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Cristi -- Texas

I just discovered that Emily (who won't drink plain apple juice) LOVES Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar! She said, "MMMM!" and rubbed her tummy!

Betsy -- New Jersey

When my husband's dermatologist recommended a chemical peel for some pre-cancerous lesions, I researched alternatives and found that ACV performed the same function with no side effects. Flash forward a few months and his facial skin is smooth and taut as a baby's. His dermatologist, to her credit, is impressed and says "Keep up what you're doing." Now I think it's my turn to try it on my freckles!

Brandi -- Georgia

Thanks for the add! I've been taking Bragg's Apple cider vinegar since Feburary 2011 along with eating healthier and I've lost a total of 55lbs! I have everyone at my job drinking it. Thanks so much!

Dan -- New Jersey

I had Lyme Disease last yr. The doc wanted to wait the whole week for the blood test to confirm before writing a script. Two days before the confirmation I started on ACV. Two TSPs in a small glass of juice (enough for 2-3 gulps) and in 1 hour my symptoms ALL started disappearing!! Excruciating low back pain, cramping in hamstrings and calves, fatigue, joint pain (elbow & wrist), swelling in knuckles (just barely got my wedding ring off before I was going to have to cut it off). All completely gone within 2 hrs.! I'm a believer and a KNOWER !

Priscilla -- Michigan

My husband is a critical heart patient along with other issues and after a few months of daily taking his vinegar, is feeling SOOOOOO much better. His color is amazing and he seems to have so much more energy and stamina. So thankful for your product!

Dina -- Illinois

Just wanted to send a note about your Healthy Vinaigrette. I absolutely LOVE this product! The flavor is fantastic. It's great to find a bottled salad dressing without Canola oil and several preservatives.
This is a perfect option when not making your own dressing. I have several friends using Bragg's now as well. Thanks for making such an incredible product! I'm addicted!

Catherine -- USA

I had a horrible case of Athlete's Foot. It also spread to my hands as well. Battled it for 4 months. The dermatologist gave me some creams and lotions, but nothing helped. I started on ACV, 2 tsps in 8 oz water. Symptoms starting clearing in about 3 days. After a week, no more blisters, peeling, itching...

David -- Illinois

I recently began a health and exercise program. While I am losing weight, my sugar level was still 50-75 points higher than the non diabetic level it needs to be at. Since starting on your vinegar, (3 bottled waters with 2tsp each and use it on my salad) I have dropped my sugar level to below diabetic levels. My doctor was amazed and as a result began cutting back on my medication. Your the first company I have seen that makes a claim about their product and it actually lives up to what you said. Thank You for a wonderful product. My doctor said if I can keep at this level I can be off all medications perhaps in 6 months. I owe it all to you.

Nicole -- Florida

There are not enough words in the English language to fully describe how much I love Bragg Sprinkles!! I first tried a free sample of this at Love Whole Food in Ormond Beach, Florida. I used the sprinkles only on special occassions because I didn't want to waste it! Finally I coughed up the money to buy a full jar of this wonderful condiment and I am constantly amazed on how it makes so many different foods taste so much better! For example, my Thanksgiving mashed potatoes with sprinkles were all I could talk about (when my mouth wasn't full, that is!) On scrambled tofu, steamed broccoli, Tofurkey... I am always excited to try a new dish with Bragg Sprinkles!! Kudos to you, and keep up the great work!!

Rebecca -- South Carolina

Thank you so much for your work! I love Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar!!!! I take it daily and it has cured my acid reflux!!! Now my whole family is drinking it! Recently my aunt had to go to the hospital with stomach troubles my dad recommended she try Braggs and her pain immediately subsided. I love natural cures and am passionate about health and wholesome natural products. I am twenty two years old and I look forward to making Braggs part of my daily routine for the rest of my life. I love your brand and what it represents. Braggs is the best!!!!

Ricky -- South Carolina

Just wanted to say how delighted I am with your Liquid Aminos! I am vegan, and wished to reduce salt and sugar beginning this new year. Liquid Aminos has just 160mg of sodium/1/2 tsp compared to the Himalayan Crystal Salt I've been using at 573mg of sodium in just a 1/4 teaspoon. I am going to Earth Fare in Charleston this weekend and will pick-up some of your Herbal Seasonings. I have also enjoyed two e-books from you, the one on Fasting and Foot Care. In fact, I've begun fasting once a week for the new year! Thank-you Paul and Patricia Bragg and all of you working for the health of the nation. I will spread the word!

Theresa -- Arkensas

My son was born in 2005. in 2007 we got an autism diagnosis and along with that tests showing he was overloaded with heavy metals and yeast (leaky gut made it so he wouldn't eat). in 2008 we started chelation with medications that made him sick, medications that had to be forced into his system and just a regiment of things that was a struggle. Summer of 2011 I said no more..... I couldn't handle watching my 5 year old go through more kidney stones, medications and unhelpful doctors so I took matters into my own hands and started him on a daily regiment of ACV+Honey+water and every day he drinks 1 tsp...... 6 months later my son tested for very low metals (except tungsten?), yeast and we are now free of all medications and so far no more kidney stones. I can't say enough about ACV, I swear by it for everything! From tummy aches, to sore throats, to indegestion to serious cocerns my first go to before pills/docors is ACV. Thank you. And although I haven't seen it in my stores I see you now sell the acv/honey in ready made. I appreciate that and have told everyone I know about it.

Anne -- New Jersey

I received the free Bragg samples about a month ago, and just used the Bragg Sprinkle Seasonings packet on roasted chicken. My husband and I were truly impressed with the wonderful taste. It was far better than the other brands of combined salt-free seasonings we have tried over the years. If it wasn't for the free sample offer, we never would have known how good Bragg seasonings are. Thank you!

Ashley -- Canada

Hi! I just wanted you to know that your ACV saved my cat's life. He had been diagnosed with Cystitis (blockage of the urethra) which is quite common in male cats. I spent $2500 in vet bills, having him unclogged with surgery, catheterized and hospitalized. Two days after he came home, he stopped peeing and blocked up again. I read online to try ACV. I gave him 1/4 tsp mixed with water, using a syringe to feed it down his throat as he was not eating. Within the hour he had peed three times in his litter box. I thought I was going to have to put him down, as I could not afford much more in vet bills. It has been two months, and he is still blockage free. I give him just a few drops mixed with wet food, and he is healthier than ever - he is even losing weight! (He was 27 lbs before he got sick, and is now a healthy 19). Thanks Braggs!

Jane -- Australia

Dear Patricia,

I was lucky enough to meet you whilst working at Murwillumbah library last year, where we discussed my love for your apple cider vinegar ( I drink it in water 3 x a day!) the noticeable benefits I get from this are too numerous to list in one page, but include extra energy and well being, stable blood sugar levels, weight loss and stability, and fantastic healthy glowing skin and hair ( it is a great toner I have found) When my 9 year old daughter who is a ballet dancer got a corn and painfull planter wart I treated both by applying Braggs ACV to a cotton ball and a band aid over it for 4 nights, both just dissappeared and have now completely healed with no scar what so ever! incredible! Over the holidays my 2 year old caught an awful case of molluscum contasium from swimming lessons, having been through this with my elder daughter I was horrified as she had suffered with the pauples for almost a year, trips to Drs and dermatolgists, who wanted to burn or cut out the unsightly bumps, and had to wear long tights and sleeves for an entire summer! terrible!This time round I thought I'm going to try your ACV as it had worked so well on everything else. I started to add a little ACV to my daughter's juice (diluted) and small cotton balls dabbed on the spots, I also added half a cup to her baby bath each evening and kept the area clean and dry, to my amazment within 7 days of starting the treatment all of the pauples went black in the centre and cleared completely, within a month there was absolutely no sign my little girl had once had over 50 of these horrible bumps on her tiny legs!! Doctors had told me that there was no treatment and the virus would go in 6 months to a year!! 1 week of ACV treatment and it was gone for good. AMAZING!! Thankyou. In fact if I had just one item in my medicine cabinet it would definately be Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. I cannot say enough about it and wanted to share my experience to let others know about this amazing NATURAL product. Kindest Regards

Wally -- Arizona

I was having problems with a stone in the bladder. The pain, pressure and blood in the urine became evident quickly. A doctor gave me an RX for pain pills and said surgery was only way to resolve my stone. I took Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar three times a day for two days before I saw results. The pain started to leave along with blood in the urine and the pressure. This is amazing!

Micki -- Washington

This isn't really a "testimonial." Just imagine smiley faces plastered all over this message, and you'll get my drift! I use Bragg Liquid Aminos in some way, every day. I spray it on veggie stir-fry, rice, fish... and it tastes great on EVERYTHING! Right now, I'm eating breakfast which consists of a cup of low-fat cottage cheese with 2 squirts of Liquid Aminos mixed in it. It's delicious! Another food I mix it in with is black beans, sauteed onions, and whatever else sounds good to cook with it. I am looking forward to buying cookbooks or recipe pamphlets you might have, and exploring a better lifestyle for myself and family. Thanks for your products!

Carmen -- California

Several friends & I are truly belivers as how Apple Cider Vinegar can help. Found out I'm suffering from duodenal ulcer (quarter size) medical dr prescribed acid blocker which I know it's not good. Did search on Internet & first item was Braggs ACV. Been using it since 10/31/11, within days bleeding/vomiting subsided & able to eat. Found out several of my friends use it daily.My deepest gratitude for making excellent products available to public.

Joseph -- Texas

I work offshore and have invested over 100 dollars in Bragg apple cider vinegar for some people that I felt didn't look healthy here on the boat. I have had 28 days with them here on board and have had time to watch several transformations, its amazing. I have watched all of them return to what I believe are healthy people or on their way to becoming healthy people. At the bare minimum, more regular, no heartburn and generally better appearance. Good color in their faces, more chipper. I am so moved by this discovery that I could not bring myself to accept money for the bottles. What better gift than health or a longer life. I am so over the top excited and I believe that this is a life changing experience. One very dear friend of mine came up to me with watery eyes and hugged me, thanked me for showing him your product. How strong is that? I get choked up just writing this. It makes one look around at everyone and wonder why things like this aren't more prevalent in the news, or medical front. I now know the reasons and they are startling. I am now on a quest and I am uncovering things, such as what the FDA is doing to natural remedies and the people that present them.

The boat has added Bragg to our grocery list as a permanent item. That's 60 men on board at a time, year round. Over 20 people on board are avidly using the vinegar at home now and they are getting their families on it as well. My crew members have seen my passion and the countless hours I spend on the internet digging for more natural remedies and learning how our gov. is subduing any natural remedies. They are also pushing me to write this letter to you. They are saying, "you need to contact Bragg, become a rep, or a salesman". Not sure where to go with this but I'm writing this as a result of their constant prodding. Thank you for a product that has changed me and my family's life. Thank GOD for apples and Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar!

Bridie -- New Jersey

Thank you, Thank you for making such a wonderful product in your Apple Cider Vinegar! I take it all the time for my health and I tell everyone I know about the health benefits. Recently my cat Leo had an upper respiratory infection and was so sick and I didn't have the money to take him to the vet. I read online about treating upper respiratory infections in cats with ACV and I was so happy, because I always have a bottle Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar in my home. I treated him with a dropper daily until his infection was gone! Leo is back to his loveable handsome cat self! God Bless you all!

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