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The following testimonials and customer reviews reflect the individual experiences of those customers who used our products. However the individual results may vary and Bragg’s does not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experiences recounted are typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience. These testimonials and other information provided by Bragg’s should not be construed as providing medical advice. If you have a health concern, you should consult a health care practitioner prior to using any products.
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Darlene - North Carolina

Dear Patricia,

I just turned 56 years old and I was beginning to think that I was getting old as I have not been able to get off the floor without pulling up on a chair for probably three years. (It's embarrasing when the grandbabies want me to get in the floor with them.) I started on your Apple Cider Vinegar on 10-2. I was working in my closet a few days ago, down on my knees when to my amazement I was up before I realized I didn't have to hang on to something to get up. It's a miracle! I have gained about 20 pounds over the years and hopefully with your ACV I will be able to get rid of that excess weight too. Thank you so much for spreading the good news of good health. I am reading the ACV book now. I will be visiting your website often. May God continue to bless you and your business.

Patricia Henderson

Dear Patricia,

I recently stumbled upon your all natural cider vinegar at my local health food store. I decided to try it along with a tsp of raw honey twice daily. I have been taking this combo for a week now and have experienced great relief from minor aches and pains from exercise.

Thank you for your wonderful products!

William Lord - Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Patricia,

I attended your Dad's (Paul Bragg) health lectures as early as 1935, or earlier, in Cleveland, Ohio with my parents and neighbors. He had the first and best line of health products. I use the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and your Liquid Aminos, available at "Marshall's Health Food Store". I'm interested in the Bragg Mint Tea bags. It was probably the worlds best mint tea. It was so soothing, with or after a meal, one bag would make a quart at least, it was that rich. There's none to compare. Can you put this product on the market again for your followers?

Jennifer Rose - Honolulu, Hawaii

Dear Patricia,

My whole family is devoted to Bragg Liquid Aminos, our kids, ages five and three, love it; they call it "sauce" and put it on everything, they're very excited about the spray bottle. I think it's a great solution for portion and mess control.

Warmest Aloha.

Michael Blumert - Akron, Ohio

Dear Patricia,

I continue to think of you each time I use my Braggs Liquid Aminos. Thank you for all your healing written words in the Bragg books.

Daley Machado - Bahia, Brazil

Dear Patricia,

I am a young man who has faithfully used your Bragg Liquid Aminos for about 4 years now. Not only for my own food, but in dilution for my plants (especially to excite root growth) and even to keep a fallen chick alive when it was too small to take more than water. Thank you so much!

Al Escalera - Santa Barbara, CA

Dear Patricia,

When I was younger, I lived an unhealthy lifestyle. I have not been feeling well and my chest hurts. A friend I play golf with here in Santa Barbara, CA., introduced me to your Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail. I drink it 3 times a day and also use it over my salads. I am now feeling very healthy and strong. What a blessing. I feel 100%. Thanks to my friend Chuck, and to you for such a great product and your vinegar book on all the ways to use your healthy vinegar. I will continue to use and enjoy your products, thank you.

Pauline Lee - Brackely, Northhamptonshire, England

Dear Patricia,

We live in the UK and enjoy immensely your Bragg Liquid Aminos, also your Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar helps support our son's immune system. Thank you for your fine health products.

Lois Chirtle - Vallejo, CA

Dear Patricia,

I am so blessed to read your book on Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. My friend told me about it from Atlanta, I am a Christian and the Lord has really been reminding me of 3 John 2 concerning Prosperity and Health. I am so blessed by your products that I could scream out "Thank You!". I bought lots of your products last week and spent no more than $20, as opposed to the $300 I spent on horrible tasting products that were of little or no benefit. Thank you, and may the Lord continue to bless you and the Bragg Health Crusades.

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