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The following testimonials and customer reviews reflect the individual experiences of those customers who used our products. However the individual results may vary and Bragg’s does not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experiences recounted are typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience. These testimonials and other information provided by Bragg’s should not be construed as providing medical advice. If you have a health concern, you should consult a health care practitioner prior to using any products.
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A. M. Colbourne -- Toronto, Canada

I ordered four copies of the Bragg "Apple Cider Vinegar" book so I could share them with friends. Over the years, I have had at least six other copies, but lost track of them as I passed them to others. The information is invaluable, inexpensive, totally natural, and most importantly, helpful in maintaining good health. I am now 72, very healthy and very active. My mother was a proponent of apple cider vinegar and honey and took it daily.

The book is indexed, has defined headings, and is concisely written. It is both interesting and very readable. I highly recommend it. A lady to whom I lent the book about three hours ago just called to say she is already half way through it! She wanted to know where could get her own copy because she wants to underline topics of particular interest to her.

Michel (Architect) & Mary -- Santa Barbara, CA

Thank you for your website. What a wealth of information to learn about how to live & eat healthy.
We are very grateful to Paul Bragg to have brought consciousness to Healthful Living, and to Patricia for carrying on his work.

Many blessings.

Benjamin Lau, M.D., Ph.D. -- Loma Linda, CA

“I personally use and recommend Bragg Liquid Aminos as an alternative to traditional soy sauce. My wife (a dietitian) and I use it in all cooking classes we teach in China and elsewhere.”

Dr. Lau is a clinician, research scientist, and Emeritus Professor at California's Loma Linda University School of Medicine

  doctor lau

Carl -- Hollywood, CA

I have thought many times of wanting to share with the people at BRAGG's how ACV/ honey added so much to my life. I am in the process of building a WORLD YOUTH LEADERSHIP complex that will provide all the things covered in your mission statement -- that encouraged me even more to write today after reading it. I will be 63 in April. i'm planning on the next 60 being healther than the 1st 60. I own and operate with my lovely wife RHONDA of 38 yrs, 3 businesses and 1 foundation. I have been building stunt cars for Hollywood for about 30 yrs. and am still creating new automotive projects almost every day. Thanks to ACV and all Paul's work and books, Ii cannot in words express what it means to me. Keep up your great work  GOD BLESS YOU!

Sancho -- Host of "Red Sector Radio"

First off, I really am enjoying the Bragg Products, Thank You Patricia!  Today I finished my last Bragg drink; It was the ACV, ginger, and Stevia.  All of those drinks have been *amazingly* awesome tasting.  Actually, I'm hooked on ACV, and honey in water; to the point of already buying four liters of the ACV, from the local health food store.

The ACV is really good stuff; I exercise a lot, and have found that even after a harsh, or intense workout, that I don't suffer from soreness now that I'm using it.  In fact, I'm so impressed with the stuff, that two days ago, I started dosing my four dogs water with it now, daily.

As far as the books, I finished the recipe book, and have been 'dabbling' in the others; primarily I'm in the middle of the "Bragg Healthy Lifestyle" book.

It's been an eye opener in many ways; primarily the fact that I personally considered(past tense) the Bragg line of products to be somewhat mainstream, but the information contained in these books is anything, but mainstream.  Such as the fact that Patricia Bragg is adamant about the dangers of: Vaccines, Fluoridated Water, Monsantos Terminator Seeds, GMO in general, and so much more.

Her words regarding the dangers of meat consumption, when looking at the facts of what animals are fed, the hormones, steroids, and antibiotics, has me taking a step back in regards to what I ingest.  In short, again, I'm loving the gifts she gave me!

I would like to have her back on again, for sure.  The article sent in your email it stated she'd be leaving the US in short order to travel.  Will she be available during that time for another interview(calling international isn't a problem)?  I would like a chance to get through a little more of the books before rescheduling right now; as I would like to prepare a good list of questions that I can forward her prior to the interview.  I would like to make the interview geared towards being unique.

Honestly, I'm stuck between creating a show regarding the dangers of Monsantos, Fluoride, and Vaccines, or trying to gear the show around why it's important for all of us to be in tip top shape. Much of my listening audience are 'preppers', or 'survivalist types'; they think they are ready for everything, but they continually fail at physically being in shape. 

In fact, I know personally that many of my listeners have spent vast amounts of money stockpiling 'stuff', but have never done anything to make sure their health is where it should be for the very things they pride themselves on being ready for. This in turn means they really aren't ready for anything, and are almost walking conundrums as far as their priorities.    

If you'd please do two things for me, please tell Patricia that the gift she sent, is one of the nicest things anyone's ever given me, that I plug her a lot on the radio show, and please let me know in regards to her availability over the next 2 months.

Thank You So Much,

Sancho :)

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