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The following testimonials and customer reviews reflect the individual experiences of those customers who used our products. However the individual results may vary and Bragg’s does not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experiences recounted are typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience. These testimonials and other information provided by Bragg’s should not be construed as providing medical advice. If you have a health concern, you should consult a health care practitioner prior to using any products.
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Amanda -- Washington

Dear Bragg, I just wanted to say thank you for your great customer service and spectacular products! A few months ago I heard about Bragg products for the first time, and I wanted to try them out. At my request, y'all were kind enough to send me some free samples and packets of information. Since then I have tried various Bragg products and so far have loved them all. You definitely have my business. Thank you and keep up the great work! :-)

Terry -- Pennsylvania

I LOVE your products. I have been buying the raw olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and just bought the Ginger, Sesame Dressing. Everything is done to perfection.

Tanya -- Idaho

I want to take a moment to thank you for your product. I have a bit of an unusual testimonial. I am the ranch manager at a new Youth Ranch/Horse Rescue in Kuna, ID. One of our rescue horses came to us emaciated and malnourished. Not only, was he starving, but he also had been left with a bladder infection for so long that the nerves in his sheath area were damaged. This resulted in his urine to pool and irritate the entire sheath area and also build up "sludge." Our vet warned us his chances were slim to none that this would improve and that we needed to start making some decisions. After doing research on the internet and from our own personal experience with your product, I decided to buy some Braggs for his water trough. When he returned to the vet to undergo a "hail Mary" surgery, the vet found his urine to be clear, less irritation and such overall improvement that she told us to go ahead and welcome him into the program. She was surprised at his improvement being that he had not had any other type of treatment other than the apple cider vinegar. We have decided to put all of our horses on Braggs for overall health. Our website is Thank you for such an AMAZING product and for your time and consideration.

Kimberly -- California

I want to praise your act of giving, as you freely share information that has changed my outlook on the ease in which I can become a healthy human being, body, soul and mind. If I may, I wish to share a small portion of a recent event in my life. I was searching for something, anything to help me get on the right path after suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I was frantically looking anywhere that would be an alternative to the endless prescription medications that the doctor said would help. Knowing there had to be a more healthy way to process this trauma and heal from this issue, began to look for help on my own. I found you, Bragg! My life has been changed, my hope restored. I recently lost my husband of 37 years, he was a healthy man, loving man, a Godly man, a strong man, and a man who worked hard everyday to provide for our daughter, Sarrah, and myself. He worked and lived his life in a loving, giving back lifestyle. Our life was a blessed one, one of joy and transparency to one another. I found Sean deceased on our bed on July 8th, 2013.I worked hard to bring life back into him, but he had been gone for(autopsy report stated) 40-50 minutes before my arrival.He was not sick and showed no symptoms of the blood clot that moved into his lungs, taking him within minutes. This tragedy has caused me to take a serious look at my state of well being, my overall health. I have found your website to be the most hopeful, informative and highly educational site available. I have changed my eating regiment and I am now eating organic and raw foods. I drink your Apple cider Vinegar in my water, use it on my foods and as a dressing, I also use many other products that you offer.I have dedicated myself to be proactive as it comes to my health and state of mind. Not only do I use the recipes from your website, but I have cut out all refined foods, sugars and eat whole grains, and no longer eat any processed foods, condiments or drinks. I always was (what I thought) health conscience, but after studying your articles and literature, along with the testimonials of others whom have become sound in body, I am convinced that this is the path I am destined to be on. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your labor of love in making this material, products, and attainable knowledge available to me. It is my desire to live a healthy life for myself and my 29 year old daughter, and in honor of my husband, Sean.I am 52 years young and will live every day making wise choices which will give me a higher quality of life. Once again, I want to thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with others.I have found a home at Bragg!!! May your Day be Filled with the Joy you freely give to others, Kim Ruane


Another step we have recently taken to keeping healthy birds is Apple Cider Vinegar! ACV has many advantages to it: It contains many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and substances to improve the health of your flock. It also improves the digestive health of your chickens by maintaining proper pH balance in the digestive tract. Increases egg production, kills germs that cause respiratory illnesses among chickens, and keeps your chickens’ water free of harmful bacteria. Another great advantage to using ACV that I have heard about is that since it lowers the pH level in the chickens, it also lowers in the pH level in the eggs they lay which means you may have a higher female to male ratio when it comes to hatching chicks! More pullets are always better! Be sure to purchase Bragg organic unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally fermented ACV for its medicinal features. ACV ranges in color from light golden to orange. You’ll know you’ve found Bragg if you see sediment, referred to as the "mother of vinegar" in the bottom of the bottle. Do NOT buy white distilled or distilled Apple Cider vinegar, as it has none of the beneficial elements listed above. We add 2 tablespoons per gallon of water daily.

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