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For more than 100 years, Bragg Live Food Products has been crafting simple, clean and affordable natural products to support a healthy and vital lifestyle. Using only the best certified organic ingredients and live foods, we have built a product family that includes our popular apple cider vinegar as well as salad dressings, nutritional seasoning blends, olive oil, aminos, beverages and more. Since 1912 we've been on a mission to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle through optimal nutrition. Join us!

Our Legacy

Our founder Paul Bragg spent his life advocating for healthy living — from founding the early health food store movement in America and innovating organic natural food products to teaching a weekly exercise class on the beach and hosting health revivals to introduce the idea of wellness to a global audience.

Carrying on his legacy for the past 65 years, Patricia Bragg has grown our business while preserving the core mission of Bragg and maintaining the high standards for each of our simple, clean natural products. And now, upon her 90th birthday, Patricia has invited longtime friend and Bragg user Katy Perry along with a few other partners to take us into its next chapter and ensure the longevity of Bragg Live Food Products for generations of health crusaders to come.

Learn more by reading Patricia’s letter to you.

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