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Sandy -- California

Dear Bragg family, Thank you for providing such a wonderful product. I was told in February 2012 that I had a very large kidney stone. The exact description of my Kidney stone was as follows: "(Calcium Oxalate I would learn later) stone is now located in the distal left ureter at the level of the left mid iliac bone, and this calculus measures 4.6 mm in diameter. " Chances of passing it without medical assistance 50, 50. So I did my homework with a whole lot of prayer. Many websites said Apple Cider Vinegar would help dissolve a Calcium Oxalate kidney stone, so I called your office to ask if anyone at Bragg had heard of this, and the woman I talked to said yes she has heard success stories. She recommended a teaspoon in a glass of water a couple times a day.

So I stocked up on Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and started drinking and grossing out my family. I really wanted to go after this kidney with everything I had, because I didn’t really see the doctor going in after it as an option for me. I also decided that I would increase the Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 part Vinegar to 5 parts water about 3 times a day. I came up with this recipe because that’s how strong I could stand in.

July 2012, I passed that sucker!!! It was huge! I know that the Apple Cider Vinegar played a big part in helping me pass the stone because of how it looked. It was brown, barrel shape, very smooth everywhere except on both ends where it was very sharp and jagged it almost looked like tiny shark teeth. I believe the Apple Cider Vinegar eroded the stone where it was smooth making it possible to slide down the ureter. The only real discomfort with this kidney stone was when it passed from the kidney into the ureter. Please feel free to share my success story!! God Bless!

Steve -- California

Hi Patricia, It’s me Steve from A&B Glass. We met a few years ago when I delivered all your windbreak panels to the Winchester facility and once again when you wanted our shop to secure the windows in the counselor’s offices... I just wanted to tell you how amazing the apple cider vinegar tea works for dismissing the common cold. On friday of last week I started feeling a little something coming on. I worked on Saturday and by 5:00 I knew I was in for it. I remembered trying a bottle of your apple cider vinegar and honey tea drink a while back and how good and healthy it tasted and i needed something like that to sooth my throat from severe caughing. I went and bought a bottle of the apple cider vinegar and had some fresh honey. I made my own in a sun tea container and squeezed a lemon in it too add some vitamin c and no lie... I feel great again today after drinking it for only two days! everyone else with the cold I had said it took a week or more to beat it! Just wanted to share with you my story,

Rick Goodfriend -- USA

I was hit in the mouth playing softball. The ball is not that soft. It opened a large cut inside and below my lip. After a few days of trying to stop the pain with medicine, I tried putting ACV on the wound inside my mouth. The pain subsided and I could see the wound becoming smaller daily. It is almost completely healed. Thank you for all your efforts to promote your products as they are a contribution to our well being.

Erik -- Denver

Just wanted to thank you guys for putting out your salad dressings! You're the only ones that I know of that make a dressing with only Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil instead of an oil blend that I can find on grocery store shelves. Anyway, there wasn't really much if anything out there that was actually healthy, so I'm very grateful you've brought these to market. Up until now I've made dressings at home with Bragg's products (cider vinegar and liquid aminos) that have actually come out very similar, depending on what I'm throwing together, but there's also a lot of utility in the convenience of a pre-made option. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

Senju -- Maine

I heartily enjoy the flavor of Bragg's liquid amino acids! I put them in my ramen, with curry power, in leu of the salt packet. IT is much healthier, and tastes great! I send you my best regards!

Danielle -- Oklahoma

I have been diluting 2 TBS of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar in 8 oz of water, and using it nightly as a facial toner. The results are phenomenal. My acne is healing faster, and my skin's overall texture has improved. I am glad this was recommended to me.

Chad -- Florida

Your aminos are so flipping outrageous! We love this s&*#! My family and I are athletes learning how to be healthy inside. We hunger for knowledge on health. I have had health problems for years now. Digestive and other. My lymph nodes have decreased in size by half in three uses. Coincidentally? I think not. Your stuff is healthy and tastes great. We have always used your apple cider vinegar and feel bad for those stuck on anything else. I love yellow squash,zucchini,onion, and turkey kielbasa over Brown rice with cayenne and a load of Bragg aminos!!! Awesome!

Karen -- Minnesota

We make ginger water using 1/4 cup Bragg apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup honey, and 1 knob of fresh organic ginger (peeled)put into a pitcher. Fill the pitcher with water and let sit overnight in the fridge. It is FANTASTIC! It tastes just like ginger ale without the fizz, and will refresh you like nothing else on a hot day! We really like your products!

Bron -- California

I have been drinking your Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (2tsp 3x/day) for two months, and it has cured my allergies. For thirty years I have had seasonal allergies, and I have never found any cure outside of medication (Flonase and others). I am thrilled, and I am sharing this news with everybody I know!

Dace -- California

I'm writing to let you know that our family discovered your products about year ago and we're definitely fans now! We love your Liquid aminos, apple cider vinegar and organic sprinkle. Thank you very much for doing great job and producing such great products!

Karen -- Alabama

I have battled being over weight for quite some time. In April we went to visit family. I had a sore on my side didnt think much of it.Well later it got worse and worse.Finally couldnt handle it anymore went to the Doctor.The bite had turned into an infection.That jumped started a weight loss in to weeks I had lost 28 pounds.That made me happy.Well trying to bring back my strength I was drinking acv ,organic maple syrup and juice 2 times a day.Well I have more energy and have lost 41 pound since April.I saw the drink on Dr.Oz I am glad for it.Willing to continue with the drink.Be glad to come back with more success.Thank you so much for having this product availible.

Jim -- Illinois

I just discovered your Bragg's apple cider vinegar in our local Meijer grocery store because I was making some Asian vinaigrette and I'm not really into the rice vinegar. I was kinda shocked in a good way, organic, unfiltered. I went home and made asian salad dressing with it. Wow totally impressed. It tastes great. I'm going to use it for other dressing too. GREAT flavor !!!

Suzanne -- Washington

I am 72 and was scheduled for joint surgery on a Thursday in June 2011 on my right hand due to joint pain and deformity. The Tuesday prior, I had an accident and had to cancel the surgery. I started to drink Apple cider with Agave sweetener in July 2011. I have had the drink each morning since and have never felt better. No surgery needed, none to only minimal pain during heavy use of my hands. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful vinegar.

Shelly -- North Carolina

Thank you for making eating healthy not only taste better, but enjoyable. It has helped me a lot!

April -- Tennessee

I have to Bragg a little about your product, have never felt better after using your Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar even using it for sleepless nights and I feel great...Now I think we all need to Bragg a bit with a cute BRAGGS FLASK to always have this wonderful Braggs Apple Cider with us wherever we go (kinda hard to carry a bottle!) Just another Idea TO BRAGG About. Thank You!

Angela -- Idaho

I wanted to add to your testimonials about your raw ACV for horses. I've been adding ACV to their supplemental feedings for a week or so now. Thanks to the intense heat we've been having, my horses were beginning to act lethargic and showing signs of dehydration, not to mention they are covered in flies. Just in the last week alone, the amount of flies on them have decreased, they are peppy, not showing any signs of dehydration any longer, and come running when they see me get the feed buckets. They are looking and acting great and I attribute that to the addition of the ACV. SOOOO glad I added it and all horse owners should add it to their horses diets. I take it as well and actually have some energy in this heat myself. Thank you for a great product.


Can I just say, I am not one for writing into companies, but for a about 3/4 years I had a wart that was growing on the palm of my hand, I used to use a pumice stone regularly and even went to the doctor to try and get something for me, the doctor said nothing could be done and that it will disappear after a couple of years, well it just kept getting bigger and bigger, somebody told me about your apple cider vinegar, and so I did a little Google research and came up with yours being the best. I read that I should use a pumice stone to get rid of the hard skin and then soak a little cotton wool in Braggs ACV and put it on the wart and plaster over it. I did this for 5 days running, by the 3rd day the wart had shrunk to half its size, and by the 5th day I had a small scar left and a dark scar, 2 years later the skin is perfect and not a single blemish, and I only ever used it that one time, I am a convert now and am always reading or trying to find out what else the ACV is good for. Thanks.


I've been drinking the health drink only once a day for about 5 months and my cholesterol went down 30 points and my sugar went from 104 to 100.  I'm upping it to 2-3 cups a day now.  Thanks, Braggs ACV!

Janelle -- Arizona

I love you Braggs acv! I use it for everything!!!!!! from ailments to energy!!

Helaine -- Texas

I have seborrheic dermatitis and have been prescribed various ointments over the past 2 decades, none of which have adequately controlled the condition. One year ago, I started using your Apple Cider Vinegar to wash my face and scalp. Within 2 weeks of starting use of your product, my condition was completely under control, and with daily use I have no symptoms at all. Thank you for providing such a pure and multi-purpose product!

Bill -- California

I live about 50 miles north of San Francisco, and every July and August I get attacked overnight while asleep by spiders. I get bitten on the legs as much as five times per encounter. These bites are very hard to heal, get infected and leave hideous dark scars the size of a nickel. I tried every thing I could think of to heal the bites while this has gone on for years. Nothing worked. That is, until THIS summer. I'm a big fan of your liquid amino acids and use it daily as a healthy substitute for soy sauce which is absolutely SATURATED with salt and contains sodium benzoate, thought by many to be carcinogenic. Well, on a whim of resignation, I thought I would try rubbing your amino liquid on my bites. INSTANT SUCCESS!! Truly works like a charm. IT'S THE ONLY THING THAT HAS HELPED ME! It would probably work on mosquito bites as well, but I don't know that for sure, because I mercifully don't have that problem where I live. PLUS, this application seems to go a long way in removing the scars, new and old. I sure hope you spread this info around, BIG TIME! It sure has changed my summertime experience.

Connie -- Scotland

I have been using Bragg Liquid Aminos for over 20 years - it is definately a staple in my kitchen and I recommend it to friends often.  Now living in Scotland I was not pleased that I could not find it in any of the local shops so I now order it from England, usually through Amazon.  I love that after all these years, it is still the same fabulous quality product.  Thank you very much.  So glad that I can get it here in Scotland.

Cheryl -- Michigan

Hi Patricia! I have to tell you my great Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar testimonial. By using it ! I've been drinking 2-3 doses of 1-2 Tblsp. in water daily for about 3-4 mos, and have been off of Simvastatin for same for 3 mos. My cholesterol readings last wk—both good and bad cholesterol—were Outstanding !!! I will always take my daily ACV !

Tasha -- Massachusetts

I just want to take a moment and say that I am a loyal fan of your products and I use them frequently! I look forward to the new products you come out with and I came to your website to say keep up the good work!!Your apple cider vinegar is the BEST on the market- I recommend it to all my friends!!

Lisa -- Massachusetts

I just wanted to say that adding Bragg apple cider vinegar to my daily routine has been the best thing I have ever done for my health. I have tried many different types of diets and exercise over the years, in my efforts to maintain a healthy weight and energy level, but none has compared to the difference I have seen and felt since adding apple cider vinegar three times a day. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and have struggled with low energy. This no longer seems to be a problem for me. Also, my hair and skin have improved. Although I was not overweight before the apple cider vinegar, those blubbery bits that would not budge with any amount of exercise and a healthy diet are beginning to melt away - slowly but surely. Thank you, thank you! I used to think all the apple cider vinegar talk was pure gibberish but now I know better!

Jude -- Maryland

I just wanted to let you all know how much I LOVE your apple cider vineger! I make a drink about 5 times a week. I have them especially before my workouts. I use your product to support my healthy active lifestyle. Thank you so much for creating such a great product!

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