressings and sprinkles); they began drinking the ACV energy drink and all of them report a noticeable boost in their energy as well as feeling better due to healthy regular bowel movements. My mother is using the ACV for her sinus problems as well as diluting the ACV to rinse her eyes due to problems with cataracts. It may seem overwhelmingly too good to be true; but this is my sworn testimony to the hope and wellness the work of Patricia Bragg offers to her fellow human kind, even animal kind, because my dog eats the ACV in his moist dog food too..! I am so thankful for Bragg products that they are always in stock in my kitchen and I have receipts to prove it! I order Bragg products by the gallon and my whole family uses the products, youngest to oldest, even finicky teens.
Thank you, Bragg!

Dawn -- ACV helped her dog

Dear Bragg, I wrote you a note about my dog not chewing her leg after putting your apple cider vinegar on it. Well,that was the 13th of last month and she's still being a good girl and still hasn't touched her leg! God bless your products! I gave my brother the credit forr turning me on to it, but he said it was because of me for reading your web page! Either way, the fur is all grown over and no more chewing! I put my story on facebook, and called and left a message to my vet's cause I've seen other dogs walk out of my vet's with both legs chewed up, and Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar is alot cheaper than the medicine! Thanks Bragg, you're the best!

Fred -- ACV for warts!

One of my relatives suffered through several Plantars warts.  So when I developed one on the ball of my foot, I asked what course of action was taken.  I was told surgery but only as a last resort due to the cost and pain.  It was suggested that I try a Vinegar "poultice."  I did a web search and after reading the testimonials from others, I decided to try it.  I used a 2" X 2" piece of duct tape, centered a Bragg organic unpasteurized vinegar dampened (not dripping) small piece of a cotton ball on it and applied it to my wart. 

I put on a clean poultice once in the morning and then another at night.  After 3 days, the center or "seed" fell off.  I continued the treatment for an additional 4 days.  My wart is GONE!!  The pain from the wart is GONE!!  During my "Treatment" I had no discomfort or redness from The Bragg vinegar application.  There were never any contraindications. 

I could not believe this would work but it did!  My spouse who is a retired OR nurse was utterly surprised by the results.  Well, since your Vinegar worked on my foot, I am now drinking it daily as directed on your container just to see what other improvements to my overall health your Organic Vinegar may provide.  I will let you know if my wart returns or if there are any positive or negative changes that I notice due to my new Bragg Vinegar dietary supplement.

Ingrid -- Pennsylvania

I LOVE the flavor of the Liquid Aminos! My friend turned me on to it, and I love substituting my soy sauce with it. I enjoy shaking it on my veggies and then throwing them on the BBQ! I just signed up for other samples. I can't wait to try them out. Thanks for making such great stuff!

Renee -- Missouri

I just received 3 sample packets of your seasonings today. I used the organic sprinkles on some pork chops and I just wanted to tell you it's phenomenal!!! I absolutely love it, I will be purchasing more from your company in the future, thank you!

Netty -- Ohio

You have a beautiful website, and we (my Family & I) love your products!! I learned about Bragg's through I have posted recipes alongside my Vidalia Onion jingle entry: "Netty For Sweet Vidalia Onions" at, and have included Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar in the recipes that call for ACV, because I want more people to become aware of your products. Most recently posted: LIME CHICKEN KABOBS WITH APPLES & ONIONS; also: PICKLED EGGS WITH BEETS AND ONIONS. Many Thanks for Your wonderful, life enhancing/extending/saving products!!!

Laura -- Hawaii

Kelly, I saw Patricia in Kapiolani park feeding the birds and told her this story. I listened to a lecture from Patricia and her Dad in Yuma Arizona in the 1970's. They said to eat mostly fresh whole food. I have just retired and nobody will believe my age is 65. Thank you!

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