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Jim -- Ohio

I have been suffering from acid reflux for several years, especially at night. I have taken every kind of OTC med, elevated the head of the bed, etc. On October 1, 2012, I bought my first bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. I have tried as best I could to take it three times daily as directed, but haven\'t always been successful. However, I will be starting my second bottle tomorrow, because I am thrilled to report that my acid reflux has disappeared completely. It has been a truely amazing transition. I wish I had known about this years ago. Best regards.

Amanda -- Washington

Dear Bragg, I just wanted to say thank you for your great customer service and spectacular products! A few months ago I heard about Bragg products for the first time, and I wanted to try them out. At my request, y\'all were kind enough to send me some free samples and packets of information. Since then I have tried various Bragg products and so far have loved them all. You definitely have my business. Thank you and keep up the great work! :-)

Jeffrey -- Massachusetts

I know you probably hear this all the time - I had gout - I was overweight and on Allupurino - No energy, popping pills to keep my stomach from burning. I read on the net that "Apple Cider Vinegar" was good for gout. I found your ACV at Walmart (of all places) bought it and what a difference! I dropped all meds! Have not had a gout attack (knock on wood - my head) have lost 20 pounds and one pants size and have energy! Just wanted to say thanks!

Terry -- Pennsylvania

I LOVE your products. I have been buying the raw olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and just bought the Ginger, Sesame Dressing. Everything is done to perfection.

Lauren -- North Carolina

I have only been using vinegar since July but oh my goodness it has helped in so many ways!! It has helped maintain my symptoms of ulcertative colitis, muscle pain and inflammation, acne and so much more. I'm a massage therapist and I tell every client to buy your brand of vinegar. I tell them the amazing benifits of organic vinegar and b/c I refuse to try another brand. Obviously I tell them your brand and where to find it. Thank you for your awesome product and I will continue to support and tell others!!!

Kenneth -- Washington

Your Organic ACV is amazing. My wife has had health problems involving her bladder. The Dr's diagnosed her as incurable and she was told she would have to live with it. We finally found a cure through Cayenne Pepper, but that took time, and the relief from symptoms were not immediate. We found that by taking a couple tablespoons of your ACV, her symptoms lessened incredibly within 10 minutes, every time, and eventually would go away. Now a couple years later if she feels the slightest return of symptoms, she finds nearly immediate relief with ACV. It really is amazing.

Tanya -- Idaho

I want to take a moment to thank you for your product. I have a bit of an unusual testimonial. I am the ranch manager at a new Youth Ranch/Horse Rescue in Kuna, ID. One of our rescue horses came to us emaciated and malnourished. Not only, was he starving, but he also had been left with a bladder infection for so long that the nerves in his sheath area were damaged. This resulted in his urine to pool and irritate the entire sheath area and also build up "sludge." Our vet warned us his chances were slim to none that this would improve and that we needed to start making some decisions. After doing research on the internet and from our own personal experience with your product, I decided to buy some Braggs for his water trough. When he returned to the vet to undergo a "hail Mary" surgery, the vet found his urine to be clear, less irritation and such overall improvement that she told us to go ahead and welcome him into the program. She was surprised at his improvement being that he had not had any other type of treatment other than the apple cider vinegar. We have decided to put all of our horses on Braggs for overall health. Our website is Thank you for such an AMAZING product and for your time and consideration.

Tim -- Virginia

Hi Patricia, I recently started my vinegar tonics daily to curb my withdrawals from alchohol and caffeine. I am so grateful for it and it really helped me to overcome my addictions, along with God's help! Thank you so much for your books and company and aloha to you too!

Jim -- Ohio

I wrote once before to praise the benefits of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, but I wrote, too, and therefore did not go far enough with my testimony. I have been using this product for approximately six months now, and I have seen three AMAZING changes in my physical condition that I can attribute to nothing else. 1) I had been suffering from esophagitis (now called acid for reflux) for several years, almost on a nightly basis. That disappeared completely after the first month. 2) After retiring in 2009, I began suffering cramps in my feet and legs. The feet would cramp in the middle of the day after I walked for a while, but nighttime was the worst. I could be awake for hours and nothing I could do seemed to help. These condition has been nearly alleviated as well, and rare is the time when I get any cramping at all. As a result, my sleep and rest is much improved. 3) Finally, (and perhaps the most amazing of all) is the latest change to come to light. For at least 20 years I have been plagued by patches of dry skin, especially on the forehead, bridge of my nose and the sides where the nostrils join the face. Sometimes it was so bad it would bleed. The dermatologists I went to had a name for it and prescribed various soaps, salves and ointments none of which helped. My wife bought be a special cleaning system advertised on TV along with some very expensive oil that was supposed to keep my skin moist and healthy...all to no avail. The other day while shaving I realized that my dry skin condition was GONE!!! What a blessing! Healthy normal skin where peeling patches used to flake off. I have recommended Bragg to a lot of people and will continue to do so. Thanks again for all you do.

Betty -- Texas

I've been taking cholesterol medicine for 10 years. My numbers kept climbing higher and higher. I started taking Bragg ACV and in 3 months my cholesterol is nearly normal. My triglycerides dropped 160 points in three months. Thank you so much!


My review of your book "Water: The Shocking Truth."

I have been diagnosed with "Daily Headache Syndrome" which has no known cause or solution. I have pills that I take for migraines. I get nine pills per month. Most months I run out way before the month is over. I bought this E-book recently and read it on my IPad. I went straight to the meat of it, since the first part is mainly just some introductory stuff that resembles advertising. I was skeptical. The book basically says, there is crap in your water and you don't know it. Drink distilled water.

Well, how bad can my water be? I have a refrigerator filter and my water tastes fine. I downloaded a report from my water company that they are required to post and found that in my tap water the following exist: arsenic, bromide, lead, copper, zinc, URANIUM (?), barium, chlorine, calcium chloride. Not to mention some biological items, which are the by-products of the use of chlorine to kill the bad germs. These things are called haloacetic acid and trihalomethanes. Google those babies. This is in my report. The bottled waters that are listed as "purified" have similar results. Google them.

Anyway, I took the advice in the book. I stopped drinking water, soda, sweet tea, coffee, just pure juice, distilled water and twice a day, I drink a bottle of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar drink. It is made with honey, distilled water, apple cider vinegar and cinnamon. I could make it myself, but hey, it's a treat. So, it's time to refill prescriptions and I pull out my prescription baggie and lo and behold: Nine pills are still in my migraine pill container. I had not used one. Then I realized that I had not even had a tylenol level headache. My headaches are just GONE.

Read the book. Please

Jo -- California

Hi Patricia, my name is Jo Alanes and my husband is Reno Alanes. We met you during Earth Day in Santa Barbara 04/20/2013.  It was a real pleasure meeting you in person because you are an inspiration to both me and my husband. I have 2 of the  Bragg health books.  I have read the Miracle of Fasting, and it had helped me in a lot of ways and opened up my mind regarding living a healthy lifestyle. I also have your book about the benefits of the Bragg Raw and Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. Reno has been using the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar for 3 years now and it has completely helped  him with his gout. He used to suffer from gout despite strict diet and medications but all that changed. He hasn't had any gout attacks since, and he swears by it! Or if he feels that the pain is starting, he immediately increases his dose and he never suffers from gout again. Now, both him and I swear by the Bragg Unfiltered and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and we even advocate it our friends and family.  Sincerely , Reno and Jo Alanes from Murrieta CA

Rhonda -- Missouri

Dear Braggs, I went to my Dr in Oct 2012 and had a cholesteral level of 235. He wanted to put me on meds I said let me try for 6 months to get it lowered. The only thing I did for the next 6 months was take a shot of your vinager every morning. At the 6 month recheck my level was 158!!!! and the only thing I did was your wonderful vinager. I will use Braggs for the rest of my life and have many freinds using it to! Thankx for a wonderful product. Mrs Rhonda Mancilla

Gina -- New Jersey

About a month ago, I started to drink a shot of Bragg apple cider vinegar with the mother mixed in a 16 oz. of ice water. I do this first thing in the morning; as I heard on Dr. Oz that this would melt belly fat. I am not fat, but I felt that my waistline could be thinner. Well, after only a couple of weeks, my waistline was a lot slimmer. I am also a runner, and I stopped running for some time now because of aches in my knees. I don’t think it’s coincidental that my knees no longer hurt since I started this regimen. Additionally, diabetes runs in my family. For the last 5-6 years, my blood sugar has been as high as 111. I had my physical only two weeks after I started this ritual of mine, and guess what? My blood sugar was 90!!! Lastly, I was away in Europe for two weeks on vacation, and I did not drink my vinegar. I noticed my knees were aching again. I returned home just 4 days ago. I started to drink my vinegar again yesterday morning. It has cleansed my system thoroughly this morning! In a couple of days, my aching knees will feel better, I know; and my waistline will be just the way I had it before vacation!

Jacquie -- Illinois

I get cluster migraines, which basically means that I get a bunch in a small period of time, then won't have any for a few months--even years. I got my first one in about a year and a half two weeks ago and have had 5 more since. I recently started taking Bragg ACV twice a day for other health benefits but last week I got one of my killer migraines and decided to take 2tsp diluted in water right when I felt it coming. Never have I have felt a migraine disappear so quickly! Although I did have a stomach ache for a few hours after (I think I took more than my body is used to), I can honestly say i have found a very simple cure to my migraines and I no longer have to stop what I am doing to lay in a bathroom stall for 2 hours in agony. Since then I have had 3 more migraines that were all cured very quickly by the ACV, and I am so glad I have finally found my cure! Now I always keep a small bottle in my purse just in case I feel one coming on I hope that by sharing my success story with other migraine sufferers, they will find your ACV as a cure as well! I also dilute ACV with green tea and apply it to my face and it has made my acne clear up and skin glow. Thank you!!

Kimberly -- California

I want to praise your act of giving, as you freely share information that has changed my outlook on the ease in which I can become a healthy human being, body, soul and mind. If I may, I wish to share a small portion of a recent event in my life. I was searching for something, anything to help me get on the right path after suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I was frantically looking anywhere that would be an alternative to the endless prescription medications that the doctor said would help. Knowing there had to be a more healthy way to process this trauma and heal from this issue, began to look for help on my own. I found you, Bragg! My life has been changed, my hope restored. I recently lost my husband of 37 years, he was a healthy man, loving man, a Godly man, a strong man, and a man who worked hard everyday to provide for our daughter, Sarrah, and myself. He worked and lived his life in a loving, giving back lifestyle. Our life was a blessed one, one of joy and transparency to one another. I found Sean deceased on our bed on July 8th, 2013.I worked hard to bring life back into him, but he had been gone for(autopsy report stated) 40-50 minutes before my arrival.He was not sick and showed no symptoms of the blood clot that moved into his lungs, taking him within minutes. This tragedy has caused me to take a serious look at my state of well being, my overall health. I have found your website to be the most hopeful, informative and highly educational site available. I have changed my eating regiment and I am now eating organic and raw foods. I drink your Apple cider Vinegar in my water, use it on my foods and as a dressing, I also use many other products that you offer.I have dedicated myself to be proactive as it comes to my health and state of mind. Not only do I use the recipes from your website, but I have cut out all refined foods, sugars and eat whole grains, and no longer eat any processed foods, condiments or drinks. I always was (what I thought) health conscience, but after studying your articles and literature, along with the testimonials of others whom have become sound in body, I am convinced that this is the path I am destined to be on. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your labor of love in making this material, products, and attainable knowledge available to me. It is my desire to live a healthy life for myself and my 29 year old daughter, and in honor of my husband, Sean.I am 52 years young and will live every day making wise choices which will give me a higher quality of life. Once again, I want to thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with others.I have found a home at Bragg!!! May your Day be Filled with the Joy you freely give to others, Kim Ruane

Rob -- Georgia

I wanted to add my testimonial to the already huge list of positive stories. I am 40 years old and started getting gout attacks in my right toe about a year ago, reoccuring about every 3 months. I was desparate and needed a cure that didn't include taking medication. I came across Bragg's ACV online and tried it with the water/honey mix. What a difference it has made,, I havn't had a gout attack in over a year now. But that's not all,, I haven't had a cold, sore throat , or hardly anything throat or cough related since I take Bragg's ACV. My family laughed at first, but now they are true believers. My little boy had a wart on his knee that would not go away with the regular wart remover products we tried. Well ACV to the rescue, put some on a cotton ball and taped to his knee wart for only 4 days, magically :) gone, turned black and fell off within a week. WOW.. Now my wife uses is as a facial toner and said her pores haven't looked so good in years. Bragg's ACV should be used by every family on the planet.. Wished it hadn't taken so long for me to get it. Thank you again for the miracle cure.

Ernestina -- Ghana

Hello Bragg Team, By reading bragg newsletters, I  tried the use of apple cider vinegar diluted in water to rinse my severe itching scalp and you won't believe it. In one week the itching reduced. Keep the good works and education you offer us on the awareness of our health. God bless you for the health education.

K. Swanson -- Texas

Howdy Patricia! I wrote a review of your ACV on Amazon a few weeks ago, and thought I should share it with you as a thanks for making such a dependably fine product. The review is already rated fourth out of almost 1400 in only three weeks, so I guess folks are relating to what I have to say about ACV and also the sad state of health care and food in the USA. I am happy to see intelligent and useful articles on your site about things like taxpayer money funding the junk food so many here eat daily, so I thought perhaps there are some ideas in my review that you will resonate with (see below). Thanks again for helping keep my sweetie and I healthy! And also for continuing to crusade for health after all these years. As I said in my review, may all the Braggs and those who work with you be blessed... but you clearly already are! Thanks again and keep up the great work! Peace.


Prevents colds and cold sores and illness in general! ACV is quite simply the easiest and cheapest way to become much healthier., April 5, 2014 By K. Swanson (Untied States) - See all my reviews (VINE VOICE) (TOP 500 REVIEWER) (REAL NAME) This review is from: Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Organic Raw -- 32 fl oz (Grocery) I can't begin to praise apple cider vinegar (acv) enough. Nothing else I have found in over a quarter century of avoiding doctors and taking care of my own health has provided more benefit for less money. The short and sweet of acv is that when you mix it 10-1 or 20-1 with good pure water, it can alkalize your body in minutes. And nothing will help you fight disease more easily, except for vigorous exercise, eating pure food, and sleeping as much as possible. Illness rarely develops in an alkaline body. Keep that sentence in mind every day, and live by it, and you will be healthy beyond your dreams in a month.

For less than ten dollars! No wonder we don't hear much about acv or alkalinity from our profit-oriented medical system, is it. What is alkaline? Alkaline is the state your body wants to be in, a balanced ph condition where your blood is healhiest and can keep your organs in their happiest state. Ask anyone you know with cancer of the prostate or gall bladder or any other organ: we don't love our vital organs enough until they fall apart from lack of care. And the way most of them deteriorate is due to our very acidic way of life. Too much stress and fast food equals cancer sooner or later, count on that. If you've ever had heartburn, then you know what an acidic system feels like.

Want to fix that heartburn in about one minute, with no side effects, for about one penny? Put a capful of acv in water and drink it. Better than Tums etc, cheaper, and healthier. Yet we eat white flour and sugar and caffeine and meat and so many other acid-causing foods all day, every day. Obviously the thing to do is to stop doing that. But that's not easy to do overnight. While I was learning from experience that fruits and vegetables and whole grains are the key to long-lasting health (and never needing to see a doctor or enter a Germ Factory / hospital), I also learned that acidic blood can be caused by negative thoughts and stress. And I found that simply drinking a quarter or half ounce of acv in a glass of water upon awakening, in the afternoon and then before bed---and also after eating too much, as happens to us all now and then---I have made my body almost unbelievably healthier and happier. Plus, it cuts down your appetite! Which is often raised by blood sugar crashes brought on by caffeine or sugar.

What goes up fast must come down, fast. Acv levels out your glucose quickly and I often have a glass of acv water instead of a snack. I first heard of apple cider vinegar through Dr. Jethro Kloss' legendary Back To Eden, one of the finest health books ever written. He also taught me about cayenne and enemas (not together...ouch!) and what food is really all about. I didn't really use acv that much for years until a while back, when my better half started drinking it every day, unlike my once a week or so, for illness treatment instead of prevention. But now that I've used it every day for years, I am firmly convinced there is no easier, quicker or cheaper tonic in the entire health canon...unless it's good old fresh pure air and water, and the aforementioned Holy Trinity of good food, exercise and sleep.

And I haven't had a cold since I started drinking acv every day. Honest truth. Let me repeat that, and think about how much time and money and misery this fact could save you: I HAVEN'T HAD A COLD FOR YEARS SINCE I STARTED DRINKING APPLE CIDER VINEGAR EVERY DAY. And boy, I hate colds, and got them every month all winter for over 20 years, due to the endless mucus I would build up from drinking cow's milk all day every day. Speaking of acidity...nothing built it up for me like cow's milk. Simply replace it with acv water and watch the "miracles" begin.

Another miracle I found with acv is that when I get that tingly feel in my lip of a cold sore starting, usually in the winter when my immune system gets low, I drink some acv water every few hours, and wow, the cold sore never appears. If that sentence makes your eyes pop and think, holy cow, can that be true? I hate cold sores like the devil!, then get a nice old five buck bottle of acv and give it a try. Or you know, you could pay some drug company a small fortune for pills with various side effects. Your call. If you hate colds and cold sores like I do, prepare for a life-change like you only dreamed of.

As for Bragg's, I have tried other apple cider vinegars, and while they are good, I always come back to Bragg's. It has more of "the mother", strands of aminos/protein that seem to further enhance the probiotic effect of acv. Yes, this stuff might be vinegar, and thus "acidic", but it makes your body alkaline, which is a probiotic effect, making your billions of good digestive enzymes very happy and comfy. I've never had a bad bottle of Bragg's either. I really like that they are still family-owned, and Patricia Bragg and her husband have done a lot to wake us up to how simple and cheap good health can be. God bless the Braggs! They are exactly the sort of small American-owned company I LOVE to support. Plus Bragg's acv is so cheap! It costs them very little to make---and it's Made In America, unlike most things we mindlessly buy here now---so they sell it at a fair price, a major bargain when you see what it does for your health. Hmmm, a five dollar bottle of acv, or a $5,000 surgery? Tough call.

Yet that comparison is no joke. Research acv, alkalinity and illness and see what you learn. When I feel illness coming on, or am just tired and wiped out, I have a quick glass of acv water, and I feel better in minutes. It really is a "miracle". Well, what it really is is simple common sense, knowing how your blood and body work together to keep your whole system healthy. Knowing that we don't really need all those rich foods and animal products that make our blood thick and gluey and acidic. Knowing that most of the miracle cures we are sold, and unnecessary surgeries, and the medical establishment in general, are all out for profit first and health last...because healthy people are not profitable people for the medical system. A fact that has crippled American health care and our economy in general. NOTHING matters more than learning how to be our own health care professionals. If only the govt gave us tax credits for not abusing the health care system...

One last thought: always buy acv in GLASS bottles. I bought the gallon they sell in plastic, and you could taste the plastic in there a bit. Vinegar leaches like crazy, obviously, so plastic is a bad call. Plus when the quart is barely five bucks, and the gallon is almost 20, there's no savings. I use the old glass bottles as water bottles, and they work perfectly. If you're a smart human being who wants to take control of their own health, and those two things go hand in hand, and you've read this far, then congratulations! You are about to save thousands a year on health costs, live a longer and happier life, and really start to enjoy every day more than you could ever guess possible, all from a simple little bit of vinegar. It's no miracle. It's just common sense: taking the time to understand your own body and health, and taking control of your life instead of giving it away to the medical profiteers. And soon enough you'll be telling your friends about it, or just giving them bottles of acv when they ask why you never seem to get sick and are usually in a good mood all the time. Five bucks never went so far. If you ever find a bargain anywhere near that, please write and tell me what it is. Because for the money, I've never found a product that did so much for so little as good old apple cider vinegar.


Another step we have recently taken to keeping healthy birds is Apple Cider Vinegar! ACV has many advantages to it: It contains many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and substances to improve the health of your flock. It also improves the digestive health of your chickens by maintaining proper pH balance in the digestive tract. Increases egg production, kills germs that cause respiratory illnesses among chickens, and keeps your chickens’ water free of harmful bacteria. Another great advantage to using ACV that I have heard about is that since it lowers the pH level in the chickens, it also lowers in the pH level in the eggs they lay which means you may have a higher female to male ratio when it comes to hatching chicks! More pullets are always better! Be sure to purchase Bragg organic unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally fermented ACV for its medicinal features. ACV ranges in color from light golden to orange. You’ll know you’ve found Bragg if you see sediment, referred to as the "mother of vinegar" in the bottom of the bottle. Do NOT buy white distilled or distilled Apple Cider vinegar, as it has none of the beneficial elements listed above. We add 2 tablespoons per gallon of water daily.

Becky -- Florida

Hi Patricia, Thank you so much for your visit to Boca Raton! I love the books and your ACV! It has made such a difference in my life. It is helping me lose weight and also helping me with my face. For over a year I was having such terrible skin issues I was at a loss at what to do. My skin was peeling like I had a sunburn all the time. No cream or face  wash was helping it. I had been to 2 different dermatologist who also tried to help but nothing was working  They just put if off as being a bad case of rosacea and adult acme. After meeting you and using your ACV as a tonic and mist for my face it has cleared up  to where you would never know know I had a problem. I use the ACV as a drink 4 times a day. I have lost 6 pounds in that time following your simple instructions.

Thank you for coming into my life when I needed help. You are such a blessing to me and a answer to my prayers! Love and Blessing,

James -- Facebook

My stress levels have been high and therefore making my blood pressure sky high the past few days. Today we got a bottle of organic Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar from a friend. I wanted to try it so I have been sipping on it all evening and all night. My stress level has dropped to almost gone, and my blood pressure is normal.

Charlotte -- Facebook

Your ACV Is amazing. Gets rid of heart burn & so much more! I am 64 & not on any meds. In 2007 I was on a lot of blood pressure meds. I prayed & was given a book to read by a friend in my Sunday school; the Bragg Healthy lifestyle. Life changing & a page turner. Dr. Oz & other programs don't come close to the knowledge in this book.

Thomas -- Facebook

Started using the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar w/Mother three weeks ago - 2 tsps in a glass of water three times a day. So far I've lost 11 lbs. and feel so much better! I have Crohn's Disease and for the first time in years, my stomach feels almost normal again. Thank you, Bragg's! 

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