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Jody -- Facebook

I am a true believer in this stuff! My 7 year old daughter has severe acid reflux and has had 3 endoscopes with being placed on more and more meds. We have been treating her with meds since she was 2 1/2 and finally couldn't keep giving her these meds anymore. We were optimistic about this apple cider vinegar but I'm here to say THANK YOU very much for helping my daughter feel better! She is going on 4 weeks of no meds and is feeling great.

Jeanine - Facebook

These are all the meds I used to take to not be nauseous, not have acid reflux, and not regularly vomit. They didn’t really help me and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me, they just tried to cover the symptoms. Then I was introduced to Bragg’s ACV. It's changed my life forever. Thank you!

Keala - Hawaii

Aloha! I first heard about braggs as a little girl. I am now 33. I LOVE the aminos and got my kids to love it too! I heard about the vinegar drink from a website called delighted momma. I have been struggling with acne my whole life. I have tried everything. nothing worked. I also used to get food poisoning ALL the time, even from my own cooking! And I am VERY careful about cross contamination and all that. Now I do a bragg vinegar tea:) I have warm water, add 2 Tblsp vinegar and a big spoon of raw ohia hunny in about half a mug of water. I LOVE IT!!! i have never felt better, my acne is clearing up ( i am making an effort to drink LOTS of wage too) I am getting "regular" I have been trying to get my best friend to drink it, she says she can't handle it. She has lupus and a few other health problems. She used to always drink diet sodas, so i am worried that the phenylenanine has hurt her body. I appreciate what you do and your products. I am thinking about getting her a couple of your books. I just want her to be healthy, she is always sick and the sickness lasts a long time :( thank you so much! LOVE!

Lee - UK

Hi, I've recently written an article on the benefits of natural remedies for dogs (and their owners) and thought you may be interested to read it as it focuses mainly on the properties of Neem and Cider Vinegar. The main issue I had with my dogs was the itching and both these treatments have worked wonders for me. I use many other natural products but these are two that I always keep well-stocked. Please feel free to share the article on social media too as it's good to trade ideas and hear of others' experiences and promote the products to your dog-owning customers.

Marilyn - Ohio

I started giving my husband Bragg Vinegar twice a day to help his diabetes and just thought I would join him and drink it too. So we both used 1 tablespoon of Bragg Vinegar in a 6 oz glass of water with our AM and PM meals. His next test was amazing to us and his doctor. His regular numbers now are usually in 90's and he does not actually have to watch his sugar very closely either. But for me the really great thing that I discovered after several months drinking the vinegar was that I had not had a fever blister or cystitis. All my life I had fever blisters when I got really nervous. I had a fever blister on my first day of school always. Even had one on my wedding day. It has been 3 1/2 years since I began the vinegar 2 times a day and I have not had even one fever blister or cystitis. I have shared this story with many folks and will continue to praise Bragg Vinegar.

Cleo - Texas

Thank You!!! I drink Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning or when I eat foods that don\'t agree with me. I also use Apple Cider Vinegar on my face every morning to put moisture back in my skin, put it on cuts, bites, sores, and rinse my hair. I am 68 years old this year and I look good and I mean my skin is beautiful and I feel good as well. I also maintain my weight and use it on salads and in my foot baths. We own Aunt Bea\'s Restaurant in Houston, TX, I tell everyone that comes to our restaurant to take it for digestion purposes. Whenever my staff feels bad; headaches, gas, fever associated with a cold, unset stomach or tired I have my bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar under the register, so they can take a tablespoon and chase it with water. Thank You for this wonderful healing drink that is a tool that everyone can afford.

Sandy - Facebook

Hi there beautiful friends! I am a Pet Sitter and have been in the Veterinary for 25+ years. I’m retired from the veterinary business now but still pet sit a couple of dogs. One of the dogs I pet sit is a malti-poo. She had terrible itching problems, to the point of getting hotspots. Of course a veterinary hospital would script out a cortisone injection or some type of prescription cream. I understand there is a need to sometimes prescribe drugs for a pet, but I have personally had so much success using your apple cider vinegar, I was convinced it would help this dog’s itching problem! I had also read it would. I ok’s it with the pet owner and made a spray bottle with the ACV and water and used it faithfully on this little dog, and within days, she was already getting relief. She is itch free now. We use it preventatively now. She loves it and sometimes licks it too, but that’s even better. So good for everyone….including our 4 legged furbabies. Thank you so much for your company’s integrity and great products. A faithful lifetime customer.

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